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151 Study of heights, weights, hemoglobin values, and hematocrit values among children six weeks to six years of age1975-06ir_etdText
152 Variables affecting children's blood pressures1975-06ir_etdText
153 Personality adjustment of children with cystic fibrosis1975-06ir_etdText
154 Relationships between selected personality variables and performance of a sterile procedure1975-06ir_etdText
155 Depression and life satisfaction among elderly chronically ill home care patients1975-06ir_etdText
156 The effect of a post-partum exercise on perineal musculature1975-06ir_etdText
157 Attitudes and behaviors of husbands making the transition to fatherhood wives' views1975-06ir_etdText
158 Relationship of cord blood mepivicaine levels to bilirubin levels in the seventy-two hour old infant1975-08ir_etdText
159 Inspiratory behavioral differences among newborn infants1975-12ir_etdText
160 Selected personality factors affecting parents' choice of behavior during their child's hospitalization1975-12ir_etdText
161 Discharge planning practices with hospital psychiatric patients1975-12ir_etdText
162 Factors that influenced repeated emergency service visits by children1975-12ir_etdText
163 Study of the Lewis Q-sort1976-06ir_etdText
164 Drug compliance among adult hypertensive patients.1976-06ir_etdText
165 Behavioral assessment of the Navajo newborn1976-06ir_etdText
166 Concerns of primiparous mothers regarding infant care1976-06ir_etdText
167 Relationship between selected personality variables: measured by the Patterns of Social Adaptation Scale and the California Psychological Inventory1976-06ir_etdText
168 Relationship between self and close friend responses on the patterns of social adaptation scale (PSA)1976-06ir_etdText
169 Influence of fetal monitoring on patients' perceptions of nursing support during labor1976-06ir_etdText
170 Self-administered nutritional supplement nenadherence by prenatal patients.1976-06ir_etdText
171 Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients throughout hospitalization1976-06ir_etdText
172 Relationship between pica activity, iron deficiency anemia, and the nutritional status of Utah children1976-06ir_etdText
173 Relationship between selected personality variables measured by the patterns of social adaptation scale and the sixteen personality factor questionnaire1976-06ir_etdText
174 Suborimeter as a measure of fear-tension-anxiety1976-06ir_etdText
175 Patients' perceptions of prenatal care.1976-06ir_etdText
151 - 175 of 810