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126 Wan, XiaowenOptimization of Diffractive Optics and Reverse Absorbance Modulation Optical Lithography2017
127 Wells, Andrew RobertPagans and Puritans: Protestant Classical Translation in Renaissance EnglandClassical translations by devout English Protestants represent a valuable nexus for interpreting the effects of humanism and the Reformation in England. The Protestant reformers forced Europeans to reimagine their connection to the pagan past. Protestant translators with humanist training felt press...English literature; Religious history; Classical studies2017
128 Zhang, YaqiongFunctionalized Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Chemiresistive Sensors for Vapor Detection of Explosives and DrugsExplosives and drugs cause problems in society when used inappropriately. It is highly desired to detect these chemicals in a quick and reliable way with low cost. Vapor detection of explosives and drugs has been proven to be one of the most effective, practical, and noninvasive methods. Among all t...Nanotechnology; Electrical engineering; Chemistry2017
129 Dotson, Richard AllenThe breeding biology and ethology of the green-tailed towheeThe ecology study pertained to the breeding biology and behavior of the Green-tailed Towhee (Chlorura chlorura). The species is a summer resident of the mountain shrub belt of the foothills and mountains of the western states. It winters in southern portions of California, Arizona, Texas, as well as...1971
130 Thapa, BijayaAdvancement in Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Imaging and SpectroscopyThis dissertation comprises two separate studies: 1) efficacy of an anabolic steroid, oxandrolone, on the energy utilization of the heart of a lamb born with single ventricle (SV) physiology using 31P MR spectroscopy (MRS) and 2) signal behavior of ultra-high-b radial diffusion weighted imaging (UHb...Medical imaging; Physics; Physiology2017
131 Soisson, Sean PatrickLong-term, Adverse Cardiovascular, Genitourinary, and Gastrointestinal Outcomes Among Endometrial Cancer Survivors in a Population-based Cohort StudyEndometrial cancer is the second most common cancer among female cancer survivors in the United States. A variety of long-term, adverse health effects have been observed among endometrial cancer survivors but the relationship between endometrial cancer diagnosis and treatment and these outcomes amon...Public health2017
132 Stevens, Ashley LynnMaternal Gesture Use in Toddlers with Language Delay: Relationship to Language Development and Autism Spectrum Disorder RiskPrior to the onset of spoken words, infants acquire gestures through early social interactions with their parents. Research on typically developing children has demonstrated an important relationship between maternal gesture use and child gesture and language development. Specifically, the variety a...Communication; Developmental psychology2017
133 Rith, Kendrick AllenDirect and Indirect Minority Stress Experiences of Parents with Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual ChildrenThe present study investigated how parental experiences of direct and indirect minority stress are linked to mental health outcomes of the parent and LGB child, parenting styles, and other parental behaviors. A total of 223 parents with at least one LGB child participated in the study. Results showe...Sexuality; Social psychology2017
134 Pedersen, Katherine ElizabethDolly Does Saigon: Diplomacy and the Sexual Politics of Show Business in the Vietnam WarThis project investigates the representation of American actresses Mary Martin and Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War and why they are inversely committed to American cultural memory. Mary Martin's involvement as a Broadway performer in an active war zone reinforced her legacy as America's sweetheart...American history; Asian Studies; Gender studies2017
135 Osunbayo, Olaolu AbiolaMicrotubule Geometry and Thermal Modulation of Molecular Motors Tug-Of-WarThe majority of studies of intracellular transport have focused on cargos that move well over some distance. However, a significant percentage of intracellular cargos at any given time remain in a stalled or locally diffusive state. The goal of my graduate work was to study the processes that lead t...Biophysics; Physiology2017
136 Oldroyd, John DavidBiostratigraphy of the Cambrian Glossopleura zone : west-central Utah.In two measured sections in the House Range and Drum Mountains, the Chisholm and Dome Formations have a combined thickness of approxmately 600 feet and represent Middle Cambrian deposition in shallow shelf-lagoon and near-sea-level shoal environments. The chisholm formation consists of shale and thi...1973
137 Olsen, Richard HubbellGeology of the Promontory Range, Box Elder County, UtahThe Promontory Range, Box Elder County, Utah,, is the first mountain range west of the north-central Wasatch Mountains. An almost complete stratigraphic record from early Late Precambrian to Early Permian is present. No Mesozoic or Tertiary strata have been noted, but the Late Pleistocene is very we...Geology -- Utah -- Box Elder County; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing project1960
138 Brox, George StanleyThe geology and erosional development Northern Bryce Canyon National ParkBryce Canyon National Park lies on the eastern rim of the Paunsaugunt Plateau in southern Utah. The major portion of the park lies within Garfield County while the southern Portion extends into northern Kane COU11.t.Yo The northern portion encompasses the adjoining portions of Townships 36 and 37 So...Geology; Utah; Bryce Canyon National Park Erosion; Utah; Bryce Canyon National Park1961
