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151 Orthner, Michael P.A novel hydrogel based piezoresistive pressure sensor platform for chemical sensingNew hydrogel-based micropressure sensor arrays for use in the fields of chemical sensing, physiological monitoring, and medical diagnostics are developed and demonstrated. This sensor technology provides reliable, linear, and accurate measurements of hydrogel swelling pressures, a function of ambien...Biomedical engineering; Electrical engineering; Materials science2010
152 Nadauld, Lincoln DyrengA novel role for the tumor suppressor adenomatous polyposis coli in controlling retinoic acid production in the vertebrate intestine and retinaThe role of the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) tumor suppressor in regulating intestinal homeostasis has previously been attributed solely to its ability to antagonize canonical WNT signaling via negative regulation of the transcriptional co-activator ?-catenin. Recent studies, however, have sugge...Colon; Cancer; Antioncogenes; Tretinoin; Physiological Effect; Zebra dahio; Physiology2005-12
153 Kaustaban, VeenaA novel use of sampling pressure from sidestream capnometerAmplitude and shape of the respiratory carbon dioxide (CO2) signal (capnogram) are not always a true reflection of the patient's respiratory status, especially during delivery of supplemental oxygen (O2), and can result in false alarms. The goal of the project was to provide a more reliable source o...2014-12
154 Carter, Vachel AshleyA paleoecological fire and vegetation history in Southeastern WyomingThe Medicine Bow Range of southeastern Wyoming acts as a conduit for vegetation migration from Colorado into southeastern Wyoming. Macroscopic charcoal and pollen from Long Lake, Wyoming were used to reconstruct past fire and vegetation changes in conjunction with local, regional and broad-scale cli...Fire; Paleoecology; Vegetation; Wyoming2010-08
155 Higby Halseth, Deanna ReneeA paleolimnological investigation of historical environmental change in East Canyon ReservoirEast Canyon Reservoir is located 32 km east of Salt Lake City, Utah, and serves as a resource for irrigation, culinary water, and recreation. This research used paleolimnology and historical records to investigate the impacts of multiple stressors, including land clearance, dam construction and enl...East Canyon Reservoir; Paleolimnology; Remote sensing; Reservoir; Utah; Water resources2011-05
156 Kingston, MicahA parameter survey of a 2-D homogeneous and heterogeneous simulation of a triga reactor using agent with a reflective and vacuum boundary condition in isotropic scatteringThe University of Utah TRIGA reactor (UUTR) was surveyed and simulated using a deterministic neutron transport code known as Arbitrary Geometry Neutron Transport, or AGENT. The UUTR was simulated using a homogeneous test material as well as a heterogeneous set of much more realistic cross-sections (...TRIGA reactors - University of Utah; Arbitrary Geometry Neutron Transport - Research; Method of characteristics2011-08
157 Sudbury, Daniel ScottA performance evaluation of hot mix asphalt thin lift treatmentsWhen applied at the right time, Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Thin Lift Treatments (TLTs) extend the life of flexible pavements. Correct application depends largely upon pavement condition and rate of deterioration. State Highway Agencies (SHAs) utilize an Open Grade Surface Course (OGSC), Dense Grade Aspha...Asphalt; Cracking; Pavement; Performance; Thermal; Transportation2017
158 Jenson, Neil CalvinA personal philosophy: its basis and implicationsA consciousness of past art history that was based on a superficial understanding of the nature of reality in which painting remained tied to an ideal of scientific representation has led me to make an account about the expansion of man's reality in art. This is a philosophic activity that I have in...Art; Philosophy1970
159 Hamill, Mary LouA phase 1 double-blind comparison of the safety and tolerance of eight percent arildone (win 30820) to the ninety percent DMSO/ten percent PEG-400 vehicle during and following seven day topical application to immunocompromised patientsDiseases associated with some of the human herpes viruses have been recognized for centuries; these include fever blisters or herpes labialis, herpes genitalis, varicella and zoster. It is only within the past decade or two that the impact of these viruses in medicine has been appreciated. this incr...1983-05
160 Ditolla, Charles MichaelA phenomenological examination of peace officers' experience in the aftermath of the use of deadly forceThis dissertation is a phenomenological study presented in a three-article format. The dissertation is a phenomenological exploration of the lived experiences of peace officers following the use of deadly force. This is a qualitative study with quantitative data integrated for the purposes of provid...Public health; Occupational psychology; Criminology2016
161 Zamir, ChelseyA pigeon with two nests: a case of first- and second-generation iraniansFollowing the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Iranians migrated to the United States in substantial numbers. Ever since this large-scale migration to the United States, first-generation Iranian immigrants have struggled to adapt to every-day life in America while retaining their culture and identities. ...Culture; First-Generation Iranians; Identity; Immigration; Second-Generation Iranians2016
162 Paddison, L. F.A plumb pneumatic jig experimentThe purpose of the Experiment is to determine to what extent the Plumb Pneumatic Jig would eliminate the quartz content and increase the zinc content in Zinc Concentrate Pile No.8.Mining engineering1917
