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126 Li, JunBinding, uptake, and release of L-glutamate and related compounds in the brain : comparisons between DBA and C57 mice.Etiology; Pathophysiology1997-12dissertation
127 Yoo, SangheeBiochemical and structural characterization of the human immunodeficiency virus type1 capsid protein and its interaction with human cyclophilin AHost-Virus Relatonships1997-12dissertation
128 Wang, BinBiochemical and structural studies of HIV-1 MA membrane interaction and ubiquitin recognitionBiochemical; Proteins2003-05dissertation
129 Sdano, Matthew A.Biochemical and Structural Studies of the Transcription Elongation Factor SPT6 and Its Biding Partners2016-08dissertation
130 Constantine, Ryan NicholasBiochemical and Structural Studies of UNC119 and PrBP/δ: Two-Lipid Binding Proteins Necessary for Protein Transport in Photoreceptor CellsPhotoreceptor Cells; Retina; Protein Prenylation; Acylation; Transducin; Rhodospin; Protein Binding; Carrier Proteins2012-08dissertation
131 Martin, Robert PackardBiochemical conversion of progesterone to orchic androgensPhysiology; Biosynthesis1956-06thesis
132 Shyam, RajalekshmyBiochemical Mechanisms of Macular Carotenoid Synthesis and UptakeOphthalmology2017dissertation
133 Langelier, Charles R.Biochemical studies of retroviral replication and TRIM5α restrictionMolecular biology; Biochemistry; Virology2010dissertation
134 Ajioka, Richard ScottThe Biochemistry and physiology of the endocytic apparatusCell Membrane; Endocytosis; Endosomes1987-06dissertation
135 Abo, Ryan PBioinformatic tools for genetic epidemiology: application to candidate gene analysis in breast cancerBioinformatics; Gene-gene interactions; Genetic epidemiology; Haplotypes2010dissertation
136 Coello, Mary Nell Miller.The biological role of calcium in adult and neonatal neutrophil chemotaxis.Immunology; Leukocyte1984-06thesis
137 Sesin, David FrancisBiologically active compounds from Pacific tunicatesMicrobiology1986-12dissertation
138 Thibault, Julien Charles VictorBiomolecular Simulation Data Management in Heterogeneous Environments2014-12dissertation
139 Heaton, Daren NathanialBiophysical characterization of Cox17, the metallochaperone to the mitochondriaPhysiology; Cytochrome; Micochondria2001-05dissertation
140 Morris, Allan J.Biosynthesis of pancreatic ribonucleaseBiosynthesis; Orcinol; Analysis1959-08thesis
141 Duncan, Jeffrey DeanBirth of Identity: Understanding the Value and Policy Considerations of Using Birth Certificates for Identity Resolution2015-12dissertation
142 Rowe, Leslie RaeBRAF gene mutational analysis of the thyroid and correlation with clinicopathologic findingsPolymerase Chain Reasction; DNA Sequencing Analysis; Cancer; Thyroid Carcinoma2005-08thesis
143 Nielson, Jared AllenBrain Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lateralization and diagnotic Classification in Autism2013-12dissertation
144 Eyob, HenokBreast Cancer Metastasis and the Immune Response MSP/RON Signalling Supresses T Cell Activity and Enables Metastasis2013-08dissertation
145 Anderson, James RussellBuilding and Exploring the Retinal Connectome2011-05dissertation
146 Mitchell, Sheri MarieCandidate Locus Analysis for PHACE Syndrome2015-12thesis
147 Buckley, BeckyCap-binding protein complex from uninfected and poliovirus- infected HeLa cellsHela Cells; Polioviruses; Protein Synthesis Inhibitors; RNA Caps1987-12dissertation
148 Hansen, Joanna Lynne.Cap-binding protein in poliovirus-infected HeLa cells.HeLa Cells; Proteins1982-08dissertation
149 Rosevear, John W.The carbohydrate component of a human gamma globulinBiochemistry1958-03thesis
150 Newton, Kathryn TurnerCase study approach to health science: design and implementation of an online courseOnline Courses; Implementation; Technology2001-08thesis
126 - 150 of 1,318