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151 Economic development with unlimited supplies of energy: causes and consequences of industrial revolutionsThis dissertation contains two related chapters and an introduction. The common themes they explore are the unresolved questions surrounding the English Industrial Revolution (EIR). The questions include what happened, why did "it" happen first in England, why did it happen then in history, and what...Energy and development; English industrial revolution; Industrial capitalism; Sung Chinese industrial revolution; Economic history2015
152 The Effect of food deprivation on the behavior of group-housed deermice and its implications for crowding researchEfforts to investigate crowding phenomena using a population density paradigm, which space or number of organisms or both are varied, have often produced confusing, irregular, or inconsistent results. In addition the experimental manipulations dictated by a density paradigm may be irredeemably confo...1975
153 The effect of home country characteristics on female immigrants in the U.S.Considering immigration processes and home country characteristics together from a gendered perspective, this dissertation examines the effect of home country characteristics on the labor market success of migrants and the decision to migrate to the U.S., focusing on female immigrants. In order to ...Cultural and institutional effect; Earning capacity; GEM; GDI; Gender inequality; Labor market success of immigrants; Self-selection of immigrants2011-08
154 Effect of stress on empathic accuracy in romantic couplesTheoretical models of romantic relationships consider empathy, or the ability to understand and feel the thoughts and feelings of another, to be an essential ingredient of successful romantic relationships. Empathy is thought to promote optimal relationship functioning by enhancing intimacy, increas...Social psychology; Clinical psychology2016
155 Effective primary care for individuals with serious mental illness: an intervention and systematic reviewIndividuals diagnosed with serious mental illness have higher rates of comorbid physical illness than people without serious mental illness. This dissertation, provided in the Multiple Article Path format, explores how comorbidities in this population have historically been addressed and examines ef...Behavioral intervention; Mental health; Metabolic syndrome; Primary care; Social work2013-08
156 Effects of a brief parent intervention to increase attendance, positive outcomes, and satisfaction with their child's therapy treatmentThis study examined the effects of a brief parent psycho-educational intervention on therapy attendance rates, clinical outcome ratings, and parent satisfaction assessed after 13 weeks of treatment. Eighty-four parents were recruited from a mental health clinic that provides services to children wh...Intervention; Parent; Psychology2010-08
157 Effects of a prebirth coparenting intervention on the parenting behaviors of young fathersThe current study investigated the effectiveness of a prebirth coparenting intervention in improving father involvement and the quality of fathering amongst adolescent and young fathers. Participants included 96 expectant adolescent couples who comprised the first wave of participants in the Youn...Parenting; Teenage fathers2010-04-26
158 The effects of attitude familiarity on social interactions and stressPrevious correlational research suggests that familiarity with another's attitudes is beneficial for physical health and relationship outcomes. This study aimed to examine the causal effects of attitude familiarity on the stressfulness of interactions and individuals' perceptions of themselves, thei...Attitudes; Cardiovascular reactivity; Social interaction; Social psychology2014
159 Effects of Competition in games and exposure to a model on Children's aggressive and high-active behaviorThis study investigated the effects of competition in games and of exposure to a model on the aggressive and the high-active, but nonaggressive, behavior of 135 first- and second-grade boys. One group of subject-pairs observed an aggressive model, a second group observed a nonaggressive, high-active...1970
160 The effects of dual credit enrollment on secondary and higher education outcomes: the utah caseBased on the premise that increases in productivity are, in part, a function of higher education performance and improved secondary education output, this study considers the various public education career paths available to Utah public high school students, and examines the effects each have on se...Dual credit; Early college high school; Education policy; Higher education; Human capital; Secondary education2015-05
161 Effects of explicit and implicit friendship attitudes on appraisals and cardiovascular reactivity during a negative event discussionDecades of research provides evidence that social relationships are powerful predictors of health and mortality. One important moderator of the link between relationships and health is relationship quality, with supportive relationships often attenuating, and ambivalent relationships amplifying, rea...Cardiovascular reactivity; Friendship; Implicit attitudes; Social cognition; Social support; Stress; Social psychology; Psychology2013-08
162 The Effects of Military Expenditure on Economic Development in Developing Countries: Structuralist ApproachWhat is the nature of the impact of military expenditure on economic development in developing countries? Results of past studies using diverse approaches to this question are very mixed. Those results include positive, negative, or no effects of military expenditure on economic development. It all ...Economics; Military studies; International relations2018