163 Butt, Muhammad FarhanA practical perspective on the benefits of combined traffic assignment and control modelsAs the nation's traffic system becomes more congested for various periods of the day, more research in the area of intelligent transportation systems is needed. Traditional solutions of adding more highways and widening the existing system are not feasible anymore due to rapidly increasing demand an...Dynamic traffic assignment; Joint route choice and controls; Static traffic assignmentl Traffic congestion; Travel models; VISSIM simulatio2012-05
164 Derrick, AlexanderA predictive model of mass loss in sensitized 5xxx aluminum alloysAluminum magnesium alloys, due to their high strength and overall corrosion resistance, are used more and more in a variety of applications, from automobiles to navy ships. The addition of magnesium greatly increases the strength of aluminum. However, at elevated temperatures beta phase particles (A...Materials Science; Alloys; Aluminum; Loss; Mass; Predictive; Sensitized2016-05
165 Freckleton, K. BeauwenA preliminary analysis of the ability of a potential orthotic device to reduce and mitigate shoe slipThis research explores the potential for an "intelligent" orthotic shoe sole to negate, or minimize, longitudinal slip by momentarily increasing friction force. The conceptual device takes the form of a rubberized shoe sole containing pockets of air that can be released via valves controlled by a mi...Engineering; Robotics2017
166 A preliminary report of the pharmacokinetics and efficancy of cimetidine in maintaining gastric pH greater than six in patients following major thermal injuryCurling reported duodenal ulceration to thermal injury in 1842, and since that time acute ulceration and inflammatory changes in the distal esophagus, stomach, and duodenum have benn a recognized complication of thermal injury. These pathologic changes are potential precursors of hemorrhage and perf...1980-03
167 Joy, Martha E.A preliminary report on the incidence of clinical and subclinical spontaneous pregnancy lossThe preliminary purpose of this study was to document the incidence of clinical and subclinical spontaneous abortion in women who have no reproductive capability impairment. The relationship between prior oral contraception use and a subsequent increased incidence of spontaneous subclinical abortion...1983-06
168 Quan, Maureen P.A preliminary report on the pharmacokinetics of intravenous and intraperitoneal cefoxitin in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysisPeritoneal dialysis is one available mode of therapy in patients with renal failure. The technique of peritoneal dialysis has advantages over alternative modes of therapy, such as hemodialysis, in that it is less expensive and can be performed by the patients themselves. at home after a brief traini...1982-06
169 Bauwens, Steven F.A preliminary report on the use of methenamine salts and ascorbic acid in the catheterized spinal cord injured patientPatients with spinal cord injury often have a complex array of medical probelem. Among the most commonly recognized is the flaccid type of neurogenic bladder dysfunction. This bladder dysfunction predisposes these patient to days or weeks of indwelling or intermittent urethral catherization. Due to ...1980-05
170 Arnett, Glenn W.A procedure for evaluating physical education program in the elementary schoolsThe problem selected is to develop a procedure for evaluating physical education programs in elementary schools. For the purpose of evaluating the program as objectively as possible, a score card has been constructed to use as a measurement. It is realized that there may be many weaknesses in the ...Physical education for children - Evaluation1946-05
171 Frith, C. W.A process for the treatment of oxidized zinc oresThe following experiments were performed by C. W. Frith under the supervision of M. Oliver C. Ralston, mettallurgist of the United States Bureau of Mines, at Salt Lake City, Utah. The operations were carried on in the metallurgical Laboratories of the University of Utah, Professor R. H. Bradford, Di...Zinc -- Metallurgy1917
172 Zhao, LuA program logic and its application in fully verified software fault isolationTrusted computing base (TCB) of a computer system comprises components that must be trusted in order to support its security policy. Research communities have identified the well-known minimal TCB principle, namely, the TCB of a system should be as small as possible, so that it can be thoroughly exa...Software fault isolation; Trusted computing base; TCB; Hoare logic2012-08
173 Allen, Clarence B.A program of testing in the public schools of Tintic School District, UtahThis study is an application of modern methods of educational measurements and statistics in a survey of certain educational conditions relative to pupil-status in Tintic School District. The resulting data are used for comparative purpose, and for the practical problem of reclassifying the pupils ...Tintic School District (Utah); Educational tests and measurements; Ability grouping in education1925
174 Anderson, Lawrence A.A proposed standard method of testing oil-shales for their crude oil yieldBecause so little is known regarding the oil-shales of this country and their properties, a great many delays were incurred in obtaining the information contained herein. Much preliminary work had to be done before a satisfactory study of analytical retorting of oil shales could even begin. In the...Oil-shales1920
175 Burnakis, Thomas GeorgeA prospective comparison of the incidence of increased serum enzymes in patients receiving either beef lung or pork intestinal mucosal heparinHypertransaminasemia, increased serum transaminases, is a recognized side-effect of heparin. The potential clinical significance and mechanism of this side-effect remains to be determined. Hypertransaminasemia associated with heparin has not been reported to produce clinical illness; however, the de...1982-05
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