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126 Comprehensive copper ion hydration: experimental and theoretical investigation of cu2+(h2o)n, cu+(h2o)n, cuoh+(h2o)nir_etdText
127 Metamorphism and fluid-rock interaction in the alta, Utah contact aureole: identification of forsterite reaction pathways, evaluation of reaction overstepping, and trace element characterizationir_etdText
128 The multipart copolyelectrolyte adhesive system of the sandcastle worm: the biological insights for developing a synthetic underwater adhesiveir_etdText
129 The impact of black carbon deposition on snowpack and streamflow in the wasatch mountains in utah: a study using modis albedo data, statistical modeling and machine learningir_etdText
130 Real-time image reconstruction for real-time magnetic resonance imaging datair_etdText
131 Two essays on the role of nonbank financial institutions and firms in the monetary transmission mechanismsir_etdText
132 Adaptive model-predictive control and 3d acoustic radiation force imaging for the improvement of magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound therapiesir_etdText
133 The structuration of environmental organizing: identity, power, and knowledge negotiation in an international environmental nongovernmental organizationir_etdText
134 New problems in exploring distributed datair_etdText
135 Using rudolf laban's effort system as an inroad to choreographyir_etdText
136 Valleys, estuaries, and lagoons: paleoenvironments and regressive-transgressive architecture of the upper cretaceous straight cliffs formationir_etdText
137 Sequential growth, regrowth, and control of polypyrrole-metal coil composite artificial musclesir_etdText
138 Aerothermoelastic modeling and simulation of aerospace vehicles using particle-based methodsir_etdText
139 The accidental retention agents: how student affairs can influence student retention by understanding how key players (i.e., faculty) perceive their role in student success and retentionir_etdText
140 Atomistic simulation of charge effects: from tunable thin film growth to isolation of surface states with spin-orbit couplingir_etdText
141 Design, control, and evaluation of a spatial active handrest for providing ergonomic support and gravity compensation over a large workspaceir_etdText
142 Invariance principles in functional time series analysis with applicationsir_etdText
143 Concept aware co-occurrence and its applicationsir_etdText
144 It's not as bad as others think: how the differential perspectives of targets and observers affect the perceived negativity of the situation and subsequent cooperative responsesir_etdText
145 Kim Il Sung's language policy as a vehicle of juche and a performance of cultural superiority over South Koreair_etdText
146 Nonstate armed group negotiation in civil wars, 1946-2011ir_etdText
147 Mothers' and fathers' parenting behavior as predictors of children's internalizing behavior in middle childhoodir_etdText
148 Normal modes in North Atlantic atmosphere-ocean system and predicting North Atlantic sea surface temperatureir_etdText
149 Can music help athletes manage pain during an icing task? an experimental testir_etdText
150 Qianxi gazetteer production during Guizhou's tumultuous nineteenth centuryir_etdText
126 - 150 of 21,725