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126 Letter dated 15 March to Mrs. Atiya from Nivea Painter (Mrs. Sidney Painter)1951-03-15uum_asapText
127 Letter dated 30 March 1951 to Dr. Atiya from J. R. Hildebrand1951-03-30uum_asapText
128 Announcement of a lecture by Aziz Atiya1950; 1950-03-19uum_asapText
129 Union Theological Seminary Alumni Bulletin dated January 19571957-01uum_asapText; Image/StillImage
130 Letter dated 2 October 1952 to Professor Fischel from Dr. Atiya1952-09-23; 1952-10-02uum_asapText
131 Letter dated 27 February 1951 to Dr. Atiya from Richard N. Frye at Harvard University1951-02-27uum_asapText
132 Letter from Aziz S. Atiya to Father Monseigneur Porphyrios III, undated1956uum_asapText
133 Letters from 1953 and 1960 between Aziz S. Atiya, Luther H. Evans, William F. Albright, and Sterling M. McMurrin,1953-07-18; 1960-09-27; 1960-09-28; 1960-10-19uum_asapText
134 Newspaper article about Wendell Phillip's planned expedition to Yemen1950uum_asapText
135 Correspondence regarding Mourad D. Guirguis' job application.1977-08; 1977-09uum_asapText
136 Correspondence between Aziz Atiya and T. Cuyler Young, dated May and June 19571957uum_asapText
137 Correspondence to Aziz Atiya regarding the acquisition of Persian books.1976-03-01uum_asapText
138 Institute for Advanced Study, School of Historical Studies, Members 1958-1959, Copy 21958uum_asapText
139 Correspondence dated 4 May 1962 from Dr. Aziz Atiya to Dr. Iskander (Alexander) Badawy1962-05-04uum_asapText
140 Union Theological Seminary, Correspondence of Azia Suryal Atiya, dated June 19561956uum_asapText
141 Correspondence between Aziz Atiya and Hashim Amir Ali, a summary of the Middle East Center, and employment references.1979uum_asapText
142 Correspondence letters from 1959-1960 involving Kurt Weitzmann, Aziz S. Atiya and Monseigneur Porphyrios III1959-07-08; 1959-07-20; 1960-04-29; 1960-06-13uum_asapText
143 Correspondence dated February and March 1968 between Dr. Aziz Atiya and J. Reuben Clark1968-02-21; 1968-03-04uum_asapText
144 Letters and telegrams dated August 1961 involving Paul W. Hodson, Aziz S. Atiya, William Mulder, George E. Caine, and Lily Uno1961-08-11; 1961-08-13; 1961-08-18; 1961-08-21; 1961-08-22; 1961-08-23; 1961-08-28uum_asapText
145 Correspondence regarding the purchase of books from the Muid Khan collection.1975; 1976uum_asapText
146 Letters from 1949 between Sadek B. Gohar, Wendell Phillips, and Luther H. Evans1949-03-25; 1949-06-21uum_asapText
147 Letter dated 18 July 1955 from the University of Michigan to Dr. Aziz S. Atiya, notifying him of his appointment as lecturer1955-07-18uum_asapText
148 Letter dated 8 September 1961 from Dr. William Mulder to Dr. Aziz S. Atiya1961-09-08uum_asapText
149 Letters dated April 1964 involving Aziz S. Atiya, Alfred H. Lane, and Atef El-Sayed1964-04-05; 1964-04-28uum_asapText
150 List of book titles1970uum_asapText
126 - 150 of 495