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126 Declaration of Edith C. Tallmon for the voyage on S.S. Ecuador from San Francisco in June 19181918-06-19Text
127 Letter dated 27 April 1930 from Edith F. Parsons1930-04-27Text
128 Letter dated 15 February 1912 from Dr Susan Tallmon to her family1912-02-15Text
129 Post card sent to George W. Tallmon from one of his daughters1919-10-12Text
130 Letter dated 21 April 1920 from Dr Francis F. Tucker to Mrs. Lee1920-04-21Text
131 Letter dated 8 December 1930 from H. L. Robinson to Rowland1930-12-08Text
132 Letter from Susan Tallmon Sargent at Montesano, California (incomplete)Text
133 Letter dated 16 November 1930 from H. L. Robinson to Rowland1930-11-16Text
134 Letter dated 1 December 1912 from Angela (Tallmon) Jones to her father1912-12-01Text
135 Letter dated 20 April 1913 from Dr Susan B. Tallmon to her familyText
136 Girls' Boarding School report, Lintsing, Shantung, China, Sep. 1919-Jan. 19201920-01Text
137 Doctor Susan Tallmon's diary notebook for 19121912Text
138 Glessner, Morse & Geary Company envelope for photographsText
139 Letter dated 13 January 1913 from Dr Emery W. and Minnie Case Ellis to friends1913-01-13Text
140 Note Book 1913, Susan B. Tallmon journal1913Text
141 Letter dated 10 December 1930 from Dr Emery W. Ellis to friends1930-12-10Text
142 Letter dated 21 September 1930 from Ben Sargent to Edith and Hubbard Park1930-09-21Text
143 Letter dated 22 June 1930 from Vincent E. Wagner to friends1930-06-22Text
144 Letter dated 19 August 1930 from Mrs. H. E. Meilicke to Edith (Tallmon) Park, Part 21930-08-19Text
145 Letter dated 27 July 1912 from Dr Susan B. Tallmon to friends in the U.S.1912-07-27Text
146 Doctor Susan Tallmon's diary notebook for 19141914Text
147 Letter dated 2 September 1914 from Shih Fu Tang to Mrs Wagner, translated by an American missionary1914-09-02; 1914-10-03Text
148 Letter dated 17 September 1914 from Angelina C. (Tallmon) Jones to Rev. Benjamin F. Sargent1914-09-17Text
149 Letter dated 26 October 1912 from Dr Susan B. Tallmon to "Girls of the Missionary Club"1912-10-26Text
150 Letter dated 20 January 1912 from an American missionary at Lintsing to "Miss Elder," a member of a missionary club1912-01-20Text
126 - 150 of 797