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151 Migraine Visual AuraThe patient is a 73 year old retired teacher who was referred in 1993 for a second opinion regarding treatment of episodic visual hallucinations. As a school boy in junior school, he began to experience transient episodes of a spot appearing in the right lower homonymous quadrant of his field of vi...Image/MovingImage
152 Spastic Cerebellar Ataxia of Charlevoix-SaguenayThe patient is a 19 year old high school student who carried the diagnosis of autosomal recessive spastic cerebellar ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay. He was born at term, walked at 9 months and developed well with normal milestones. At age 10 he began to have difficulty speaking, occasional involuntar...Image/MovingImage
153 Hemifacial SpasmThe patient is a 72 year old man with myopia, childhood exotropia, progressive age related ptosis and right hemifacial spasm. Hemifacial spasm (HS) most often begins insidiously in the orbicularis oculi muscle in the early stages, as in this man. He presented with a 2 year history of involuntary t...Image/MovingImage
154 Restrictive OrbitopathyThis 71 year old woman was referred with bilateral optic neuropathy and thyroid associated ophthalmopathy (TAO) of Graves' Disease. She had been treated for primary hyperthyroidism on three occasions with radioactive iodine and was taking Tapazole 5 mg daily. Neuro-ophthalmological examination: ...Image/MovingImage
155 Progressive External OphthalmoplegiaThe patient is an 18 year old girl, first seen in 1990 with a 6 year history of progressive ptosis. In 1986, at age 14, she was seen by an ophthalmologist and pediatric neurologist and investigated. Myasthenia Gravis was ruled out by a negative Tensilon test, negative anti-acetylcholine receptor ...Image/MovingImage
156 Palatal TremorThe patient is a 44 year old left handed man with a history of IV drug abuse (heroin and cocaine) alcoholism, hypertension, and rheumatic fever. In March 1990, at 3 a.m. on the day of admission, he had acute onset of dizziness, slurred speech, left sided weakness and difficulty walking. He was ...Image/MovingImage
157 PalinopsiaThe patient is a healthy 59 year old woman who presented in 1978 with transiet visual symptoms. The first visual disturbance occurred in December 1978 when suddenly she noted: • Fluttering of vision in the left eye (OS) • The appearance of a central black spot • Around the edge of the blac...Image/MovingImage
158 Supranuclear Paralysis of UpgazeThe patient is a 33 year old man who called the police to his apartment at 3 a.m. on the morning of admission. They found his apartment in a state of disarray and realized that he had been down on the floor for some hours and only just able to open the door to let them in. He was admitted to the l...Image/MovingImage
159 Unilateral PtosisThis patient is a 46 year old man who carried a diagnosis of late onset diabetes mellitus and hypertension. In October 1985, five weeks prior to admission, he developed vertical diplopia while playing golf. Drooping of the left upper lid (ptosis) developed a few days later and closed the eye. Th...Image/MovingImage
160 Slow Saccade SyndromeIn 1992, this 60 year old woman realized that she was "slowing up", dragging her right foot and walking slowly, and her speech became slurred. She saw a number of physicians and was given the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and started on Sinemet 50/200 t.i.d. In January 1994, she was seen by a n...Image/MovingImage
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