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151 Delicate Arch, Arches National Park [3]1960-10-12Image
152 Delicate Arch, Arches National Park [4]1960-10-12Image
153 Delicate Arch, as seen through Frame Arch1960-10-12Image
154 Dick Barney on top of small falls on Clear Creek1963-04-23Image
155 Disappearing cactus in full bloom across from Mystery Canyon1963-04-25Image
156 Distant view of Moqui Ruin and its surroundings1963-04-23Image
157 Don VanMeter on Redbud Pass1960-06-12Image
158 Double Arch, Arches National Park1958-06-25Image
159 Double O Arch1960-10-12Image
160 Double rim arch, the sign for turning1960-06-12Image
161 Dry falls in Annie's Canyon1965-09-21Image
162 East of Hite, Utah on new graded section1966-07-26Image
163 End gate or ramp at Hite Ferry1965-09-21Image
164 End gate, shoreline, from Ferry on crossing at Hite1965-09-21Image
165 Entrance to Forbidden Canyon (old bar now buried at least 50 feet)1963-04-25Image
166 Entrance to Hidden Passage, Glen Canyon1963-04-25Image
167 Entrance to the Cathedral in the Desert1965-09-21Image
168 Entrance to Twilight Canyon1963-04-26Image
169 Entrance to upper end of Hole-in-the-Rock passage1963-04-27Image
170 Escalante Canyon with rockfall1963-04-23Image
171 Evening primrose, Glen Canyon1963-04-23Image
172 Evening primrose, Hidden Bar Passage1963-04-25Image
173 Evening primrose, southern Utah1963-04-23Image
174 Evening scene on Colorado River (note trees along bank)1963-04-24Image
175 Exhibits in Visitor Center, Arches National Park1960-10-31Image
151 - 175 of 594