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151 1996 Health Status Survey Health Status in Utah - The Medical Outcomes Study SF12Utah Department of HealthHealth Status can be measured in a variety of ways, including rates of mortality from various causes, incidence or prevalence of disease and disability, utilization of health care, and self-reports from individuals. Each method has strengths and weaknesses on a variety of dimensions, such as how wel...
152 Women's Health In UtahAd hoc Women's Health Committee: Utah Department of HealthThis report is intended to inform those men and women who make social and health policy as well as those who benefit or suffer because of it. It begins by presenting general social and demographic factors that affect women's health. Chapters 2 and 3 describe health status differences between Utah me...
153 Hospitalizations for Conditions Related to Lifestyle or BehaviorUtah Department of Health Office of Surveillance and Analysis.Utah Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data: Hospitalizations for conditions related to lifestyle or behavior. Standard Report II (ST-2 92-93).
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