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126 Prodrug strategies for bypassing the first-pass metabolism of propranololChu, Wei WeiPropranolol is a nonspecific beta-adrenergic antagonist used for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, angina pectoris and hypertension. A significant problem in propranolol therapy is that it undergoes extensive presystemic metabolism after oral administration leading to reduced bioavailability an...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
127 Synthesis and characterization of oligonucleotides containing 2'-deoxy-6-thioguanosinChristopherson, Michael S.6-Thioguanine is an anticancer drug that has been used for over 30 years in the treatment of human cancer, especially leukemias. Work conducted over the past few decades has shown that the incorporation of 6-thioguanine into nucleic acids, especially DNA, appears to be the mechanism by which 6-thiog...Biochemistry
128 MyD88 play a pivotal role in host defense to lyme disease and relapsing fever BorreliaBolz, Devin DeanBorrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia hermsii represent two vector-borne bacterial pathogens that are causative agents for Lyme disease and relapsing fever, respectively. Though related, these pathogens occupy distinct niches within a host upon infection and cause unique clinical symptoms and disease. B...Pathology
129 Relationship between housing and healthMakhaye, Nelisile RosemaryThe primary concerns of this paper are threefold: to explore the possible relationship between housing conditions and health, to determine how much people know about personal hygiene, and to identify what the people from the squatter areas need in order to uplift their standard of living. A survey...Family & Preventive Medicine
130 Mechanisms of regulation of the human N-myc oncogeneSivak, Louise ElizabethThe expression of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes must be precisely regulated during normal growth and development. Inappropriate expression of these genes can occur through multiple mechanisms. The myc oncogenes, c-, L-, and N-myc, are differentially expressed during normal development, and de...Pathology
131 Synthesis and study of certain derivatives of the C-nucleosides formycin and formycin BLewis, Arthur FrankMethylation of formycin under non-basic reaction conditions has afforded 4-methylformycin and 6-methylformycin. The structures assigned to these two mono-N0methyl isomers of formycin were based on ultraviolet and nuclear magnetic resonance spectral studies. N7-methylformycin has been resynthesized ...Medicinal Chemistry
132 Automated screening of metabolic disorders using pattern recognition of GC-MS full scan spectra from urine organic acidsCrockett, David K.Analysis of organic acids in urine is a valuable tool in the diagnosis of the inborn errors of metabolism known as organic acidurias. This test is commonly ordered in newborns with symptoms such as lethargy, failure to thrive, hepatic failure, and suspected familial disorders. A drawback of publis...Biomedical Informatics
133 Inactivation of tumor suppressors LKB1 and PTEN by arachidonic acid metabolitesCovey, Tracy MarieThis dissertation describes the modification and inactivation of tumor suppressors by arachidonic acid (AA) metabolites. Cyclooxygenase (COX) and lipoxygenase (LOX) enzymes are AA metabolizing enzymes involved in inflammation as well as cancer. In this work, a novel mechanism linking inflammation an...Medicinal Chemistry
134 Development of an in vitro model of the blood-brain barrier: elucidation of the transport and enzymatic components governing the central nervous system uptake of dideoxynucleosides and related prodrugsJohnson, Mark DouglasThe central nervous system (CNS) uptake of dideoxynucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors currently used to treat HIV-1 infection in humans is severely limited and the biochemical and physiological mechanisms governing their uptake are poorly understood. The complexity of the in vivo CNS uptake ...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
135 Risk and protective factors of Hispanic youth in UtahMaughan, Erin D.In this study of adolescent risk and protective factors, secondary analysis was used to examine the use of alcohol and other substances. Comparisons of Hispanic youth were made to the White population. The data showed that the Hispanic youth (n > = 762) used more substances than the White youth (n <...Nursing
136 MondoA: Characterization and functional analysis of a novel member of the Myc family of basic-helix-loop-helix-leucine zipper transcription factorsSans, Christopher LeeTranscription factors can be sequestered at specific organelles and translocate to the nucleus only in response to specific extra- or intracellular signals or changes in organellar homeostasis, a process known as retrograde communication. Retrograde communication is becoming a developing signaling p...Oncological Sciences
137 Enzymatic hydrolysis of peptides containing ß-alanineHanson, H. TheoAn extensive review of the literature has revealed a dearth of information about the physiology and metabolism of B-alanine and the naturally occurring peptide, carnosine. The widely-held belief that B-alanine compounds could not be split by proteolytic enzymes was based on very meager experimental...
