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126 Differences in swallowing duration for patients with xerostomia of four different etiologies and normal controlsir_etdText
127 Alteration of murine mammary tumor metastasis and growth by cytomegalovirus infectionir_etdText
128 Function and regulation of pulmonary expressed cytochrome P450 enzymesir_etdText
129 Copper metallation of cytochrome oxidaseir_etdText
130 Aspects of testosterone production by the canine testisir_etdText
131 Specificity of double-stranded RNA adenosine deaminasesir_etdText
132 Influence of interalveolar diffusion on pulmonary gas exchangeir_etdText
133 Genetic and electrophysiological analyses of presynaptic function in Drosophila melanogasterir_etdText
134 Development and evaluation of an admission diagnoses encoding systemir_etdText
135 Utah Warir_etdText
136 Induction of immunity through the use of in vitro cell cultures of mouse neoplasmsir_etdText
137 Immunochemical characterization of the gamma-subunit of phosphorylase kinaseir_etdText
138 Registered nurse perception of the current role of the staff registered nurse in an acute care pediatric hospitalir_etdText
139 Reaction of the cerebral cortex to chronically implanted plastic needlesir_etdText
140 Cost-benefit analysis of an immunization program for pneumococcal pneumonia in a health maintenance organizationir_etdText
141 Purification of inosine monophosphate by thin layer chromatography and detection of inosine monophosphate within cellular messenger RNAir_etdText
142 Survey of nursing personnel in seventeen nursing homes in Utahir_etdText
143 Protocol for adopting clinical chemistry methods: adoption of assay to modelir_etdText
144 Studies on thermosensitive hydrogelsir_etdText
145 Mapping, cloning and characterization of the mass1 gene in Frings audiogenic seizure-susceptible miceir_etdText
146 Development and evaluation of a pulmonary graphical displayir_etdText
147 System for computerized interactive protocols using H.E.L.Pir_etdText
148 Maternal posture, pelvic shape and fetal position,ir_etdText
149 Molecular design and chemical synthesis of affinity probes for lysophosphatidic acid receptorsir_etdText
150 Metastable equilibrium solubility of carbonated apatites in the presence of solution strontium and fluorideir_etdText
126 - 150 of 21,717