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126 Picosecond optical generation and detection of phonon waves in a-As2Te3Using the pump and probe technique we have observed oscillations of photoinduced transmission in thin films of a-As2Te3. The oscillations have periods of 70-240 ps, depending on sample thickness. We ascribe these to phonon propagation in the films. Thermal expansion and carrier deformation potenti...Picosecond optical generation; a-As2Te3; Pump and probe technique1984
127 Initiation of E. coli proteins.Recent experiments and theoretical arguments suggest that formylmethionyl sRNA is employed as an initiator of protein synthesis. Studies also indicated that other phage proteins synthesized in the in vitro system were initiated with formylmethionine. These observations provided a basis for believin...Alanine; Chromatography, Paper; Dipeptides1966-06
128 Explicit-enumeration based verification made memory-efficientWe investigate techniques for reducing the memory requirements of a model checking tool employing explicit enumeration. Two techniques are studied in depth: (1) exploiting symmetries in the model, and (2) exploiting sequential regions in the model. The first technique resulted in a significant reduc...Verification; Model checking tool; Memory-efficient1995
129 Role of light-emitting diodes for photodynamic therapy of brain tumorsThe development of more effective light sources for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) of brain tumors would be of benefit for both research and clinical application. In this study, the use of light-emitting diode arrays for PDT of brain tumors with Photofrin® porfimer sodium was investigated. An inflatabl...Aluminum Gallium Arsenide; Photodynamic therapy; Brain tumors; Photofrin1996
130 Patterns of genetic variation in native AmericaAllele frequencies from seven polymorphic red cell antigen loci (ABO, Rh, MN, S, P, Duffy, and Diego) were examined in 144 Native American populations. Mean genetic distances (Nei's D) and the fixation index FST are approximately equal for the North and South American samples but are reduced in the...Gene frequencies; Amerinds; Genetic Distance1992
131 Penn Central Transportation Company v. New York City: easy taking-clause cases make uncertain Law.In Penn Central Transportation Company v. New York City, the Supreme Court held that New York City's Landmarks Preservation Law as applied to Grand Central Terminal was not a "taking" of property for which compensation is constitutionally required. The decision has been hailed as a major victory for...Law; Compensation; Property Rights; Landmarks Preservation Law; Supreme Court Rulings2006-06-16
132 Cerebral vasculopathies masquerading as eclampsia.Obstetricians know that preeclampsia-eclampsia is a syndrome and is a final common pathway for multiple causes. It is also possible that other conditions, not always directly related to pregnancy, can mimic preeclampsia-eclampsia. One such entity is cerebral vasculopathy, an entity characterized b...Cerebrovascular Disorders; Eclampsia; Puerperal Disorders2006-02
133 Having children: philosophical and legal reflections on parenthood (Book Review)A review of the book "Having Children: Philosophical and Legal Reflections on Parenthood".Books, reviews; Parenthood; Philosophy; Law1981-07
134 Infrared absorption and Raman scattering on coupled plasmon-phonon modes in superlatticesWe consider theoretically a superlattice formed by thin conducting layers separated spatially between insulating layers. The dispersion of two coupled phonon-plasmon modes of the system is analyzed by using Maxwell's equations, with the influence of retardation included. Both transmission for the fi...Infrared absorption; Raman scattering2006-04
135 Cell phone effect on motor vehicle fatality rates: a Bayesian and classical econometric evaluationThis paper examines the potential effect of cell phones on motor vehicle fatality rates normalized for other driving related and socioeconomic factors. The model used is nonlinear so as to address both life-taking and life-saving attributes of cell phones. The model is evaluated using classical meth...2010
136 Querying the webExpose attendees to key concepts and technologies for finding, querying and integrating information on the Web Identify technical challenges in designing systems that support Web queries Survey recent literature, and discuss interesting research directions.Webbase; Web navigation2000
137 Two-photon absorption spectra of luminescent conducting polymers measured over a wide spectral rangeWe report the two-photon absorption (TPA) spectra of poly(2,5-dibutoxy-p-phenylene acetylene) (PPADBO), poly(2,5-dioctyloxy-p-phenylene vinylene) (PPV-DOO), and poly(3-hexylthiophene) (PAT6) in the spectral range extending from 576 nm to 846 nm. Using the Z-scan technique on the polymers in solutio...Two-photon absorption; Two-photon saturation; Luminescent polymers; Dispersion; Polymer solution; PPA-DBO1997
