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126 Reexamination of the Concept of Hopitutsqwa, A1994-11-11wwdl_nehText
127 Native American folklore 1879-1979: an annotated bibliography [Excerpt]1984wwdl_nehText
128 Belief of Indians in Evolutionwwdl_nehText
129 Citizens for a Responsible Central Utah Project, correspondence 19801978; 1980; 1981wwdl_nehText
130 Southern trails to California in 1849 [Excerpt]1974wwdl_nehText
131 Zuni Religion and World View1979wwdl_nehText
132 Kolob-Cedar City Project financing1978wwdl_nehText
133 Columbia Reservation maps1998-11-24wwdl_nehText
134 Notes on an interview with Zuni Tribal Council by Richard Hart, October 27, 19861986-10-27wwdl_nehText
135 Twentieth Century Zuni Political and Economic Development in Relation to Federal Indian Policy1988wwdl_nehText
136 Public Law 95-280, May 15, 19781978-05-15wwdl_nehText
137 Wah-to-yah and the Taos Trail [Excerpt]1974wwdl_nehText
138 U.S. Department of Interior Water Projects Review Office Preliminary Information and Data Sheets for Bonneville Unit1977-03-15wwdl_nehText
139 Boundaries of Zuni land: with emphasis on details relating to incidents occurring 1846-1946 [Excerpt]1980-03wwdl_nehText
140 Creation of the Zunis1914-07wwdl_nehText
141 Warner Valley Water Project documents1977; 1978wwdl_nehText
142 Hualapai North Boundary Exhibitswwdl_nehText
143 Ongtupka: Hopi Sacred Geography of the Grand Canyon1994-10-22wwdl_nehText
144 Masked Gods: Navaho and Pueblo Ceremonialism [Excerpt] Zuni Kachina1950wwdl_nehText
145 Agricultural History of Zia Pueblo: the American period, 1846-19361987-02wwdl_nehText
146 Zuni Social and Political Organization1979wwdl_nehText
147 Barry C. Saunders memorandum, November 19, 1992, re: 7-state/Indian meeting1992-11-19wwdl_nehText
148 Map of State of New Mexicowwdl_nehText
149 Pathfinder in the Southwest: the itinerary of Lieutenant A. W. Whipple during his explorations for a railwy route from Fort Smith to Los Angeles in the years 1853 & 1854 [Excerpt]1968wwdl_nehText
150 Federal funding, Cedar City water projects1978wwdl_nehText
126 - 150 of 254