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151 Mildred Tso (1968)1968-06-18uaida_ohtText; Sound
152 Mary Goodman Gillis (1968)1968-08-03uaida_ohtText; Sound
153 Wilbert Willy, Tina Willy (1968)1968-06-12uaida_ohtText; Sound
154 Brother Juniper (1968)1968-08-03uaida_ohtText; Sound
155 Father Wayne Valdez, Raymond Nakai (1966)1966-07-25uaida_ohtText; Sound
156 Joseph Pinnecoose (1970)1970uaida_ohtText; Sound
157 Alva Matheson, Non-Indian (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
158 Katherine Jenkins (1970)1970-07-23uaida_ohtText; Sound
159 Lula Brock Wash, Gertrude Chapoose Willie (Ute) (1970)1970-07-23uaida_ohtText; Sound
160 Shirley Reed (Ute) (1970)1970-07uaida_ohtText; Sound
161 Jim Vijil (1968)1968-07-29uaida_ohtText; Sound
162 Calvin Connell, Milt Daily ; F.C. Van Buren, Zella Matheson (Non-Natives Associated with Paiute) (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
163 Roy Atine (1968)1968-08-07uaida_ohtText; Sound
164 Sadie Benally (Navajo) (1968)1968-07-16uaida_ohtText; Sound
165 Charles Keith, Navajo (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
166 Jimmy Pete, Paiute (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
167 Alva Matheson, Zella Matheson (Non-Native Associated with Paiute) (1968) -- Part 31968uaida_ohtText; Sound
168 Mrs. Helen Knight and Mrs. Lydia Skewes, Non-Indian associated with Ute (1967)1967uaida_ohtText; Sound
169 Lynn Lee (1968)1968-07-31uaida_ohtText; Sound
170 Sadie Benally (Navajo) (1968)1968-06-16uaida_ohtText; Sound
171 Lillian Daily, Milt Daily (Non-Native Associated with Paiute) (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
172 Fernandez Begay, Nancy Yanito, John Shorty (1968)1968-08-08uaida_ohtText; Sound
173 Alva Matheson, Non-Indian (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
174 Jim Mike (1968)1968-06-20uaida_ohtText; Sound
175 John Katso, Iris Atini Katso (1968)1968-06-22uaida_ohtText; Sound
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