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126 Information-theoretic sensor network design and reliable route guidance: planning and enriching advanced traveler information systemsir_etdText
127 Improving high-performance sparse libraries using compiler assisted specialization: a PETSC (portable, extensible toolkit for scientific computation) case studyir_etdText
128 The effect of fatigue cracks on fastener flexibility, load distribution, and fatigue crack growthir_etd
129 An exploration of vulnerability through creative process and performanceir_etd
130 Influence of dislocations and second phases on the magnetostrictive behavior of iron-gallium and other iron alloy single crystalsir_etd
131 Suppression of superconductivity in low dimensional systems: effects of magnetic impurities in Mo-Ge films and superconductor-insulator transition in long Mo-Ge nanowiresir_etdText
132 The effects of cyclic stretch on sprouting angiogenesisir_etdText
133 An Eulerian One-Dimensional Turbulence model: application to turbulent and multiphase reacting flowsir_etdText
134 Creation of the G.E.A.R. U.P. orientation manual: an integrative service projectir_etdText
135 British colonial politics and the irish famine of 1845ir_etdText
136 The development and effect of banking in Utah, 1933-1945ir_etdText
137 Crime and punishment: an examination of justice in judge - advisor systemsir_etdText
138 Affirming equity: creating access to college careers among first generation students and students of color in elementary schoolir_etdText
139 A mathematical investigation of the innate and adaptive immune surveillance of tumor growthir_etdText
140 Bend in the river sustainable community educationir_etdText
141 Isp summary: volunteer interpreter handbookir_etdText
142 Hercules or Medusa: heroes and villains and their impact on consumers' preference for vice and virtue productsir_etdText
143 Integrative service project summary submitted to the University of Utah in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the service learning scholars' program throught the lowell bennion community service center 2009-2010ir_etdText
144 Volunteer interpreter handbook specific to the University of Utah Hospitalsir_etdText
145 The influence of novel orthographic information on second language word learning: the case of native English speakers learning Arabicir_etdText
146 Establishing mobile markets in food deserts in Salt Lake Countyir_etdText
147 Curriculum education for children in social and emotional developmentir_etdText
148 The u-bookir_etdText
149 The family self-sufficiency program mathematics ged manualir_etdText
150 Exercise in hispanic patients with diabetesir_etdText
126 - 150 of 21,720