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151 Clinical Aspects of Cluster Headache by Ekbom -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
152 Pupillary Tyramine Test: Its Diagnostic Relevance in Cluster Headache by Fanciullacci et al-- AnnotationsStudy utilizing pupillary tyramine test focusing on diagnostic relevance in cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
153 Dual Mechanism of Eye Signs of Headache in Cluster Pattern by Cogan -- AnnotationsDiscussion of a paper by E.C. Kunkle on the dual mechanism of eye signs of headache in cluster pattern.Card Catalog Index Cards
154 Ueber die elektrische Behandlung des Tic douloureux und der Hemicranie by Berger -- AnnotationsStudy of Hemicrania Sympathico-Spastica.Card Catalog Index Cards
155 Ueber die Sympathikus-symptome bei der Migrane Insbesondere uber die Anisokorie by Aswadurow -- AnnotationsStudy of the sympathetic symptoms in migraines, especially about the anisocoria.Card Catalog Index Cards
156 Die Migraine by Mobius -- AnnotationsStudy of migraines.Card Catalog Index Cards
157 Zur Pathogenese der Hemicranie by Berger -- AnnotationsStudy of Hemicrania Sympathico-Spastica.Card Catalog Index Cards
158 Zur Pathologie des Hals-Sympathicus by Fraenkel -- AnnotationsFraenkel thought own case sympathetic-paralytic; pupils small during attacks, face tended to be red and temperature elevated on the side of pain; compression of carotid artery instantly stopped pain.Card Catalog Index Cards
159 Zur Kenntniss der Hemicrania by DuBois-Reymond -- AnnotationsStudy of hemicrania sympathico-tonica.Card Catalog Index Cards
160 Zur Pathologie des Sympathicus by Eulenburg -- AnnotationsStudy of the pathology of sympathetic pathways.Card Catalog Index Cards
161 Zur Kasuistik der Mydriasis Spastica by Hirschler -- AnnotationsStudy of spastic mydriasis.Card Catalog Index Cards
162 Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology by Walsh and Hoyt -- AnnotationsFrom Loewenfeld's "Pupil" index: "Updated, expanded, re-arranged third edition of Walsh's great text, in 3 Volumes. A Colossal work that invariably makes writers in this field feel like beggars by comparison."Card Catalog Index Cards
163 A Clinical Comparison of Cluster Headache and Migraine by Ekbom -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches and migraines.Card Catalog Index Cards
164 Myofilaments of the Pupillary Muscles of the Iris Fixed in Situ by Kelly and Arnold -- AnnotationsStudy of the sphincter muscle of the iris by perfusion fixation in the constricted and dilated state.Card Catalog Index Cards
165 Myoepithelium of the Human Iris: a Stereoscopic Scanning Electron Microscopic Study by Lowe and Carroll -- AnnotationsThe dilator pupillae of postmortem human eyes was examined by light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.Card Catalog Index Cards
166 Forces Determining Pupil Size by Mapstone -- AnnotationsStudy of the forces that determine pupil size.Card Catalog Index Cards
167 Adrenergic nerves to the eye and its adnexa in rabbit and guinea-pig by Ehinger -- AnnotationsStudy of adrenergic nerves.Card Catalog Index Cards
168 Freeze-Fracture Analysis of the Interendothelial Junctions in the Blood Vessels of the Iris in Macaca Mulatta by Freddo and Raviola -- AnnotationsStudy of the interendothelial cell junctions in the blood vessels of the iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
169 The Homogenous Structure of Blood Vessels in the Vascular Tree of Macaca Mulatta Iris by Freddo and Raviola -- AnnotationsA systematic analysis of the iris vasculature in monkeys.Card Catalog Index Cards
170 The Tubular Tissue Spaces Surrounding the Endothelial Channels of the Human Iridic Vessels by Gregersen -- AnnotationsStudy of the tubular tissue spaces surrounding the endothelial channels of the iridic vessels.Card Catalog Index Cards
171 On the Imbibition of the Human Iris Stroma with the Aqueous Humour by Gregersen -- AnnotationsImbibing the iris stroma with the aqueous humour.Card Catalog Index Cards
172 Ultrastructure of the Surface of the Iris in the Rat Eye by Hansson -- AnnotationsStudy of the iris surface of the eye.Card Catalog Index Cards
173 Histology of the Human Eye. An Atlas and Textbook by Hogan -- AnnotationsGeneral textbook of ophthalmic histology.Card Catalog Index Cards
174 Die Feinstruktur des M. Sphincter und Dilatator und die Innervation der Menschlichen Iris by Dieterich -- AnnotationsStudy of the structure of the sphincter and dilator and the innervation of the iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
175 Zur Frage der Differenzierung Melaninhaltiger Pigmentzellen im Wirbeltierorganismus. Dargestellt am Beispiel der Feinstruktur Einiger Melanozytenformen des Sehorgans by Dieterich -- AnnotationsDifferentiation of melanin-containing pigment cells in the vertebrate organism. Forms of melanocytes of the eye.Card Catalog Index Cards
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