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151 Parkin, Paul HydeExploring the communicative dynamics of empathic learningWith much of the focus on empathy coming from the professional contexts of psychology and the medical field, this study moves the scope of empathy research towards understanding how empathic communication is experienced in the personal lives of individuals. A constructivist's approach to grounded th...communication; empathy; experiential; interpersonal; journaling; learning2015
152 Jenson, Cinnamon AnnToward more substantial theories of language acquisition.Cognitive linguists argue that certain sets of knowledge of language are innate. However, critics have argued that the theoretical concept of "innateness" should be eliminated since it is ambiguous and insubstantial. In response, I aim to strengthen theories of language acquisition and identify ways...Canalization; Cognitive Science; Linguistics; Poverty of Stimulus2015-12
153 Dennis, Brad RonaldExplaining coexistence and conflict in eastern anatolia, 1800-1878It is a common assumption in much of the scholarship on Eastern Anatolia that groups in the region, both today and throughout the past, primarily defined and distinguished themselves in terms of their ethnicity and religious affiliations and that such distinctions were the primary causes of tension ...Armenians; Assyrians; Coexistence; Eastern Anatolia; Kurds; Ottoman Empire2015
154 Sadler, Richard WallaceThe life of Orson SpencerThe scope of this thesis is to trace the life and contributions of Orson Spencer, who lived during the first half of the 19th century. Early in his life he was a distinguished Baptist minister in the Mew England states, and he later became a prominent member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d...Mormons: Orson Spencer; Religion; Utah1965-06
155 Saunders, AnnmarieThe guerrilla narrative of kim il sung's works and regime stability in the democratic people's republic of koreaIn The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves and Why It Matters, Brian Myers writes that the numerous volumes containing Kim Il Sung's works are "more often praised than read. [A]t most [they function] as an imposing row of bookspines, a prop in [his] personality cult." This perspective su...Japanese occupation of Korea; Juche; Kim Il Sung; Kim Jong Il; North Korea; propaganda2015-08
156 Phillips, Aaron ThomasBordered bioregions: the rhetorical function of characterization in wolf reintroduction and recoveryThe management of iconic predatory species such as the gray wolf provides a valuable index of human-nature relations. The wolf is incorporated into discursive constructions of political power in unique ways, and it may function as an ideograph, or an ideological discursive tool. As both a symbolic m...discourse analysis; legal rhetoric; rhetoric; Wildlife management2015
157 Lee, JeonghyunMemory politics: social media memory practices in the korean ferry sewol memorial websiteThe rise of digital media technologies has changed how we remember the past. This study examines the memorial functions of Web 2.0 and digital memories. I suggest that memory practices that use Web 2.0 technologies are not just extensions of older forms of human memory practice based on a dichotomy ...ferry Sewol; memory; politics; social media2015-08
158 Hunt, Kathleen PatriciaHunger as biopolitical condition: rhetorics of risk, equity, and entitlement in food security discoursesFood encapsulates the entire circuit of production that connects field to fork. The biological necessity of food is always already enmeshed within complex relations of capital. Access to a safe, nutritious, and socially acceptable food supply co-conditions how food is grown, processed, exchanged and...Cultural Studies; Environmental Justice; Food Security; Political Economy; Rhetoric2015-08
159 Wang, MengqiEvidence on long head movement in mandarin predicate cleftThis thesis investigates the predicate cleft (PC) constructions in Mandarin Chinese. Cheng & Vicente conclude that the topicalized verb and the lower verb in bare PC form a long head movement relation, discarding a remnant movement analysis based on vP-external scrambling. However, to be complete, t...Mandarin; Movement; Predicate Cleft; Syntax; Topicalization2015-08
160 Johnson, Emily AnneSteady as she goes: the gendered frontier of nevills expedition, 1936-49Between 1936 and 1949, Norm Nevills operated a river running company called Nevills Expedition in Mexican Hat, Utah. Norm and his wife, Doris, guided multiple river trips down the San Juan and Colorado rivers each summer. From all over the United States, men and women would travel to Mexican Hat to ...American West; gender; River running; women2015-08
161 Kennedy, Robert Oranand a soul in ev'ry stone: the ludic natures of pale fire and gravity's rainbowThe author argues that ecocriticism has overlooked important works of mid-20th-century American literature because of their unorthodox approaches to writing about nature. These unorthodox approaches revolve around the use of humor and play to formulate arguments about nature. The author argues tha...Ecocriticism; Environmental Humanities; Nabokov; Vladimir; Nietzsche; Friedrich; Play; Pynchon; Thomas2015
162 Yong, Christina M.Adverbial ordering in englishCross-linguistically, adverbials appear to be subject to strict ordering restrictions based on semantic subclass. For example, frequentative adverbials (often) must precede celerative adverbials (quickly), which must precede degree of perfection adverbials (well); several other classes of adverbial...adverbial; adverb order; experimental syntax; semantics; syntax; VP2015
163 Mcbrayer, Landon MarcOn naturalismThis dissertation is about naturalism--a philosophical view that is nothing short of orthodoxy today. Orthodoxies tend to go uncontested and unexamined, but they should not be. The bulk of this dissertation constitutes such an examination. Three distinct endeavors are undertaken. The first is to...epistemology; naturalism; ontology; scientism2015-08
