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126 Raeder's Syndrome by Desai et al -- AnnotationsStudy of Raeder's paratrigeminal syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
127 The Use of Histamine in the Treatment of Specific Types of Headache by Horton -- AnnotationsStudy of histamine as headache treatment.Card Catalog Index Cards
128 Ergotamine Tartrate Orally in Horton's Histamine Cephalgia by Ekbom -- AnnotationsStudy of Horton's histaminic cephalgia.Card Catalog Index Cards
129 Harris's Migraine or Cluster Headache, Editorial -- AnnotationsEditorial about Harris's Migraine or cluster headache.Card Catalog Index Cards
130 Migrainous Neuralgia by Eadie and Sutherland -- AnnotationsStudy of migrainous neuralgia.Card Catalog Index Cards
131 The Cluster Headache by Duvoisin et al -- AnnotationsStudy of the cluster headache.Card Catalog Index Cards
132 Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome by Boniuk and Schlezinger -- AnnotationsStudy of Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome, neurological disorder characterized by unilateral oculosympathetic paralysis accompanied by ipsilateral sensory and/or motor abnormalities in the distribution of the trigeminal nerve fibers.Card Catalog Index Cards
133 Relation of Experimental Histamine Headache to Migraine and Non-migraine Headache by Von Storch -- AnnotationsStudy of experimental histamine headache to migraine and non-migraine headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
134 Meeting Group on Migraine and Headache by World Federation of Neurology -- AnnotationsDefinition of terms for migraine variants.Card Catalog Index Cards
135 Histamine and Serotonin in Cluster Headache by Anthony and Lance -- AnnotationsStudy of histamine and serotonin levels in cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
136 Migraine Variants by Whitty -- AnnotationsHistory of migraine variants, saw 2000 patients, Horner's with cluster headache, and ophthalmoplegic migraine.Card Catalog Index Cards
137 Observations on Vascular Headache of the Migraine Type by Friedman et al -- AnnotationsStudy of vascular headaches, migraine.Card Catalog Index Cards
138 Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome. A Benign Disorder, Possibly a Complication of Migraine by Ford and Walsh -- AnnotationsStudy of Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
139 Drug Testing in Horner's Syndrome by Grimson and Thompson -- AnnotationsStudy of Horner's Syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
140 On the Pathogenetic Role of Histamine and the Vascular Apparatus in Certain Forms of Headache by Dalsgaard and Nielsen -- AnnotationsStudy of histamine hemicrania.Card Catalog Index Cards
141 Headaches by Cogan -- AnnotationsStudy of Raeder's syndrome, and most recently cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
142 Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome by Cohen et al -- AnnotationsCritique of "benign Raeder's syndrome"; own cases had carotid artery fibromuscular dysplasia.Card Catalog Index Cards
143 Nitroglycerin as a Provocative Agent in Cluster Headache by Ekbom -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
144 Ophthalmic Presentations of Cluster Headache by Curran -- AnnotationsStudy of the ophthalmic presentations of cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
145 Drug testing in Horner's Syndrome by Grimson and Thompson -- AnnotationsStudy of Horner's Syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
146 Neuritis and Neuralgia by Harris -- AnnotationsStudy of ptosis and miosis in cluster headaches (migrainous neuralgia).Card Catalog Index Cards
147 Cyclical Head and Face Pain by Friedman et al -- AnnotationsStudy of cyclical head and face pain.Card Catalog Index Cards
148 Ciliary (Migrainous) Neuralgia and its Treatment by Harris -- AnnotationsStudy of ciliary neuralgia and treatments.Card Catalog Index Cards
149 Raeder's Benign Paratrigeminal Syndrome by Fisher -- AnnotationsStudy of Raeder's syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
150 Headache and Eye Pain by Goldor -- AnnotationsStudy of headache and eye pain.Card Catalog Index Cards
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