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126 Bride, Daniel LyonsOpenness to experience and awe: examination of dispositional tendencies, laboratory induction, and daily life experiencesPrior research has demonstrated a robust association between positive affect and the personality factor extraversion, and parallel findings consistently link negative affect and Neuroticism, but few studies have explored the personality correlates of various lower order discrete emotions. In separat...awe; big five; emotion; five-factor model; openness; personality2016
127 Bylenok, LauraWarpThe poems in this collection are situated in the multiple definitions of the verb "warp," which in contemporary usage most often means "to distort," but is also used to describe what happens to space and space-time in the theory of relativity. In addition, the OED entry for the word includes multipl...Creative writing; Etymology; Language; Literature; Poetry2016
128 Byrne, Kara AnnCommunity voices for housing equality: engaging tenants with immigrant and refugee backgrounds in participatory action researchThis multiple article path (MAP) dissertation is comprised of three interrelated and independent articles that will be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Community Voices for Housing Equality (CVHE) is a participatory action research project that developed organically out of reside...housing; immigrant; participatory action research; refugee; renter; structural racism2016
129 Abdullah, Osama MahmoudInterrogating the origin and behavior of magnetic resonance diffusion tensor scalar parameters in the myocardiumMyocardial microstructure plays an important role in sustaining the orchestrated beating motion of the heart. Several microstructural components, including myocytes and auxiliary cells, extracellular space, and blood vessels provide the infrastructure for normal heart function, including excitation ...Diffusion; Heart Failure; heart growth; microcirculation; microstructure; MRI2016
130 Anderson, CollinNeural and behavioral responses to deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleusParkinson's Disease (PD) motor symptoms, characterized most commonly by bradykinesia, akinesia, rigidity, and tremor, are brought about through the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta, which leads to changes in electrophysiological activity throughout the basal...Deep Brain Stimulation; Information Theory; Parkinson's Disease2016
131 Arduini, Jaclyn BethIncidence of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries in a hyperpronated athletic populationHyperpronation has been shown to cause increased internal tibial rotation which, when prolonged, is thought to place increased stress on the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and lead to a higher incidence of non-contact ACL injuries in sports. To date, no research has attempted to examine the relat...Anterior Cruciate Ligament; Feet; Hyperpronation; Medial Longitudinal Arch; Pronation2016
132 Cao, ShengSynthesis of fluorinated analogs of oxidative DNA lesions and their use to probe features of recognition and repair by base excision repair glycosylasesDamage to DNA occurs through various sources, both exogenous and endogenous. Base lesions resulting from the oxidation of guanine include 8-oxo-7,8-dihydroguanine (OG), guanidinohydantoin (Gh), and spiroiminodihydantoin (Sp). These modified bases can form mismatches and lead to a G - C and G - T tra...DNA lesions; Base excision repair; Glycosylases2010
133 Cai, HongzhuAdvanced methods for depth-to-basement estimation using gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic dataThere is a strong interest in developing effective methods to estimate the depth-to-basement. Potential field methods have already been widely used in this application by parameterizing the earth's subsurface into 3D cells. I introduce a new method of solving this problem based on the 3D Cauchy-type...Depth-to-basement; Electromagnetic; Gravity; Integral equation; Inversion; Magnetic2015
134 Cantu, PreciousPatterning via optical saturable transitionsFor the past 40 years, optical lithography has been the patterning workhorse for the semiconductor industry. However, as integrated circuits have become more and more complex, and as device geometries shrink, more innovative methods are required to meet these ...Diffraction; Lithography; Nanopatterning; Optical nanolithography; Optics; Photochromic2015-08
135 Conrad, Edward C.Using species distribution models to quantify climate change impacts on the rosy-finch superspecies: an alpine obligateAnthropogenic climate change is forcing plants and animals to respond by shifting their distributions poleward or upward in elevation. An organism's ability to track climate change is constrained if its habitat cannot shift and is projected to decrease in geographic extent. Geographic distributions ...boosted regression trees; calibrated AUC; climate change impacts; Leucosticte; niche modeling; random forest regression trees2015-08
136 Alvey, George RobertTropical cyclone intensity change: evaluating the effects of inner core precipitation properties and environmental influencesDespite improvements in recent years, tropical cyclone intensity change, and in particular differentiating intensification rates (especially rapid intensification, RI), remains an unresolved issue. Studies have quantified the importance of both environmental and convective properties with respect to...hurricane; intensification; precipitation; satellite; tropical cyclone2015-08
137 Alshykhly, Omar R.Formation and enzyme processing of 5-carboxamido- 5-formamido-2-iminohydantoin, a major oxidation product of guanine in dnaOxidative damage to DNA, a factor in cancer, mutation, and aging, is attributed to reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS are formed exogenously and endogenously and attack DNA showing a preference for reaction with 2-deoxyguanosine (dG) sites. In present work, dG was oxidized by HO. that was generated ...Base excision repair; DNA damage; Fenton reaction; Guanine oxidation; Reactive oxygen species; X-ray2015
