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126 The Barekuma Community Collaborative Development Project: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Global Health Development2011ehsl_conrllVideo
127 The Clinically Struggling Failing Student2012ehsl_conrllVideo
128 The Future of Nursing Advancing Nursing and the Nations Health2014ehsl_conrllVideo
129 The Menopausal Transition Observations from the Seattle Midlife Women's Health Study2012ehsl_conrllVideo
130 The Process of Coding Communication Research by Distance Coders: Taking Advantage of Technology2013ehsl_conrllVideo
131 The Resilience Advantage2017ehsl_conrllVideo
132 The Self Evaluation Statement2012ehsl_conrllVideo
133 The Strengths and Opportunities of the Future - Identified in Interdisciplinary Gerontology Education Through the Self-Study and Program Review Process2013ehsl_conrllVideo
134 The TCAB Diaries Pages Turned and Lessons Learned2012ehsl_conrllVideo
135 Things that Start with P: Musings from the Postdoc Experience2011ehsl_conrllVideo
136 Tips for Working With Data: Collecting Organizing and Visualizing Tools2012ehsl_conrllVideo
137 Top Ten Pedagogies for 20142014ehsl_conrllVideo
138 Translational Research Translating Evidence into Everyday Practice2011ehsl_conrllVideo
139 Travel, Write, Renew: A Sabbatical Journey2009ehsl_conrllVideo
140 Unique Challenges and Great Rewards Conducting Research within the Somali Community2015ehsl_conrllVideo
141 Using Data to Inform Practice Screening for STI Risk2012ehsl_conrllVideo
142 Utah's Report Out on CANS (Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science)2012ehsl_conrllVideo
143 VA Nursing Academy: Update2010ehsl_conrllVideo
144 Veterans Administration Nursing Academy2013ehsl_conrllVideo
145 WHRAG Research Projects and Experiences 2011-122011ehsl_conrllVideo
146 Web Conferencing Technologies2013ehsl_conrllVideo
147 What Are We Talking About Death2015ehsl_conrllVideo
148 What's New in Community Engaged Learning at the U of U?2012ehsl_conrllVideo
149 When the Patient is the Community2013ehsl_conrllVideo
150 Why the College of Nursing?2009ehsl_conrllVideo
126 - 150 of 159