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126 Peay, Wayne J.Tracing technology in AAHSLFrom the beginning of the association, technology and AAHSL have been intertwined. Technology was the focus of one of the first committees. Innovative applications of technology have been employed in the operations of the association. Early applications of mini-computers were used in the preparation...Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries; AAHSL; Libraries, Health Sciences2002-09
127 Wright, KristinUsing reliable multicast for caching and collaboration within the world wide webThe World Wide Web has become an important medium for information dissemination. One model for synchronized information dissemination within the Web is webcasting in which data are simultaneously distributed to multiple destinations. The Web's traditional unicast client/server communication model su...caching; collaboration1999
128 Carter, John B.; Davis, Al; Kuramkote, Ravindra; Stoller, Leigh B.Avalanche: A communication and memory architecture for scalable parallel computingAs the gap between processor and memory speeds widens?? system designers will inevitably incorpo rate increasingly deep memory hierarchies to maintain the balance between processor and memory system performance At the same time?? most communication subsystems are permitted access only to main m...Avalanche; Communication architecture; Memory architecture1995
129 Haug, Peter J.Clinical Decision Support at Intermountain HealthcareBiomedical Informatics2007
130 Hibler, Michael J.The flask security architecture: system support for diverse security policiesOperating systems must be flexible in their support for security policies, i.e., the operating system must provide sufficient mechanisms for supporting the wide variety of real-world security policies. Systems claiming to provide this support have failed to do so in two ways: they either fail to pro...Flask; Security architecture1998
131 Hibler, Michael J.Interface and execution models in the fluke kernelWe have defined and implemented a new kernel API that makes every exported operation either fully interruptible and restartable, thereby appearing atomic to the user. To achieve interruptibility, all possible states in which a thread may become blocked for a "long" time are completely representable ...Fluke kernel; Interruptibility1998
132 Balasubramonian, RajeevLeveraging 3D technology for improved reliabilityAggressive technology scaling over the years has helped improve processor performance but has caused a reduction in processor reliability. Shrinking transistor sizes and lower supply voltages have increased the vulnerability of computer systems towards transient faults. An increase in within-die an...Reliability; Redundant multi-threading, 3D die-stacking; Parameter variation; Soft errors; Dynamic timing errors; Power-efficient microarchitecture; On-chip temperature2007-12
133 Balasubramonian, RajeevPower efficient approaches to redundant multithreadingNoise and radiation-induced soft errors (transient faults) in computer systems have increased significantly over the last few years and are expected to increase even more as we move toward smaller transistor sizes and lower supply voltages. Fault detection and recovery can be achieved through redund...Reliability; Power; Transient faults; Soft errors; Redundant multithreading (RMT); Heterogeneous chip multiprocessors dynamic frequency scaling2007-08
134 Balasubramonian, RajeevPower-efficient approaches to reliabilityRadiation-induced soft errors (transient faults) in computer systems have increased significantly over the last few years and are expected to increase even more as we move towards smaller transistor sizes and lower supply voltages. Fault detection and recovery can be achieved through redundancy. St...Radiation-induced; Soft errors; Transient faults; Redundant thread; Trailing thread; Power consumption2005
135 Evans, JohnA distributed object-oriented graphical programming systemThis report presents the design of a distributed parallel object system (DPOS) and its implementation using a graphical editing interface. DPOS brings together concepts of object-oriented programming and graphical programming with aspects of modern functional languages. Programs are defined as netwo...Distributed parallel object system; DPOS1990
136 Gardner, Reed M.Patient Monitoring SystemsBiomedical Informatics2012
137 Lindstrom, Gary E.Abstract semantics for functional constraint programmingA denotational semantics is given for a lazy functional language with monotonic side-effects arising from the unification of singly-bound logical variables. The semantics is based on a Scott-style information system, which elegantly captures the notion of "constraint additin" inherent in unificati...Abstract semantics1989
138 Regehr, JohnAugmented CPU reservations: towards predictable execution on general-purpose operating systemsOne problem with performing soft real-time computations on general-purpose operating systems is that these OSs may spend significant amounts of time in the kernel instead of performing work on behalf of the application that is nominally scheduled: the OS effectively steals time from the running appl...2001-01-01
139 Clayton, Paul D.Building a Comprehensive Clinical Information System from Components: The Approach at Intermountain Health CareBiomedical Informatics2003
140 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshCase studies in symbolic model checkingThe need to formally verify hardware and software systems before they are deployed the real world has been recognized for several decades now. This is especially true of concurrent systems that are even more difficult to debug than sequential systems. For example, many of the protocols that get emp...Symbolic model checking; Hardware verification; Software verification1994
141 Freire, JulianaCombining scheduling strategies in tabled evaluationsTabled evaluations ensure termination for Datalog programs by distinguishing calls to tabled subgoals. Given several variant subgoals in an evaluation, only the first (the generator) will use program clause resolution, the rest (consumers) must perform answer resolution using answers computed by th...SLG; SLG-WAM; Tabling; Local scheduling; Batched scheduling1997
142 Hamasu, ClaireCommunity-based organizations' perspective on health information outreach: a panel discussionA panel was convened to elicit guidance for librarians in initiating and implementing community-based health information outreach. Participants included a panel of individuals from communities or community organizations who represented the types of groups with which librarians or information special...National Library of Medicine (U.S.); NN/LM; RML; National Network of Libraries of Medicine; Regional Medical Libraries; Consumer Health Information; Outreach; Community-based Organziations2005-05
143 Pryor, T. AllanComputer System for Research and Clinical Application to MedicineBiomedical Informatics1968
144 Gardner, Reed M.Computer-Critiqued Blood Ordering Using the HELP SystemBiomedical Informatics1990
145 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Decision-Making in the Pulmonary Function LaboratoryBiomedical Informatics1982
146 Gardner, Reed M.Computers in the Intensive Care Unit: The Clinical ChallengeBiomedical Informatics1992
147 Landesman, Margaret M.Consortia vs reform: creating congruenceThe inability of research libraries to offer the collections their users desire has become more pronounced each year. In response, libraries have moved in two directions: the rapidly growing consortial movement and the movement to advocate and support reforms in scholarly communication. However, if ...2000
148 Gardner, Reed M.Digital Electronic Communications Between ICU Ventilators and Computers and PrintersBiomedical Informatics1992
149 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshDynamic reordering of high latency transactions in time-warp simulation using a modified micropipelineTime warp based simulation of discrete-event systems is an efficient way to overcome the synchronization overhead during distributed simulation. As computations may proceed beyond synchronization barriers in time warp, multiple checkpoints of state need to be maintained to be able to rollback inva...Asynchronous design; Micropipelines; Dynamic instruction reordering; Time warp simulations1992
150 Balasubramonian, RajeevDynamically tuning processor resources with adaptive processingUsing adaptive processing to dynamically tune major microprocessor resources, developers can achieve greater energy efficiency with reasonable hardware and software overhead while avoiding undue performance loss.Adaptive processing; Energy efficiency; DRI-cache2003-12
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