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126 Letters to Ardis Hitchcock, 1971-1973, re Tallmon family papers1971-08-18; 1971-05-18; 1973-08-10uum_sbtsText
127 Envelope postmarked in11 February 1908 for a letter from Susan Tallmon to her sister Hester1908uum_sbtsText
128 Letter dated 28 May 1934 from Mabel Meilecke in China to Edith Park1934-05-28uum_sbtsText
129 Letter dated 15 June 1936 from Altie C. Galt to friends, page 11936-06-15uum_sbtsText
130 Letter dated 22 May 1952 from Francis and Emma Tucker, with note of 29 June 1952 to Edith Park1952-05-22; 1952-06-29uum_sbtsText
131 Three letters from 1915 by Emma D. Smith to Edith Tallmon, Clover Smith to sister Hester Tallmon, and Susan Tallmon to sister Clover Smithuum_sbtsText
132 Ventures and adventures at Lintsinguum_sbtsText
133 Letter dated 2 October 1906 from Susan Tallman to her family1906-10-02uum_sbtsText
134 Seven envelopes, Tallmon correspondenceuum_sbtsText
135 Letter dated 20 November 1917 from Dr Susan Tallmon Sargent to her sister Clara1917-11-20uum_sbtsText
136 Letter dated 7 June 1936 from Alice Murphy to Grace M. Breck1936-06-07uum_sbtsText
137 Letter dated 16 August 1937 from Gertrude Wyckoff to Edith Park1937-08-16uum_sbtsText
138 Post cards from Edith Tallmon to Mrs. Ben F. (Susan) Sargent, 1921-19221921-08-09; 1922-01-21uum_sbtsText
139 Autographs and signatures of Susan Tallmon Sargent's friends and associates: Set 6uum_sbtsText
140 Letter dated 5 June 1936 from Emma Boose Tucker to her children, Part 31936-06-05uum_sbtsText
141 A week's work in a Woman's Hospitaluum_sbtsText
142 Letter dated 27 March 1908 from Dr. Tallmon to Mr. Stelle1908-03-27uum_sbtsText
143 Letter dated 10 August 1925 from Dr. F. F. Tucker to friends1925-08-10uum_sbtsText
144 Letter dated 2 October 1971 from Reatha Smith to Ardis Hitchcock1971-10-02uum_sbtsText
145 Letter dated 29 June 1937 from Dr. Francis F. Tucker to his children1937-06-29uum_sbtsText
146 Letter dated 20 September 1936 from Dr. Thomas H. Norton to Susan Tallmon Sargent1936-09-20; 1936-06-14uum_sbtsText
147 Tallmon family letters from summer 1922, and two letters from missionaries in China, 19221922uum_sbtsText
148 Madrone Cottage summer guests, 19241924uum_sbtsText
149 Woman's Board of Missions for the Pacific, Jubilee meetings1923uum_sbtsText
150 Letter dated 14 August 1906 from Clara Jones to sisters Edith and Hester Tallmon1906-08-14uum_sbtsText
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