138 New concepts for achieving accuracy and reliability in blood-gas analysisWallace, William DeanBlood-gas analysis must be accurate because small changes in the measured variables of blood oxygen and carbon dioxide can be clinically significant. Reliability and accuracy cannot be obtained from blood-gas analyzers without a dependable quality control program that provides frequent and accurate ...Biomedical Informatics
139 Investigation of marine-derived fungi for bioactive natural productsBugni, Timothy ScottThe projects described in this dissertation are mainly focused on exploration of marine-derived fungi as a source of new pharmacologically active natural products. Fungi are prolific sources of medically useful secondary metabolites. Currently, fungi from marine habitats are relatively unexplored wh...Medicinal Chemistry
140 Molecular genetics of Williams syndromeToland, Amanda EwartWilliams syndrome (WS) is a developmental disorder characterized by cardiovascular disease, connective tissue abnormalities, unique personality, specific cognitive profile, mental retardation, and infantile hypercalcemia. Over the past five years, our laboratory discovered that submicroscopic delet...Human Genetics
141 Correlates of fatigue in older adults with chronic heart failureStephen, Sharon A.Although fatigue is a common and troublesome symptom of chronic heart failure (CHF), studies on CHF symptoms have not focused on fatigue. The purpose of this research was to describe fatigue and the relationships among intensity of fatigue, demographic and clinical variables, and functional status i...Nursing
142 Effects of caffeine on the intracellular distribution of calcium in frog sartorius muscleBorys, Henry KlymensThe influence of caffeine on the intracellular distribution of calcium in the frog sartorius muscle was studied by differential centrifugation in an attempt to identify the locus of action of this alkaloid. The problem was approached in two ways. In the first, the locus of action was sought by relat...Pharmacology & Toxicology
143 Diacylglycerol signaling and metabolismBunting, MichaelineDiacylglycerol is a key intracellular messenger in many physiological responses. It is both an activator of protein kinase C and a precursor in the synthesis of complex lipids. The dysregulated production of diacylglycerol has also been demonstrated in pathological responses. Clostridium perfringens...Biochemistry
144 Decision-making processes used by pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit nurses in medicating infants for postoperative painSeifert-Hultgren, MarianneNeonatal and pediatric intensive care unit nurses from two Intermountain West referral centers participated in a study to discern decision-making processes in administering analgesics to postoperative infants. The study utilized a qualitative questionnaire involving clinical scenarios regarding medi...Nursing
145 Interactions of D1-dopamine receptors with functionally distinct NMDA receptors in striatumChapman, David E.The striatum is the main input nucleus of the basal ganglia, a group of subcortical structures critically involved in the control of movement and cognitive function. This structure receives excitatory glutamate input and modulatory dopamine (DA) input. How these two neurotransmitter systems interact...Pharmacology & Toxicology
146 Correlations among nurses' ratings of patients' coping effectiveness and recovery from heart attackSutter, CynthiaThis study examines the correlations among nurses' ratings of myocardial infarction patients' coping effectiveness and selected clinical outcomes. Ratings were made on 59 patients in hospital and home settings through a 6-months recovery period. The theoretical framework for the study was based on...Nursing
147 Cyclic nucleotide changes in human neutrophils: induced by chemoattractants and chemotactic modulatorsHatch, Gary E.Two classes of agents have effects on the chemotactic response of human neutrophils. Chemoattractants, such as E. coli bacterial factor (BF) and the recently discovered N-formylmethionyl peptides, initiate directed cellular movement, while chemotactic modulators enhance or depress cell movement ini...Pharmacology & Toxicology
148 Possible overwintering reservoirs and experimental epidemiology of western equine encephalitis virusStanton, Glen JohnThe experimental and field evidence presented in this thesis relative to the possibility that snakes are important in the over-wintering mechanism of WEE virus in nature are as follows: 1. Virus titers in snakes were found to be sufficiently high to infect a significant percentage of mosquitoes fe...Pathology
149 Nutrition of candida albicans, cryptococcus neoforms, and blastomyces dermatitidisCarter, Paul B.A wide variety of oarbon compounds can serve as carbon sources for Candida albicans, Cryptococous neoformans and Blastomyces dermatitidis. These oarbon sources include many carbohydrates, alcohols, and organic acids. The organisms can assimilate, as nitrogen sources, ammonium sulfate, ammonium ohlo...Pathology
150 Knowledge based computerized audit of radiologists' performanceSong, LiThis study investigated a new approach to measure the quality of X-ray reports in radiology department and evaluate the performance of radiologists. This approach involves the use of Medical Information System (MIS), expert system technology, information theory, and other techniques to generate rel...Biomedical Informatics
126 - 150 of 5,928