139 Nandikar, Sameer SanjayComputational Characterization of Vascular MechanicsVascular mechanics plays a key role in both health and disease. Therefore, the mechanical properties of vessels have been under study for over a century. This thesis reports research with two computational models designed to better understand vessel mechanics in complex loading scenarios. Numerous ...Biomechanics; Mechanics; Mechanical engineering2017
140 Nelson, Nora ClaireQuantifying Groundwater Discharge from the Valley-Fill Aquifer in Moab-Spanish Valley near Moab, UtahMoab City and Grand County rely on groundwater for public water supply. Recent development and an increase in water right applications prompted area water managers to call for an updated evaluation of local groundwater resources. The purpose of this study is to (1) prepare a conceptual groundwater f...Hydrologic sciences; Geology2017
141 Moodie, Nathan DavidEffects of Relative Permeability and Capillary Pressure on Numerical Simulations of Multiphase Flow in Geologic Carbon Storage FormationsA critical aspect in the risk assessment of geologic carbon storage, a carbon-emissions reduction method under extensive review and testing, is effective multiphase CO2 flow and transport simulation. Relative permeability and capillary pressure are flow parameters particularly critical for accurate ...Water resources management; Environmental engineering2017
142 Mohammadabadi, Sayed Mehdi SajjadiImproving Accuracy of Learning Models Using Disjunctive Normal Form and Semisupervised LearningThe goal of machine learning is to develop efficient algorithms that use training data to create models that generalize well to unseen data. Learning algorithms can use labeled data, unlabeled data or both. Supervised learning algorithms learn a model using labeled data only. Unsupervised learning m...Electrical engineering2017
143 McKenna, Sean PatrickThe Design Activity Framework: Investigating the Data Visualization Design ProcessThis dissertation establishes a new visualization design process model devised to guide visualization designers in building more effective and useful visualization systems and tools. The novelty of this framework includes its flexibility for iteration, actionability for guiding visualization designe...Computer science; Design2017
144 Mathias, Elizabeth BarclaySpatial Salvage: The Materiality of Region in Literature of the American WestAt the end of the nineteenth century, many literary narratives of the American West repeated historical assumptions and genre tropes while material objects from the West indexed commodity flows and a national fetish for ethnography. Writers like John Wesley Powell, Elizabeth Bacon Custer, Owen Wiste...American history; Literature; American literature2017
145 Lance, Dwight DouglasDevelopment of a Biomimetic Double Network Hydrogel with a Dual Mechanism for Increased Toughness and Sustained Tobramycin Elution Inspired by the Underwater Caddisfly SilkPhosphate-metal complex formation is a naturally occurring toughening mechanism in underwater materials and has been incorporated into the synthetic hydrogel material discussed in this dissertation. Polyphosphate hydrogels were loaded with Ca2+ which crosslinks OPO3 groups in the hydrogel which incr...Bioengineering2017
146 Lemieux, Matthew DavidValue-Added Products From Waste Biomass via Thermal and Catalytic ProcessingLignocellulosic biomass can be upgraded via pyrolysis, yielding biochar as a value-added product, in addition to condensable liquid fractions known as pyrolysis oils; however, the utilization of these pyrolysis oils is hampered by high water content, instability, and corrosiveness. Oily biomass can ...Chemical engineering; Agronomy; Energy2017
147 Roderick-Landward, Amber MarieWhat Makes Feedback Actionable? An Exploratory Case Study of the Influence Principals Have on TeachersUsing an embedded, single-case study design, the current study examined factors that make a teacher more likely to act upon feedback given about instruction. Specifically, the study explored the nature of the feedback process used to provide teachers with feedback about instruction, a principal's ab...Educational leadership; Educational administration2017
148 Leonard, ChristopherChromosomal Inversions Facilitate the Accumulation of Divergence and Hybrid Incompatibilities Between SpeciesThe chromosomal inversions of D. persimilis and D. pseudoobscura have deeply influenced our understanding of the evolutionary forces that shape natural variation, speciation, and selfish chromosome dynamics. Here, we perform a comprehensive reconstruction of the evolutionary histories of the chromos...Genetics; Evolution & development2017
149 Khaledi, MojganDistributed Sensing and Computing in Wireless NetworksWe are seeing an extensive proliferation of wireless devices including various types and forms of sensor nodes that are increasingly becoming ingrained in our daily lives. There has been a significant growth in wireless devices capabilities as well. This proliferation and rapid growth of wireless de...Computer science2017
150 Ranade-Kharkar, PallaviUnderstanding Information Needs and Designing Tools for Care Coordination of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (Cyshcn)Inadequate care coordination has been identified as a significant problem in patient care, resulting in diminished satisfaction, increased cost, and reduced quality of care. Comprising an estimated 15.6% (approximately 11 million) of the pediatric population, children and youth with special health c...Bioinformatics; Public health; Disability studies2017
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