138 Angel, NathanCardiac structure and mechanisms of fibrillationFibrillation is defined as turbulent cardiac electrical activity and results in the inability of the myocardium to contract. When fibrillation occurs in the ventricles, it is known as ventricular fibrillation (VF). The consequence of VF is sudden death unless treated immediately. Fibrillation can al...Cardiac Electrophysiology; Cardiac Fibrillation2016
139 Aras, Kedar KirtikumarBioelectric source characterization of acute myocardial ischemiaDespite a century of research and practice, the clinical accuracy of the electrocardiogram (ECG) to detect and localize myocardial ischemia remains less than satisfactory. Myocardial ischemia occurs when the heart does not receive adequate oxygen-rich blood to keep up with its metabolic requirements...Cardiac Electrophysiology; Coronary Artery Disease; ECG; Heart Attack; Myocardial Ischemia; Physiology2015
140 Andersen, Rebecca KayeZionism in Zion: Salt Lake City's Jewish community and Israel, 1933-1967Zionism in Zion: Salt Lake City's Jewish Community and Israel, 1933-1967 seeks to understand how Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel affected a Jewish community in the western United States. It will be argued that the Salt Lake City Jewish community followed national trends in their in...Jews; Zionism; History2008-08
141 Pallavicini, Maria GeorginaIn vivo effects of ftorafur and fluorouracil on mammary tumors and small intestine in mice.The in vivo effects of Ftorafur (FT) and 5-fluorouracil (FU) were evaluated at several different organizational levels within the same animal model. On a molar basis, FU was found to be two to three times more potent than FT with respect to growth inhibition of murine mammary adenocarcinomas. Howe...Intestine, Small; Cells, Cultured1997-08
142 Weyand, Nathan J.Regulation of papBA transcription by the leucine-responsive regulatory and catabolite activator proteins.The pyelonephritis-associated pili (pap) operon in Escherichia coli is regulated by an epigenetic mechanism involving the formation of specific DNA methylation patterns characteristic of transcriptionally active (phase ON) and inactive (phase OFF) cells. The binding site for cyclic AMP receptor prot...Escherichia coli; DNA2000-08
143 Osborne, Amber ValeriaThe Modulatory Role of Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors on Peripheral InflammationThis dissertation examines the relationship between inflammatory cytokines and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR). WT and nAChRa7 null mice were exposed to 4.8kJ/m2 of UVB on a standardized area of back skin. This dose of UVB caused the skin to be visibly inflamed 48 hours after exposure; ...Nicotine Receptors; Inflammation2010-02-08
144 Srisukonth, Wattana.Quantitative morphometry of the vertebrae and femur of the beagle as a function of age and sex/New methodology was developed to study bone microradiographs on a television image analyzing system, The optimum exposure time for producing microradiographs of 100 micron ground bone sections with sufficient contrast for the quantitative television microscope was determined. The microradiographs ...Proximal Femur; Micradiographs1978-03
145 Hodges, Kirk BlaineDetection of diethyl ether in human blood.Research was conducted to develop a valid analytical method for determining levels of diethyl ether in blood below the 1 part per million (ppm) levels (volume/volume). Two gas chromatographic methods, the head space and the purge and the purge and trap, were adapted to meet the needs of low-level a...Blood Collection; Blood Storage1984-03
146 Jamison, Ryan DaleAerothermoelastic modeling of hypersonic vehiclesOver the last few decades, aerothermoelasticity has become an ever increasingly important area of study. This has been most notably influenced by the development of hypersonic aircraft that surpass Mach 3. At such speeds, the elastic response of an aircraft to the aerodynamic heating and loading bec...Hypers; Fluid-structure interaction2008-12
147 Tang, Aijun.A lymphocyte-targeting polymeric drug delivery system mediated by receptor-binding epitopes: design, synthesis, and characterization.Extensive studies have demonstrated that the use of targetable polymeric drug delivery systems is an efficient approach for improving cancer chemotherapy. In this dissertation, a new strategy for the design of targetable polymeric anticancer drug carriers was proposed that combined water-soluble pol...Pharmaceutical Preparations; Drug Delivery Systems2002-12
148 Christensen, John Mark.A Physiological pharmacokinetic model for norethindrone.Physiological pharmacokinetic models are derived from basic considerations of physiological, anatomical, and pharmacologic principles. These modes can simultaneously predict drug levels in blood, organs, and tissues. The prediction by the model depends on the following factors: dosage, partition ...Pharmacology; Pharmacokinetics1980-03
149 Finkle, Bryan Smith.The metabolism and plasma concentrations of L-alpha-acetylmethadol and its metabolites in man.The plasma disposition of L-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM) and its two active metabolites, nor-LAAM and dinor-LAAM, has been determined in 12 human subjects as part of a controlled clinical pharmacological study. LAAM was administered orally three times per week for ten doses, ranging from 0.73 mg/kg ...Pharmacology; Methodone1977-06
150 Acorn, Sonia GriffinRole expectations of joint academic/clinical appointees in university nursing faculties.The purpose of this study was to provide a descriptive analysis of the role expectations of joint academic/clinical appointees in university Nursing; faculties. These role expectations are examined from the perspective of joint appointees and deans of Nursing; and senior nurse executives of health c...Interprofessional Relations; Professional Practice1987-03
126 - 150 of 6,534