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126 Social Support: A Structure, Process and Outcome of CareWallace, Andrea2017
127 Five Ways to Find and Reclaim Your Passion for TeachingHardin, Pam2014
128 Current Health Issues Among Veteran PopulationGardner-Trover, Grace2014
129 Evaluating ImpactShipman, Jean P.; Wimmer Erin2014
130 What Are We Talking About DeathSupiano, Kathie2015
131 Ideas for Implementing IOM Competencies in Nursing Education at the University of Utah College of NursingKirchhoff, Karin2010
132 Meeting CCNE Essentials: Master Evaluation Plan for the CoN or A Cure for InsomniaWilson, Barbara; Ward, Katie; Barnett, Gerrie2014
133 Studying the Cognitive Psychology of Nurses in Simulation LaboratoryDoig, Alexa2014
134 Becoming a Peer Reviewer for a Referred JournalMurphy, Patricia2014
135 Lets Get You Published!: Basic Steps for the Novice WriterMurphy, Patricia2014
136 Finding Evidence for PracticeMurphy, Patricia2011
137 Active Learning Smart Thinking and BeyondSmith, Jackie2012
138 Supporting Student Writing Development Assessment Interventions and EvaluationFuller, Dianne2013
139 Linkages Between the Safety of the Hospital Bed: Patient Falls and ImmobilityMorse, Jan2015
140 Research Program Overview: Spousal/Partner Loss in Mid and Later LifeCaserta, Michael2009
141 One Nurse Practitioners Experience with a Rare DiagnosisMaruri, Anna2013
142 Social Network Interventions: Preview and Review of Research AgendaClark, Lauren2014
143 Web Conferencing TechnologiesBlack, Andy2013
144 Grief and the Holidays, _20102010
145 Grief and the Holidays, 20132013
146 Grief and the Holidays, 20152015
147 Grief and the Holidays, 20112011
148 Building Reserve: A Pilot Study of Physical Activity and Exercise in Frail Older AdultsPerkins, Rebekah2015
149 Occupational and Family Hazards of Living Off the LandReed, Deborah2010
150 Research Program Overview: Knowledge Acquisition for Decision SupportPoynton, Mollie2010
126 - 150 of 165