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126 Bride, Daniel LyonsOpenness to experience and awe: examination of dispositional tendencies, laboratory induction, and daily life experiencesawe; big five; emotion; five-factor model; openness; personalityPsychology2016
127 Bylenok, LauraWarpCreative writing; Etymology; Language; Literature; PoetryEnglish2016
128 Byrne, Kara AnnCommunity voices for housing equality: engaging tenants with immigrant and refugee backgrounds in participatory action researchhousing; immigrant; participatory action research; refugee; renter; structural racismSocial Work2016
129 Abdullah, Osama MahmoudInterrogating the origin and behavior of magnetic resonance diffusion tensor scalar parameters in the myocardiumDiffusion; Heart Failure; heart growth; microcirculation; microstructure; MRIBioengineering2016
130 Anderson, CollinNeural and behavioral responses to deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleusDeep Brain Stimulation; Information Theory; Parkinson's DiseaseBioengineering2016
131 Arduini, Jaclyn BethIncidence of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries in a hyperpronated athletic populationAnterior Cruciate Ligament; Feet; Hyperpronation; Medial Longitudinal Arch; PronationExercise & Sport Science2016
132 Cao, ShengSynthesis of fluorinated analogs of oxidative DNA lesions and their use to probe features of recognition and repair by base excision repair glycosylasesDNA lesions; Base excision repair; GlycosylasesChemistry2010
133 Cai, HongzhuAdvanced methods for depth-to-basement estimation using gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic dataDepth-to-basement; Electromagnetic; Gravity; Integral equation; Inversion; MagneticGeology & Geophysics2015
134 Cantu, PreciousPatterning via optical saturable transitionsDiffraction; Lithography; Nanopatterning; Optical nanolithography; Optics; PhotochromicElectrical & Computer Engineering2015-08
135 Conrad, Edward C.Using species distribution models to quantify climate change impacts on the rosy-finch superspecies: an alpine obligateboosted regression trees; calibrated AUC; climate change impacts; Leucosticte; niche modeling; random forest regression treesGeography2015-08
136 Alvey, George RobertTropical cyclone intensity change: evaluating the effects of inner core precipitation properties and environmental influenceshurricane; intensification; precipitation; satellite; tropical cycloneAtmospheric Sciences2015-08
137 Alshykhly, Omar R.Formation and enzyme processing of 5-carboxamido- 5-formamido-2-iminohydantoin, a major oxidation product of guanine in dnaBase excision repair; DNA damage; Fenton reaction; Guanine oxidation; Reactive oxygen species; X-rayChemistry2015
138 Angel, NathanCardiac structure and mechanisms of fibrillationCardiac Electrophysiology; Cardiac FibrillationBioengineering2016
139 Aras, Kedar KirtikumarBioelectric source characterization of acute myocardial ischemiaCardiac Electrophysiology; Coronary Artery Disease; ECG; Heart Attack; Myocardial Ischemia; PhysiologyBioengineering2015
140 Andersen, Rebecca KayeZionism in Zion: Salt Lake City's Jewish community and Israel, 1933-1967Jews; Zionism; HistoryHistory2008-08
141 Pallavicini, Maria GeorginaIn vivo effects of ftorafur and fluorouracil on mammary tumors and small intestine in mice.Intestine, Small; Cells, CulturedPharmacology & Toxicology1997-08
142 Weyand, Nathan J.Regulation of papBA transcription by the leucine-responsive regulatory and catabolite activator proteins.Escherichia coli; DNAPathology2000-08
143 Osborne, Amber ValeriaThe Modulatory Role of Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors on Peripheral InflammationNicotine Receptors; InflammationPathology2010-02-08
144 Srisukonth, Wattana.Quantitative morphometry of the vertebrae and femur of the beagle as a function of age and sex/Proximal Femur; MicradiographsNeurobiology & Anatomy1978-03
145 Hodges, Kirk BlaineDetection of diethyl ether in human blood.Blood Collection; Blood StorageFamily & Preventive Medicine1984-03
146 Jamison, Ryan DaleAerothermoelastic modeling of hypersonic vehiclesHypers; Fluid-structure interactionMechanical Engineering2008-12
147 Tang, Aijun.A lymphocyte-targeting polymeric drug delivery system mediated by receptor-binding epitopes: design, synthesis, and characterization.Pharmaceutical Preparations; Drug Delivery SystemsPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry2002-12
148 Christensen, John Mark.A Physiological pharmacokinetic model for norethindrone.Pharmacology; PharmacokineticsPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1980-03
149 Finkle, Bryan Smith.The metabolism and plasma concentrations of L-alpha-acetylmethadol and its metabolites in man.Pharmacology; MethodonePharmacology & Toxicology1977-06
150 Acorn, Sonia GriffinRole expectations of joint academic/clinical appointees in university nursing faculties.Interprofessional Relations; Professional PracticeNursing1987-03
126 - 150 of 6,342