163 The effects of money, anticipation, and competition : upon judging scores and self-reports of motivational arousalA sample of 134 adult male and female S's was divided into six treatment groups and a control to see whether (a) money, (b) anticipation of results, or (c) competition between sexes would have significant effects upon self reports of motivation and/or judging scores on Person Perception tests. The r...Motivation (Psychology)1972
164 Effects of Punishment on Behavior in Concurrent VI schedules as a function of relative reinforcement densityThis study investigated the effects of punishment on one operant as a function of the relative reinforcement density for an alternative, unpunished operant. Thirty male undergraducates were randomly assigned to five groups which differed according to the concurrent VI reinforcement schedules used t...1972
165 The effects of restricted field-of-view on spatial learning while navigating: implications for strategy use and cognitive loadResearch suggests that spatial memory while navigating with severely degraded acuity demands the use of limited cognitive resources. Peripheral vision is also a vital aspect of successful navigation, both for sensory cues and for obstacle avoidance. In a series of studies, we examined how restricted...navigation; restricted peripheral field; spatial learning2016
166 Effects of romantic themes in erotica on plethysmographically-assessed sexual arousal in malesThe present study was designed as an extension of our earlier work which examined the gender effects associated with self-reports of sexual arousal to romantic themes in sexually explicit videos. In our previous study, we found that both male and female college students reported greater arousal to e...1996-03
167 The effects of school quality on dropout rates in Mali and student achievement in SenegalInternational community's commitment to achieve universal primary education triggered an increase in primary school enrollment in the developing world. Unfortunately, this increase in quantity (the number of students) led to the emergence of very big class sizes, multigrade, and double-shift schooli...Double-shifts; Droupout; Multigrade; Elementary education2014-12
168 Effects of special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children (WIC) participtation on household food availabilityPublic health messages have focused on the health benefits of consuming more fruits and vegetables. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a needs-based program that offers nutrition education and a food supplement or voucher. This study assesses the eff...Nutrition; Public health; Public policy2014-08
169 Effects of summer activites on academic successDuring the school year, learning occurs at virtually the same rate for all students, regardless of factors such as socio-economic status (SES). There are, however, differences in retention over the summer months based on a variety of factors. This study compared students involved in enriching summer...Academic achievement; Year-round schools; Vacations2008-05
170 The effects of utility value and choice on interest and learning in online classesAs part of the Regulating Motivation and Performance Online Project (RMAPO) students completing an online HTML programming lesson demonstrated higher quiz scores and greater post lesson interest when initially provided information about how the skills could be used (personal or organizational applic...Choice; Interest; Motivation; Online learning; Performance; Utility value; Social psychology2011-12
171 Electrophysiological studies of acquired epilepsy after perinatal hypoxia-ischemiaPerinatal hypoxic-ischemic (PHI) encephalopathy afflicts roughly 1-2 in every 1000 live births, predisposing affected infants to a higher probability of developing epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and other neurological disorders. In many forms of acquired epilepsy, including PHI, there is a seizure-free p...Epilepsy; Hypoxia-Ischemia; Perinatal; Neurosciences2016
172 Elementary school food environment and child food purchasing behaviorGrowing obesity rates among children have motivated research and policy in the areas of Nutrition; and wellness. Since 1960, childhood and adolescent overweight prevalence rates have more than tripled. Recent research suggests that one populationbased approach to improving children's diet and red...Nutrition; Obesity in children2009-07-19
173 Emotional and cardiovascular responses to couple conflict in posttraumatic stress disorder: a study of operations enduring and Iraqi Freedom Veterans and partnersPosttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease and relationship difficulties. Greater exposure to couple conflict, and greater emotional and cardiovascular reactivity to such conflict, may help explain the link between PTSD and cardiovascular diseas...Afghanistan; Cardiovascular; Couples; Iraq; Military; PTSD; Clinical psychology2013-08
174 Employment status, occupation and health among immigrants in the u.s.The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate employment status, occupation and health among immigrants in the U.S. The U.S. receives a larger number of immigrants than any other country in the world. Immigrant health and immigrant labor market outcomes are among the significant outcomes of int...Employment; Health; Immigrants; Occupation; Sociology2016
175 Empowerment of American Indians and the effect on political participationPrevious studies of minority political behavior have demonstrated that empowerment, as measured by the election of a minority person to public office, has positive effects on participation among the members of the minority community. Although the empowerment theory has yet to be applied to American ...American Indians; Empowerment; Political behavior; Political science; Native American studies; Minority & ethnic groups; Elections; Politics; Behavioral psychology2010-08
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