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126 Glad, Blaine WilliamQuantum yield and inhibition studies of the dye-sensitized photodynamic inactivation of trypsinPhotoinactivation; Sodium Chloride1964-06thesis
127 Wahlen, Jack D.Radioimmunoassay of aldosterone.Biochemistry; Corticosteroid1972-06thesis
128 Price, Neil HamonReactions of carbon fourteen-benzyl-penicillin and carbon fourteen-benzyl-penicilloic acid with human red blood cell ghostsDisulfide; Fibroblasts1978-12thesis
129 Deveraux, Quinn L.Recognition of ubiquitin-conjugates by the 26S proteaseProteolytic Enzymes; Molecular Cloning1995-12dissertation
130 Weinstock, Matthew TReflecting on life: adventures in mirror-image biologyDrug Discovery; Ebola; HIV; Mirror-Image; Peptide; Synthetic Biology2014dissertation
131 Jaishy, Bharat PrasadRegulation of cardiac autophagy in response to lipid overloadAutophagy; Heart; High-fat feeding; NADPH oxidase; Obesity; Oxidative stress2013-08dissertation
132 Taylor, Joseph CharlesRelationship of fibrinolytic activity to the growth of baby hamster kidney cells in vitroInsulin; Proteins1973-08dissertation
133 Chandrasekaran, ViswanathanRetroviral Capsid Recognition by the Host Restriction Factor TRIM5 Alpha2015-05dissertation
134 Ganser, Barbie Kay.Retroviral capsid assembly.Proteins; Lipids2003-05dissertation
135 Soesanto, Yudi AdityaRole of O-Linked N-Acetylglucosamine (O-GlcNAc) in Metabolic RegulationMetabolism; Glucosamine2010-02-19dissertation
136 Smalling, RanaRoles of Small Heterodimer Partner and Retinol Binding Protein Receptor 4 Receptor Stimulated by Retinoic Acid 6-Like in Hepatic Glucose and Lipid MetabolismBiochemistry; Molecular biology; Bioinformatics2018dissertation
137 Singer, Jeffrey D.Single copy replication control is regulated by genes involved in ubiquitin metabolism in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaeDNA Replication; Ubiquitin1995-12dissertation
138 Lehmann, Katrina AnnaSpecificity of double-stranded RNA adenosine deaminasesGenetics; Enzymes2000-12dissertation
139 Disotuar, Maria MercedesStrategies for the efficient synthesis of insulin-based peptide therapeutics2018dissertation
140 Sadre-Bazzaz, KianoushStructural Studies of the Proteasome activator BLM10Proteolytic Enzymes2010-02-08dissertation
141 Han, HanStructural and Biochemcial Study of VPS42014-05dissertation
142 Close, Devin WStructural and Biochemical Studies of the Transcription Elongation Factors Spt6 and TexTranscription Factors2010-02-19dissertation
143 McDonald, Seth M.Structural and Biochemical Studies of the Transcription Factors SPT6 and SPN12013-05dissertation
144 Han, HanStructural and biochemical study of Vps4Biochemistry2014dissertation
145 Zhai, QiantingStructural and functional studies of ALIX in retroviral buddingALIX; ESCRT machinery; retroviral budding; SAXS; Tetherin/BST2/CD317; X-ray crystallography2011-08dissertation
146 Fisher, Robert D.Structural and functional studies of ALIX/AIP1 in HIV-1 buddingImmunodeficiency; Analysis; Physiology2007-08dissertation
147 Johnston, Steven CurtisStructural basis of substrate selection by ubiquitin carboxyl terminal hydrolasesGlutamine Oxyanion Hole1998-06dissertation
148 Mathews, Michael A. A.Structural studies of flagellar motors and uroporphyrinogen III synthaseAanalysis; Proteins; Microbiology2001-08dissertation
149 Stadtmueller, Beth MarieStructural studies of proteasome assembly chaperones and activator complexesProteasome; Structural biology; Assembly chaperones; Activator complexes2010-08dissertation
150 Manning, Jerry EdselStructure and replication of Euglena gracills chloroplast DNAProteins; Phenotypes; DNA; Euglena gracilis; Mitochondria1971-08dissertation
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