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151 Communicative Action and Rational Choice by Joseph Heath [review]A review of Communicative Action and Rational Choice, in which the author, Joseph Heath, develops an insightful account of practical reason that builds on his critical evaluations of both Jurgen Habermas's theory of communicative action and the instrumental conception of rationality.Action; Communication; Rationality; Choice; Book review2002
152 Murdoch, practical reasoning, and particularismParticularism is a contemporary movement in moral Philosophy; that it is hard to know what to do with. On the one hand, it's hard to dismiss. Its ranks include respectable - even prominent - authors such as Jonathan Dancy, Margaret Little, John McDowell, David McNaughton and Richard Norman.1 It purp...2002
153 From human nature to moral PhilosophyIn this essay I've illustrated the effects of exposing the question of the self to empirical scrutiny, showing that it leads to a partial dissolution of the manifest image. And that this, in turn, leads to seeking articulation of the relationship between moral and political Philosophy;, as to whethe...Self; Empiricism; Moral Philosophy;; Political Philosophy2002
154 Yukarı Dicle Arkeolojik Araştırma Projesi (UTARP): 2002 Yılı Kenan Tepe Kazilarina Genal BakışYukan Dicle Arkeolojik Ara§tirma Projesi cali§anlari 2002 yazi boyunca Tiirkiye'nin giineydogusundaki Ihsu Baraji sahasinda bulunan Kenan Tepe yerle§iminde iictincii sezon arkeolojik kazilan yiirutmu§tiir'. Onceki ciltteki raporumuz (Parker et al. 2004) Kenan Tepe'deki ilk iki sezon ara§tirmala...2002-01-01
155 The upper Tigris archaeological research project: a final report from the 1999 field seasonDuring the summer of 1999 members of the Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project (UTARP) conducted archaeological excavations and surveys at two sites in the upper Tigris river region of southeastern Turkey. This article presents the results of that research. At the site of Boztepe excavations ...2002-01-01
156 Moral dimensions of academic administration (Book Review)Reviews the book `The Moral Dimensions of Academic Administration,' by Rudolph H. Weingartner.Books, reviews; School management & organization; nonfiction2002-07
157 On the genealogy of norms: a case for the role of emotion in cultural evolutionArgues that emotional responses constitute one important set of mechanisms that affects the cultural viability of norms. Historical evidence indicating that 16th century etiquette norms prohibiting disgusting actions were much more likely to survive than other 16th century etiquette norms; Need for ...Emotions; Etiquette; Social change; Social norms; Social aspects2002-07-29
158 John Stuart Mill's Deliberative landscape (Book Review)A review of the book "John Stuart Mill's Deliberative Landscape." by Candace Vogler.John Stuart Mill; Books2002-08
159 Review of Kim Sterelny, Evolution of Agency and Other EssaysReviews the book 'The Evolution of Agency and Other Essays,' by Kim Sterelny.Books; Agent; Non-fiction2002-09
160 Evolution of agency and other essays (book review)Reviews the book 'The Evolution of Agency and Other Essays,' by Kim Sterelny.Agent, Philosophy;; Books, nonfiction2002-11-13
161 Cultural contradictions of socialismWhile no one has yet announced the death of capitalism, reports of its imminent demise have been as numerous as they have been exaggerated. Such reports have usually been bolstered by thoughtful analyses of the fundamental contradictions of capitalism, which was expected to come sliding-if not crash...Economic systems; Social organization2002-11-22
162 Moral distance: introductionThis issue of The Monist is devoted to the question of how we should gauge the moral significance of distance. "Moral distance," by analogy with "aesthetic distance," may signify degrees of moral indifference, but that is not the theme we are concerned with here. The problem of distance in mora...Distance; Boundaries; Morality2003
163 Review of angels of death: exploring the euthanasia undergroundRoger Magnusson's angels of death describes the practice of extralegal assisted suicide and euthanasia by physicians, nurses, technicians, and other health care professionals who provide care to seriously ill patients and patients with AIDS who are dying. It is based on a snowball sample of 49 detai...2003
164 Does the categorical imperative give rise to a contradiction in the will?The Brave New World-style utilitarian dystopia is a familiar feature of the cultural landscape; Kantian dystopias are harder to come by, perhaps because, until Rawls, Kantian morality presented itself as a primarily personal rather than political program. This asymmetry is peculiar for formal reas...Categorical imperative; Dystopia; Self-refutation2003
165 Don't know much about historyMost of us have heard of the "Greatest Generation," those who weathered the storms of the Great Depression and World War II. Many of us are Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1965. Other are part of the cynical and worldly Generation X-arriving between the mid '60s and the early '80s-raised in the ...2003
166 Rationality and Freedom by Amartya Sen [review]A review of Rationality and Freedom, the first of two volumes of essays by Amartya Sen on rationality, freedom, and justice.Book review; Rationality; Freedom; Justice2003
167 Scott Ames: a man giving up on himselfThe tragic story of Scott Ames raises a fundamental question concerning involuntary commitment of patients when suicide seems likely. What right has a physician ever to interfere when apatient proposes to take his own life? Under ordinary cirucmstances one argues that because of depression, or some ...Suicide prevention; Scott Ames2003
168 The early second millennium ceramic assemblage from Kenan Tepe, Southeastern Turkey: a preliminary assessmentIn the initial survey of the upper Tigris river valley the authors o f the survey report concluded that ‘either this portion o f the Tigris basin was bypassed entirely by Middle Bronze Age development attested to elsewhere or, more likely, it is characterised by a thus far unreported and unrecogni...2003-01-01
169 Archaeological manifestations of empire: Assyrias imprint on Southeastern AnatoliaOne of the most enduring problems for the study of ancient empires is the fact that material correlates indicative of imperial integration are often difficult to define in the archaeological record. This situation results in part from two factors that distinguish empires from other less complex poli...2003-01-01
170 Multiculturalism of Fear (Book Review)Reviews the book "The Multiculturalism of Fear," by Jacob Levy.Books; Multiculturalism; Fear2003-10-16
171 Coping with methuselah the impact of molecular biology on medicine and societyThe prospect of extra-long life spawns a bloom of ethical issues, among them how to achieve intergenerational equity; how to balance health care entitlements with rising costs for the elderly; how to divide years of life between work and retirement; how to assign the responsibilities of young family...2004
172 Legitimate expectations, unreasonable beliefs, and legally mandated coverage of experimental therapyPhotographs of patients seeking contributions for expensive bone marrow transplants are an everyday image on supermarket checkout stands. Benefit concerts, newspaper stories, and community fundraisers pitch in to help patients who cannot otherwise afford expensive medical interventions. Patients wit...Experimental therapy; Mandated coverage; Off-label drug uses2004
173 Instrumentally rational myopic planningI challenge the view that, in cases where time for deliberation is not an issue, instrumental rationality precludes myopic planning. 1 show where there is room for instrumentally rational myopic planning, and then argue that such planning is possible not only in theory, it is something human beings ...Rationality; Practical reason; Motivations2004
174 Ontological meta-argument (and the ontological argument for the actuality of the world)Would the Ontological Argument Greater Than Which None Can Be Conceived prove the existence of God? Might an ontological argument prove the actuality of the world (as Robert Nozick once suggested)? Should you believe that you're actual, even if you're not? And what happens if we attempt to answer t...Meta-argument; Proof of God; Philosophical proofs2004
175 Employment and intellectual disabilityUnder recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court, people with disabilities alleging employment discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are caught in a vicious triangle. One vertex of the triangle is self-accommodation. Correcting for their impairments through effort,...Americans with Disabilities Act; ADA; Intellectual disability2004
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