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126 Bicycling preferences and behavior in salt lake city2015Textir_etd
127 Binumarien color categories1975Textir_uspace
128 Biochemical heterozygosity and morphologic variation in a colony of papio hamadryas hamadryas baboons1994Textir_uspace
129 Biosocial correlates of identity disturbance among suicidal youth2014-08Textir_etd
130 Blind v. color blind: the injustice of State felon disenfranchisement schemes2009Textir_etd
131 Bonneville basin analogues for large lake processes & chronologies of geomorphic development on Mars2009Textir_uspace
132 Bonneville lake basin shoreline records of large lake and abrupt climate change events2010-07Textir_etd
133 Borderline Personality Disorder During Pregnancy, Physiology, and Correlations Between Borderline Symptoms and Newborn Neurobehavior2018Textir_htoa
134 Born at the right time?: gendered generations and webs of entitlement and responsibility2001Textir_uspace
135 The broken promise of inclusive development: the case of Peru2013-05Textir_htoa
136 But we still loved each other: preadolescents' and adolescents' individuation and connectedness in the narratives about conflicts with parents and friends2011-08Textir_etd
137 Can crude oil be used as a fuel towards sustainable development in nigeria2015Textir_etd
138 Can females gain additional paternal investment by mating with multiple males? a game theoretic approach2001-11Textir_uspace
139 Can More Sensitive Caregiving Buffer the Effects of Maternal Depression on Child Problem Behavior?2019Textir_htoa
140 Capacity demands of automatic processes in semantic priming1994Textir_uspace
141 Capital account liberalization & income inequality: 1980-20092016-04Textir_htoa
142 Capitalism, justice, and human autonomy2012-08Textir_etd
143 Carbon emissions reduction strategies for Utah households operating under a budget constraint2009-04-27Textir_etd
144 Cardiac arrhythmias2011-10-15Text; Imageir_uspace
145 Cardiovascular activity during routine interactions in romantic relationships2016Textir_etd
146 Cardiovascular reactivity during stressful social interaction in Mexican American women: effects of language and interaction partner ethnicity2012-05Textir_etd
147 Careful what you ask for: reconsidering feminist epistemology and autobiographical narrative in research on sexual identity development2006Textir_uspace
148 Caregiver burden in spouses of National Guard/Reserve service members deployed during Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom2009-05-07Textir_etd
149 Case study of underground coal mining productivity in Utah1981-12Textir_etd
150 Castle or the tipi: rationalization or irrationality in the American economy1972-10Textir_uspace
126 - 150 of 1,207