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126 Davis, Ryan"A torrent of words": colonial printers and the public, 1765-1775Although printers had long been important in colonial society and politics, it was not until 1765 that they fully realized their potential in shaping colonial attitudes and behavior. With Parliament's institution of the Stamp Act, an outraged public insisted that newspaper publishers assume a more a...Printing - Social aspects - United States - History - 18th century2012-05
127 Jochim, JordanForging a truce, forcing an encounter: James Baldwin and the paradox of injuryIn States of Injury, Wendy Brown argues that emancipatory projects premised upon the "injured identity" of oppressed groups work inadvertently to solidify hierarchical social structures and generates forms of resentment that are ultimately self-defeating. As such, she urges the abandonment of injure...Baldwin, James, 1924-1987 - Criticism and interpretation; Political science - Philosophy; Power (Social science)2014-05
128 Kenney, DevinMonumental failure: the navajo tribe and radiotoxic wastesThe extraction of uranium has a troubled history in the Navajo Nation, a history born of lack of representation, lack of interest, and ultimately, lack of regard for human life. The United States government failed to carry out their obligation to protect the health and economic well-being of the Nav...Navajo Tribe - Government relations; Uranium mines and mining - Environmental aspects - United States; Uranium mines and mining - Waste disposal - Navajo Indian Reservation2012-05
129 Jarvis, ThomasWelfare in the United States: its current State and future directionsPublic policy experts have proposed numerous combinations of liberal and conservative welfare policies in an attempt to capture the positive aspects of each and create a more efficient and equitable approach to welfare. In these times of economic turbulence it is paramount to understand where welfar...Political Science2012-05
130 Neofitos, EvangelosSolid timber: emerging construction methods and materialsToday, more than ever, the construction industry, the architecture industry, and our environment is in dire need of renewable materials. Out of the multitude of standardized materials within the building industry, wood is the most sustainable. This research focuses on the evaluation of cross-laminat...Building, Wooden - Design and construction; Laminated wood construction2014-05
131 Jackson, RachelBreastfeeding and the media: race representations in formula advertisements targeting new parentsResearch has shown that mediated advertisements can play a role in a woman's decision about whether or not to breastfeed her baby. Percentages of breastfeeding among African American women have been shown in national data to be significantly lower than other races in the United States. There have be...Communication2014
132 Green, PhilipUS venture capital and the effects of diversificationThis paper is a discussion of the effects of diversification in venture capital (VC) portfolios. The venture capital structure is formed by three components: the firm, a fund (or funds), and portfolio companies within each fund. One single firm can have simultaneous active funds, which typically las...Diversification in industry; Venture Capitalism2012-05
133 Goodman, AngelaThe influence of interpersonal relationships and mindfulness on sleep qualityThe distress of not getting restful, restorative sleep can have damaging effects on interpersonal relationships, and stressful relationships can, in turn, disturb sleep. The associations between sleep and interpersonal functioning are not well understood. In addition, the literature on individual di...Sleep - Psychological aspects; Sleep - Social aspects; Interpersonal relations; Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy2014-05
134 Kim, Bum JunDoes ceramide contribute to vascular dysfunction in mice with type 1 diabetes?Approximately 2 million individuals have type 1 diabetes (T1D) in the United States. Cardiovascular disease is 2-4-fold more prevalent in these patients but the mechanism(s) is unclear. Recently, we showed that the sphingolipid ceramide contributes to arterial dysfunction and hypertension in mice wi...Ceramide - Research; Type 1 Diabetes; Mice as laboratory animals2012-05
135 Hoffman, Haley; Coleman, James; Turrill, Jonna; Medeiros-Ward, Nate; Strayer, DavidThe effect of technology use on distraction and safety in high school student pedestriansThe use of handheld technology in this country has grown at an exponential rate, and as a consequence younger generations are using these devices, often without the necessary precautions. Past research has shown that technology use presents an obvious distraction to drivers and pedestrians and poses...Technology - Safety measures; Adolescent behavior2012-05
136 Bacon, Brandon ToddHealthcare culture and the innovation climate of the Salt Lake ValleyHealthcare innovation has become an important issue over the past ten years in the health industry. However, consistently fostering the development and integration of new ideas and technologies into healthcare often runs counter to long held organizational norms and values. Many healthcare systems b...Medical care - Utah - Salt Lake Valley; Organization change - Utah - Salt Lake City2013-05
137 Hill, AlexGlobalization and the new leadership approach: an in-depth analysis of globalization's affect on corrorations and the leadership styles employed from withinWith our world now fully engulfed in the 21st century, we find ourselves living, working, and communicating on a more globalized scale than ever before. This massive movement toward globalization has transcended beyond just our daily activities; it has proven to have major implications on our world ...Globalization - 21st century; Globalization - Economic aspects; Globalization - Political aspects - Congresses; Globalization - Social aspects; Corporations - growth; Small businesses2013-04
