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126 Influence of Intermittent vs Continuous Bladder Catheterization on Labor Outcomes: A Randomized Control Trial2015ehsl_conrllVideo
127 Linkages Between the Safety of the Hospital Bed: Patient Falls and Immobility2015ehsl_conrllVideo
128 HPV Vaccination and Cancer Prevention Among Vulnerable Populations in Utah2015ehsl_conrllVideo
129 How to Lead an Effective Meeting2015ehsl_conrllVideo
130 IPAS Data Analysis and Results2015ehsl_conrllVideo
131 Grief and the Holidays, 20152015ehsl_conrllVideo
132 Building Reserve: A Pilot Study of Physical Activity and Exercise in Frail Older Adults2015ehsl_conrllVideo
133 Advancing Toward Electronic Exchange of Poisoning Information2015ehsl_conrllVideo
134 Autism and Aging the Gap Bridge-Building and the Three Legged Stool2015ehsl_conrllVideo
135 Top Ten Pedagogies for 20142014ehsl_conrllVideo
136 Women Interested in Nursing, 2014: The Silver Tsunami: Baby Boomers Redefining Aging2014ehsl_conrllVideo
137 Creating Effective Posters Redux2015ehsl_conrllVideo
138 Promoting Best Practices of Telemedicine and Interprofessional Practice Through Innovative Teaching Strategies Across Health Sciences2016ehsl_conrllVideo
139 Screening Treatment and Referral for Depression and Anxiety at the Student Health Center2016ehsl_conrllVideo
140 Unique Challenges and Great Rewards Conducting Research within the Somali Community2015ehsl_conrllVideo
141 Enhancing Research Through the Power of Social Media2016ehsl_conrllVideo
142 Responding to Reviewers and Editors Critique2015ehsl_conrllVideo
143 Women Interested in Nursing, 2015: Call the Midwife: Today's Birthing Options2015ehsl_conrllVideo
144 What Are We Talking About Death2015ehsl_conrllVideo
145 Portrait of a Caregiver2016ehsl_conrllVideo
146 Evidence-Based Practices in Clinical Evaluation of Grief Status and Research in Promising Interventions for Complicated Grief2017ehsl_conrllVideo
147 Children Should Be Seen AND Heard: Children's Perspectives of Their Illness-Related Experiences2018ehsl_conrllVideo
148 High Risk Sexual Behaviors and Outcomes Among Utah's Incarcerated Youth Focus on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking2017ehsl_conrllVideo
149 Studying the Cognitive Psychology of Nurses in Simulation Laboratory2014ehsl_conrllVideo
150 NINR Bootcamp on Fatigue and Sleep Methodologies: 2013 Symptom Clusters2015ehsl_conrllVideo
126 - 150 of 159