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126 Friend, 1883-051883-05uum_rbcText
127 Friend, 1883-061883-06uum_rbcText
128 Friend, 1883-071883-07uum_rbcText
129 Friend, 1884-011884-01uum_rbcText
130 Friend, 1884-051884-05uum_rbcText
131 Friend, 1884-061884-06uum_rbcText
132 Friend, 1884-111884-11uum_rbcText
133 Friend, 1944-111944-11uum_rbcText
134 Friend, 1945-021945-02uum_rbcText
135 Friend, 1945-031945-03uum_rbcText
136 Friend, 1945-041945-04uum_rbcText
137 Friend, 1946-021946-02uum_rbcText
138 Friend, 1946-031946-03uum_rbcText
139 Anatomy of the absorbing vessels of the human body1790uum_rbcText
140 De motv animalivm, volume 11680uum_rbcText
141 De motv animalivm, volume 21680uum_rbcText
142 De sedibus, et causis morborum per anatomen indagatis libri quinque : dissectiones, et animadversiones, nunc primum editas, complectuntur propemodum innumeras, medicis, chirurgis, anatomicis profuturas.1761uum_rbcText
143 Dell'azione del cuore ne'vasi sanguigni : nuove osservazioni1768uum_rbcText
144 introduction to physic and surgery, containing I. Medicinal institutionts, or physiology, hygieine, patholoy, semeiotice, and therapeutice. II. A compedious system of anatomy. III. A general account of wounds, ulcers, tumors, operations, and dressings; as also, the medicines used in surgery. IV. Botany and the materia medica. V. Pharmacy, as well chemical as Galenical. VI. A dispensatory, containing a great variety of the most efficacious officinal compositions, and extemporaneous prescriptions. VII. A syllabus of the symptoms of all the diseases incident to the human body. VIII. An index of diseases and their remedies. IX. A posologic table, containing the doses of all the simples and compounds. X. An explanation of the terms of art, accented as they are to be pronounced1754uum_rbcText
145 Researches anatomical and practical concerning fever, as connected with inflammation1807uum_rbcText
146 System of operative surgery : founded on the basis of anatomy, Vol. 11812uum_rbcText
147 System of operative surgery, founded on the basis of anatomy, Vol. 21812uum_rbcText
148 Icones anatomicae quibus praecipuae aliquae partes corporis humani delineatae proponumtur & arteriarum potissimum historia continetur1756uum_rbcText
149 Marcelli Malpighi : Opera posthuma, figuris aeneis illustrata1697uum_rbcText
150 Anatome animalium, terrestrium variorum, volatilium, aquatilium, serpentum, insectorum, ovorumque, structuram naturalem: exveterum, recentiorum, propriisque observationibus proponens1681uum_rbcText
126 - 150 of 605