138 Abraham, Jacob Isaac KalunakaaheleOptimization of hydraylic fracturing of tight gas formations in horizontal wellsThe discoveries of significant resources of oil and gas in the Barnett, Bakken, Marcellus, and other shale formations have presented an opportunity for national petroleum independence and possible export in the relatively near future. These formations are considered to be "unconventional" resources ...Hydraulic fracturing2013-04
139 Judd, David PaulTelomere proteins of Drosophila melanogaster: HipHop and MSK81DNA molecules encoding two proteins, HipHop and MSK81, were cloned into bacteria so as to make large amounts of these proteins that bind to telomeres of Drosophila (fruit fly) chromosomes. The goal was to determine whether known DNA binding motifs are present in HipHop and MSK81. Understanding how t...Biology2012-05
140 Chure, Griffin DanielFLHE influences cellular morphology through control of flagellar assembly in escherichia coliThe bacterial flagellar motor is a complex nanomachine composed of thousands of individual protein subunits. One of these proteins, FlhE, has not been studied in depth and its function is not completely understood. The flhE gene is cotranscribed with flhB and flhA in the flhBAE flagellar operon. In ...Escherichia coli; Flagella (Microbiology)2013-05
141 Gonzalez, Juan CarlosAn analysis of Utah's Chicano civil rights movement through S.O.C.I.O. and its involvement in affirmative action programs, 1964-1984Utah's Chicano Civil Rights Movement developed under unique circumstances in comparison to the greater Chicano Civil Rights Movement in the Southwestern States. While Chicanos outside of Utah chose to march, boycott and have sit-ins, those in Utah worked alongside government officials in order to ac...SOCIO; Hispanic Americans - Civil rights - Utah; Chicano movement - Utah - History; Affirmative action programs - Utah2013-05
142 Nicolo, TeraCharacterization of mitochondria-modified electrodesIn order to develop an herbicide sensor, yeast, potato, and bovine heart mitochondria were isolated and immobilized onto Toray paper electrodes. Cyclic voltammetry showed two redox peaks at 186 ± 14 mV vs. SCE and -357 ± 24 mV vs. SCE with an E1/2 of -128 mV. Scan rate studies suggested the proces...Electrodes; Herbicides - Detection2013-05
143 Burga, Carlos AlbertoBinary superlattices of semiconductor nanocrystals : a path towards possible high-temperature superconductivityThis thesis provides a platform to experimentally test Dr. Daniel Mattis' theoretical work on the possible superconductive behavior of nanostructured intrinsic semiconductors1-2. The theoretical work hinged on the nano-scale architecture of semiconductors. Therefore, using various types of semicondu...Semiconductor nanocrystals; Superconductivity; Superlattices as materials2013-05
144 Mclntire, Jake AlexTransformed into omnipresenceDuring my time at the University of Utah I have developed a body of work revolving around the dichotomy and coexistence of absence and presence. My fundamental inspiration spurs from the death of my Mother and a lost connection to religion. I understand absence and presence as reciprocal fluid state...Art/Art History2013-05
145 Long, DanielleDiabetes risk, physical activity, and the physical environmentThe current exploratory study investigated the relationships among subjective and objective physical environment ratings, physical activity, and diabetes status. The basic question was whether diabetics were less physically active than non-diabetics and if this lack of physical activity was due to d...Psychology2014-05
146 Matyi, Joshua MatthewIntelligence and neural activation : a test of the relationship between the neural efficiency hypothesis and repetition suppressionThe Neural Efficiency Hypothesis (NEH) states that individuals with higher measured intelligence exhibit less neural activation on relatively simple tasks compared to those with lower intelligence (Haier et al., 1988). Furthermore, this phenomenon may interact with repetition suppression, or the red...Intelligence levels - Physiological aspects; Neural networks (Neurobiology)2014-05
147 Harrell, HayleeTo whom it may concern: a one actWhat am I? My child you are caramel. You are white sugar, you are brown sugar, you are milk and butter and vanilla all heated into one. Sweet on the lips but strong and sticky-you are a treat, you are a gift, my child you are a decadence. But they call me mulatto…Mama don't like that word, best no...American drama - 21st century2014-05
148 Stannius, Austin GunterAmerica's Jihad: The constructivist prescriptions for military strategy within the Islamic worldSince 2001, the United States of America has lead a frustrating and often complex Global War on Terror. Efforts have shown small effect in nation building and difficulty in obtaining longitudinal results from counter insurgency efforts. Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, conduct...Operation Iraqi Freedom - United States; Operation Enduring Freedom - United States; Iraq war, 2003-2011- Afghanistan2014-05
149 Meadows, NatalieCommunication is key: A critical analysis of Spanish language policies and ideologies in healthcare settings in the United StatesEffective communication is a vital component in providing quality healthcare. Communication between patients and their healthcare providers has been shown to have substantial effects on health outcomes. According to the 2012 U.S Census 5% of the U.S population who identifies as Hispanic or Latino re...Language policy - United States; Hispanic Americans - Medical care2014-08
150 Edson, ShaunaWriting center programming inside outWriting Center programs serving refugee, sexual minority and other underserved populations are expanding but there is little evidence to support their effectiveness. The purpose of this research is to examine the effectiveness of writing center programs and determine the populations utilizing writin...Writing centers - United States - Research - Methodology2014-08
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