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126 Pioneer personal history, Justice N. Corbindha_wpabsText
127 Our pioneers: Martin L. Ensigndha_wpabsText
128 Mrs. Henry H. Hudman [and] Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Annie Cowan Hudmandha_wpabsText
129 Mary Bringhurstdha_wpabsText
130 Short sketch from the life of the parents of Edward R. Freidha_wpabsText
131 Autobiography by Mrs. J. C. Jonesdha_wpabsText
132 Historical sketch of Alice Ann Langston Dalton's lifedha_wpabsText
133 Pioneer personal history, Henry Webster Esplindha_wpabsText
134 Robert Bodilydha_wpabsText
135 Historical sketch given by James H. Jenningsdha_wpabsText
136 Interviews given by Mrs. Martha Canfielddha_wpabsText
137 Pioneer personal history, Roy Georgedha_wpabsText
138 Hand cart pioneer interview, Hannah Madsen Aldrichdha_wpabsText
139 John W. Crookdha_wpabsText
140 Pioneer personal history, Hyrum Belnapdha_wpabsText
141 Pioneer personal history, William George Smithdha_wpabsText
142 A Brief history of Thomas Samuel Bladendha_wpabsText
143 Pioneer personal history, James M. Moore; Pioneer personal questionnaire, Joseph B. Mooredha_wpabsText
144 Pioneer personal history, A. F. Rathdha_wpabsText
145 Biography of Mary Keele Jolley and early day facts of Utahdha_wpabsText
146 History of William Adams, written by himselfdha_wpabsText
147 Life of John D. Burtdha_wpabsText
148 An early pioneer: James Bakerdha_wpabsText
149 Leany family history as written from memory by William Leanydha_wpabsText
150 Autobiography: a short sketch of the life of Ann Prior Jarvisdha_wpabsText
126 - 150 of 865