164 Storm, StinneAn elegy on species obituariesThis thesis explores "the sixth extinction," as a contemporary poetic of loss. Animals and their voices are interpreted as "a language of loss." It portrays decrease in biodiversity, contemporary environmental circumstances, and the mass dying out of species as the elegies of our time. It draws on e...bilingual prose; climate change; environmental humanities; indigenous storytelling; poetry; the sixth extinction2015
165 Perez torres, Debora DanielaThe influence of ethnic newspaper consumption on cancer prevention behaviors: a test of the cognitive mediation modelThis study offers a test of the cognitive mediation model (CMM) within a low-income, Spanish-speaking population in the state of Indiana. A survey study was conducted to test whether participants (N = 150) who consumed ethnic newspapers, namely La Raza, were more likely to have greater cancer preven...cancer prevention behaviors; cognitive mediation model; ethnic newspapers; Latino2015-08
166 Zaman, TamaraTerror or treasure? an exploratory study of telecommuters' assimilation in the workplaceDespite growing in numbers, telecommuting has received mixed reactions from organizations and scholars who have conducted research on this topic. The purpose of this study was to shed light on the understudied topic of assimilation in telecommuting environments, to see if existing understandings of ...Telecommuting - United States; Telecommunication - United States2015-08
167 Zupon, Andrew LeeIcelandic quirky agreement restrictions: evidence for phi-defective t in quirky subject constructionsThis thesis proposes a novel defective T analysis for explaining two facts about Icelandic quirky subject sentences. First, in Icelandic quirky subject sentences, the verb agrees with the nominative object rather than with the subject (1). Second, 1st and 2nd person nominative objects are blocked co...Agreement; Case; Icelandic; Quirky case2015-08
168 Al-shatarat, Manar JihadThe use and social meaning of the variant [ð?] among young women in baqaa: a sociolinguistic study of arabic in a palestinian refugee camp in jordanThis thesis investigates Palestinian Arabic as spoken by female speakers in Baqaa camp a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. It focuses on the use of the variable (d?) in the speech of young women in Baqaa camp in addition to exploring the social meaning/s the variant carries for those young women. ...Arabic Sociolinguistics; Community of Practice; Language Attitudes; Palestinian Arabic; The [ðˤ] Variant; The (dˤ) Variable2015-05
169 Song, Sang hyunSaudi arabia as a ""swing oil producer"" in the first half of the 1980sThe dissertation examines Saudi oil policy, focusing mainly on the first half of the 1980s. In this period, Saudi Arabia played a "swing producer" role to control oil prices in the world oil market. This behavior of Saudi decision-makers can be understood within the economic framework of the "domina...Neo-Liberalism; OPEC; Rentierism; Saudi Arabia; Saudi Oil Policy; Swing Producer2015-05
170 Tarin jr., Carlos AnthonyThe structuration of environmental organizing: identity, power, and knowledge negotiation in an international environmental nongovernmental organizationThis study is an exploration of an environmental context that is becoming increasingly prevalent: environmental nongovernmental organizations (ENGOs). The focus of this analysis is Rare, an international ENGO that sponsors conservation and sustainability initiatives in developing nations. Rare emp...ENGO; environmental communication; organizational communication; organizational identity; structurating activity theory; structuration theory2015-05
171 Light, ElinorThe (em)placed vernacular: rhetorics of transgression and control in new york cityTraversing the vectors and tensions of everyday places is to experience a profoundly powerful rhetorical force. Through the particularities of place, identity is forged, communities are created, and ideological wars are waged through images, aesthetics, and materiality. The (Em)placed Vernacular: Rh...(em)placed vernacular; New York City; Rhetoric; Spatial Studies; Transgression; Visual Rhetoric2015-08
172 Krause, Daniel TakeshiRemembering dismembrance: a critical compendiumFrom the outset of the effort to produce the first edition of Remembering Dismembrance: A Critical Compendium, the prime motivation has been the continued support of the novel's life in conversation, among academics and artists, fans and aficionados. The Compendium is a collection of work that stan...dismembrance; elephants; experimental; memory; narrative; ptsd2015-08
173 Barusch, Amanda SmithAphasiaAphasia is a failure of language. It's an incredibly variable condition, associated with organic brain disorders and trauma, with manifestations that reveal much about language and what it means to be human. Inspired in part by my father's experience of Aphasia, this collection explores the possibil...Artist Book; Dementia; Domestic violence; Experimental Fiction; Failure of Language; Redaction2015
174 Dyer, Tina MariaTwice born gods: the reinvented libertine in the nineteenth centuryThe claim has been made that the nineteenth century's interest in libertine fiction is merely ""archival."" This dissertation seeks to contest that claim by examining the reuse of certain well-known, if not notorious, characters from European seduction narratives of the fifteenth, seventeenth, and e...Aestheticism; Decadence; Intertextuality; Libertinage; Libertinism; Seduction2015-05
175 Nay, BritneyThe use of Korean women's minds, bodies, and histories for south Korean and Japanese political agendasKorean women's minds, bodies, and histories have been used by both the South Korean and Japanese governments to further national political agendas since the promulgation of women's education. Women's education was portrayed as necessary for the good of the nation in Chosŏn Korea, and they were to u...Asia-Pacific War; Chosŏn; ngsindae; Comfort women; Korean War; World War II; Yoshida Seiji2015-05
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