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126 Data structures and system support for a graphical programming language editing and program development environmentThis thesis presents an editing tool for use in the development of data-driven style programs. These programs are based on a hierarchical graphical syntax rather than the conventional textual syntax. The editor provides the programmer with all the necessary operations for traversing and manipulating...editing tool; computers; data-driven style programs1983-12
127 A multistrategy machine learning approach to object recognitionThis work describes an innovative approach that combines machine learning and vision into an integrated system. The system is called ORACLE: Object Recognition Accomplished through Consolidation Learning Expertise. It uses two machine learning techniques known as explanation-based learning and conce...ORACLE; ORACLE system; computers1991-03
128 A general model for the user interface of screen editorsText editing programs are becoming larger in size and more important in modern operating systems. We present a model for the user interface portions of editors. The model provides a consistent and easy-to-implement environment in which many powerful and useful features can be incorporated. This mode...text editing; text editing program; screen editor; computers1983-03
129 The design and implementation of an OR-parallel logic programming systemThe research focus in OR-parallel logic programming is shifting rapidly from theoretical considerations and simulation on uniprocessors to implementation on true multiprocessors. This dissertation describes the design and implementation of such a system or OR-parallel Horn clause logic programs on t...OR-parallel; computers1987-08
130 A framework for multi-sensor integration and data acquisitionThis thesis investigates and implements a framework for multi-sensor integration and data acquisition operating in the context of a robot workstation equipped with both contact and noncontact sensors. An appropriate low-level representation of raw data supplied by various sensors is developed. We pr...computers; Spatial proximity graph; 3-D data; object recognition1983-08
131 Asylim: A simulation and placement checking system for path-programmable logic integrated circuitsPresented in this thesis is a simulation/design checking system for PPL circuits. This system directly addresses the problems associated with the other simulators listed above. The circuit model employed by the system makes use of six logic values and a close correspondence between the PPL and simul...PPL circuits; PPL; computers; NMOS circuits; CMOS circuits; ASYLIM; simulation checking system; design checking system1983-06
132 Trivariate B-splinesThe purpose of this thesis is to explore and evaluate the use of trivariate B-splines. There are several issues that make modeling with trivariate B-splines a significant and interesting problem. The issues to be addressed are the domain of the representation; algorithms for display, subdivision, a...trivariate b-splines; computers1991-12
133 Parallel path consistencyThis thesis examines the actual real world performance of PC as compared AC and shows that in most cases the measured performance is greatly superior to its assumed worst case. In addition, the improved filtering efficiency of PC over AC is measured.arc consistency; path consistency; real world performance; computers1991-03
134 2D knowledge based vision systemA knowledge based approach to computer vision provides the needed flexibility for performing recognition and inspection of objects in a complex environment. A system is described which uses knowledge about the environment, sensors, and performance requirements to construct a functional configuration...computers; visual system; 2-Dimensional; 2-D1987-07
135 GCS: A graphical front end to ASSASSINThis thesis reports on the development and implementation of a graphical front end to ASSASSIN. This menu-driven system runs in a PSL environment, on the Apollo Domain System.ASSASSIN; menu-driven systems; PSL environment; apollo domain system; computers1983-08
136 Constraint kernels: constraints and dependencies in a geometric modeling systemThis thesis describes the use of algebraic constraints and functional dependencies in the context of a geometric modeling system.geometric modeling system; functional dependencies; algebraic constraints; computers1987-08
137 Towards a language independent object systemThis thesis proposes a solution to the problem of mixed language programming in an object-oriented environment that centers around an object specification that can describe the features of objects in a language independent fashion. Also, a stub generator which reads this specification and creates me...object-oriented programming; mixed language programming; programming; computers; object-oriented environment; stub generator1991-06
138 An automated wire routing kernelThe kernel described here is based on using pattern matching techniques for describing algorithms. The use of patterns permits different physical constraints and properties to be considered. In addition, the abstraction provided by patterns allows the ability to transform oddly shaped routing areas ...computers; kernel functions1991-07
139 Interaction with constraints in three-dimensional modelingThe purpose of this thesis is to simplify and improve the efficiency of the interactive definition of geometric objects in computer aided geometric modeling. To achieve this goal two ways of defining geometric objects are combined and interfaced: 1) the definition of objects by interactive construct...three-dimensional modeling; computers1991-05
140 ELA: A program to analyze logs of execution eventsThis is a description of ELA, a tool to give insight into the operation of computer systems during their development.ELA; logs of execution events; computers1991-03
141 Heterojunction bipolar transistor sigma-delta analog to digital converter for spread spectrum receiverThe focus of this thesis work was to investigate a means of implementing a high speed sigma-delta modulator that can be used as the front end of a direct sequence spread spectrum receiver.sigma-delta modulator; computers1995-12
142 Trimmed surfacesParametric surfaces and set operations have both become known as a valuable to the geometric modeling of rigid solids. Parametric surfaces give a geometric modeller a wider range, providing for the representation of parts with sculptured surfaces. Set operations of union, differences or intersection...trimmed surface; rectangular parametric surfaces; computers1991-03
143 FEL + set abstraction = database query languageThe methodology of embedding set abstraction into FEL is described. Set abstraction is a powerful notation which can be used directly for higher level database query language.set abstraction; FEL1983-09
144 Applicative updating and provisional computation in functional programmingLarge scale computing systems often consist of calculations which are repeated for many sets of input data. If the variance between the data sets is small, there may be portions of the computation which are not affected by the changes in the input values. The effort required for such systems can be ...recomputation; efficient recomputation; function graphs; computers1983-06
145 Parallel solution of Poisson's problems on irregular domain.This thesis is devoted to the solution of the Poisson problem on an irregular domain applying parallel computation techniques on distributed memory machines.Poisson problem; computers1995-06
146 Surface perturbations for texture mappingThis thesis present a new method of texture mapping which can be used in conjunction with the above techniques to improve textured images. The proposed method uses surface perturbations for texture mapping. Surface perturbations enhance traditional texture mapping techniques by allowing the texture ...surface perturbations; texture mapping; computers1987-03
147 Graph-based approach for solving geometric constraint problemsThis dissertation presents a new graph representation for constraint problems based on the notion of degrees of freedom and valencies. Any geometric primitive ( point, line, circle, plane, etc.) possess an intrinsic degree of freedom in its embedding space. Constraints reduce the degrees of freedom ...computers; geometric constraint problems; graph1996-05
148 Simulation of numerically controlled milling machinesThis thesis describes a system that can be used to simulate both 3 and 5-axis NC milling toolpaths, reading BCL code. This simulator is based on the imagespace approach in which the workpiece is represented using the z-values resulting from the rendering of a model and metal removal is achieved thro...NC milling; numerical control; computers1995-03
149 Matte volumes for selective data visualizationThe matte volumes system uses a volume renderer, surface renderer, and slice viewer for the exploration and visualization of three-dimensional scalar field data. The size and complexity of the volume data pose an interesting challenge to the ideal of providing the scientist with a system which autom...matte volumes; three-dimensional scalar field data; computers; matte volumes system1995-08
150 Shape recovery of volume data with deformable B-spline modelsThe research described in this dissertation explores a new technique for shape recovery with deformable models using B-spline surfaces.b-spline surfaces; computers1996-08
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