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126 Correspondence dated 4 May 1962 from Dr. Aziz Atiya to Dr. Iskander (Alexander) Badawy1962-05-04uum_asapText
127 Correspondence dated 5 May 1951 from Dr. Lukas E. Schlatter to Dr. Aziz Atiya1951-05-05uum_asapText
128 Correspondence dated 6 October 1952 to Aziz Atiya from Wendell Phillips1952-10-06uum_asapText
129 Correspondence dated 7 February 1961 from Paul E. Kahle to Aziz Atiya1961-02-07uum_asapText
130 Correspondence dated 9 April 1958 from George H. Forsyth to Aziz Atiya1958-04-09uum_asapText
131 Correspondence dated 9 January 1956 from Henry P. Van Dusen to Aziz Atiya1956-01-09uum_asapText
132 Correspondence dated April 1959 between Aziz Atiya and Norton Downs1959uum_asapText
133 Correspondence dated April and May 1964 between Aziz Atiya and George Makdisi1964-05-04; 1964-04-27uum_asapText
134 Correspondence dated December 1963 between Aziz Atiya and George Makdisi1963-12-13; 1963-12-20uum_asapText
135 Correspondence dated February and March 1968 between Dr. Aziz Atiya and J. Reuben Clark1968-02-21; 1968-03-04uum_asapText
136 Correspondence dated July-August 1960 between Aziz Atiya and Ilene H. Forsyth.1960-08-02; 1960-07-15uum_asapText
137 Correspondence dated June and July 1972 between Aziz Atiya and Wendell Phillips1972-07-04; 1972-06-28uum_asapText
138 Correspondence dated June and July 1976 from Myron Bement Smith to Aziz Atiya.1968-07-08; 1968-06-28uum_asapText
139 Correspondence dated Nov. 1952 pertaining to donations to the University of Alexandria1952-11-04; 1952-11-05uum_asapText
140 Correspondence during Aziz S. Atiya's time as Special Consultant to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.1950; 1951; 1952uum_asapText
141 Correspondence from 1951 to 1952, during Dr. Atiya's American visit, and with John L. La Monte in 19401940; 1949; 1951; 1952; 1953uum_asapText
142 Correspondence from April 1950 through July 1953 regarding his 1951 American and European trip, lectures, and acquaintances1950; 1951; 1952; 1953uum_asapText
143 Correspondence from Aziz Atiya to Brigham D. Madsen, undated1971uum_asapText
144 Correspondence from Aziz Atiya to George H. Forsyth, dated 2 August 19601960-08-02uum_asapText
145 Correspondence from D. Makled to L. H. Kirkpatrick.1965uum_asapText
146 Correspondence from February and July 1952 between Dr. Atiya and President Thompson1952-02-01; 1952-03-04uum_asapText
147 Correspondence from February through July 1955 between Dr. George G. Cameron and Dr. Aziz S. Atiya1955uum_asapText
148 Correspondence from March 1951 between Dr. Atiya and Datus C. Smith regarding potential publication of Atiya's volume on the Crusades1951-03-27; 1951-03-29uum_asapText
149 Correspondence from March 1951 between Dr. Atiya and Datus C. Smith regarding potential work on the Crusades1951-03-13; 1951-03-16; 1951-03-23uum_asapText
150 Correspondence from November 1952 through March 1953 between John A. Wilson and Dr. Atiya1952; 1953uum_asapText
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