138 Growth and change Florida style: 1970 to 2000In response to development patterns leading to what may be termed "urban sprawl," several local, regional, and state governments in the United States have embarked on growth management or urban containment strategies. These strategies typically aim to synchronize key public facilities with urban dev...2007-01-01
139 So many meetings so little time: using IP videoconferencing to revitalize statewide committeesInternet technologies continue to transform the library profession and redefine how we communicate with professional colleagues and peers. IP (Internet Protocol) videoconferencing provides increased opportunities for librarians to engage in virtual teamwork and e-collaborations. The use of video con...Internet technologies; Library profession; Technology in libraries; Information literacy; Library services; Distance education2005-11-23
140 Growth and characterization of TaN/TiN superlattice structuresEpitaxial B1 NaCl-structured TaN(3 nm)/TiN(2 nm) superlattice structures were grown on Si(100) substrates with a TiN buffer layer, using pulsed-laser deposition. A special target assembly was used to manipulate the thickness of each layer. X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and ...Diffusion barriers; Copper diffusion; Tantalum nitride2003
141 Group selection by selective emigration: the effects of migration and kin structureGroup selection may operate through selective emigration, as Sewall Wright envisioned, as well as through selective extinction. The discrete-generation model of selective emigration developed here yields the following conclusions. 1. The fitness benefit of altruism, "depends on the frequency of altr...Natural selection; Selective extinction; Evolution1990-03
142 Pressure-induced hard-to-soft transition of a single carbon nanotubeWe demonstrate a hydrostatic pressure-induced hard-to-soft transition of an isolated single wall carbon nanotube, using classical and ab initio constant-pressure molecular-dynamics simulations and continuum elastic theory analysis. At low pressure, the carbon tube is hard. Above a critical pressur...Carbon nanotubes; Hard-to-soft transition2004-10
143 Institutions, location, and network of multinational enterprises in China: a case study of HangzhouBased on extensive interviews with local government officials and a survey of forty-four foreign-invested enterprises, this paper examines the role of local formal institutions and their constituent components in intra-urban location decisions of multinational enterprises (MNEs) and in network pro...Institutions; Multinational enterprises; Foreign investment; Hangzhou, China2008-01
144 Bridging the XML-relational divide with LegoDB: a demonstrationWe present LegoDB, a cost-based XML storage mapping engine that automatically explores a space of possible XML-to-relational mappings and selects an efficient mapping for a given application.LegoDB; Storage mappings2003
145 Improving communication between man and computers: some recent developments1967-10-11
146 Complexity of computing topological degree of Lipschitz functions in n dimensionsWe find lower and upper bounds on the complexity, comp(deg), of computing t h e topological degree of functions defined on the n-dimensional unit cube Cn, f : ?Cn Rn,n ? 2, which satisfy a Lipschitz condition with constant K and whose infinity norm at each point on t h e boundary of Cn is at least d...Lipschitz functions1986
147 Efficient verification of hazard-freedom in gate-level timed asynchronous circuitsAbstract-This paper presents an efficient method for verifying hazard-freedom in gate-level timed asynchronous circuits. Timed circuits are a class of asynchronous circuits that are optimized using explicit timing information. In asynchronous circuits, correct operation requires that there are no ha...2007
148 Scanning capacitance microscopy on a 25 nm scaleA near-field capacitance microscope has been demonstrated on a 25 nm scale. A resonant circuit provides the means for sensing the capacitance variations between a sub-lGO-nra tip and surface with a sensitivity of 1X 10 19 F in a I kHz bandwidth. Feedback control is used to scan the tip at constant g...Scanning capacitance microscopy1989
149 Building databases for the computer-based memorization systemThe Computer-Based Memorization System (CBMS) consists of eight games used by students to memorize groups of related facts that are stored in an associative network. The instructional design is built into the games. Designing and implementing associative networks for the CBMS is very different from...Computer-Based Memorization System; CBMS1988
150 Eccentric exercise versus usual-care with older cancer survivors: the impact on muscle and mobility- an exploratory pilot studyBackground: Resistance exercise programs with high compliance are needed to counter impaired muscle and mobility in older cancer survivors. To date outcomes have focused on older prostate cancer survivors, though more heterogeneous groups of older survivors are in-need. The purpose of this explorat...2011
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