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126 Here's the Story of a Man Who's Brady (Kinetic) (Presentation Video)Basha, MaysaaA 49-year old male with progressive neurodegenerative disease. Previous history significant for congenital toxoplasmosis OS and dyslipidemia.
127 A Bad Case of Sinusitis (Presentation Video)Fraser, AlexA 17-year old male with Crohn's disease maintained on azathioprine and prednisone developed abdominal pain and bloody stools eight days after prednisone taper. NG flushes produced cold pressure sensation behind right eye, photophobia and headache.
128 Don't Ignore the Obvious (Presentation Video)Almer, ZinaA 51-year old male with bilateral loss of vision. Previous history significant for HIV.
129 A Golf and Shopping Hazard (Presentation Video)Yoon, Steven J.A 69-year old male with scalp tenderness, headache and loss of vision OD. Previous history significant for chronic sinusitis and bronchitis.
130 I Can't Seem to Find My Glasses (Presentation Video)Benes, Susan C.A 55-year old male with progressive loss of vision OS.
131 "Oh, You Have Metastatic Cancer" (Presentation Video)Sokolava, ElenaA 59-year old male noted when driving the cars approaching disappear and reappears further to the side in his peripheral vision.
132 A Long and Winding Road (Presentation Video)Glisson, ChristopherA 42-year old male with headache and vision loss OD. Previous history significant for blurred vision OS.
133 Snowballs and Curveballs (Presentation Video)Nicholas J Volpe, MD, Northwestern UniversityA 34-year old male with complaints of pain, photophobia, redness, and decreased vision OD. Previous history significant for tuberculosis.
134 Urgent, Double Vision, and Head Games (Presentation Video)Joseph G. Chacko, M.D., University of ArkansasA 64-year old female with 3-month history of horizontal and vertical double vision and a droopy right upper lid. Previous history significant for diabetes and hypertension. Family history remarkable for stroke and cerebral aneurysm.
135 Egg in Your Face (Presentation Video)Sudhakar, PadmajaAn 8-year old female with a 2-day history of confusion, headache and vomiting.
136 When Life Gives You Lymphocytes, Make Limeade (Presentation Video)Ko, MelissaA 62-year old female; hypercholesterolemia.
137 To Biopsy Or Not To Biopsy? That Is the Question (Presentation Video)Yoon, MichaelA 16-year old female with an 8-week history of intense vertigo, headache, poor naming, blurred vision and gait instability.
138 Bad Eyes, Bad Walking and Bad Judgement (Presentation Video)Fraser, ClareA 20-year old male with deteriorating vision OS and a 13-year history of combined variable immunodeficiency. Previous history significant for atypical mycobacterium.
139 Non-Functional Sinus Disease (Presentation Video)Shelton, JulieA 6-year old female with a 1-week history of worsening vision OU > OD and a 2-month history of worsening headaches.
140 A Case of Recurrent Encephalopathy, Seizures, and Retinopathy (Presentation Video)Walsh, RyanA 45-year old male with right hemisphere encephalitis and a Dx of macular degeneration at age 43. Previous history significant for a learning disability and a complex partial seizure disorder diagnosed 20 years earlier subsequently managed with an anti-epileptic.
141 Trouble Reading (Presentation Video)Stacy, RebeccaA 60-year old female with a 4-week history of progressive difficulty reading and word comprehension. Previous history significant for a 20-year history of recurrent granulomatous iritis in OU and chronic variable immune deficiency (CVID), diagnosed 23 years previous with associated hepatitis and der...
142 Not a Benign Tumor (Presentation Video)Jiang, HongA 43-year old female with blurred vision OU. Previous history signicant for a 10-year history of recurrent colon cancer Tx antineoplastic agents, pituitary mass, hypopituitarism and diabetes insipidus.
143 Poor Visual Recovery Following Treatment of Panuveitis in a 62 Year-old Man with Biopsy-proven Sarcoidosis (Presentation Video)Gelfand, JeffreyA 62-year old male with blurred vision OS, progressive gait instability, episodic falling and confusion. Previous history significant for LP that revealed meningitis and lung and hilar lymph node biopsies that demonstrated sarcoidosis.
144 Some Hairy Gossyp (Presentation Video)Thornton, IveyA 13-year old female with a perceived whiteness affecting her right field of vision. Previous history significant for seizure-like spikes affecting sleep and ventricular and atrial septal defects, the latter of which, surgically repaired.
145 ‘Tis Nobler in the Mind to Suffer... Or to Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles and by Opposing End Them? (Hamlet act 3, scene 1) (Presentation Video)Moss, Heather41-year old female with a shadow over the left eye.
146 Twice Bitten, Once Shy (Presentation Video)Shin, RobertA 57-year old female with fatigue, confusion and headache associated with a right inferior quadrantanopsia.
147 Another Case of Guillain-Alajouanine-Garcin Syndrome [also known as Bertolotti-Garcin syndrome, Garcin's syndrome, Garcin-Guillain syndrome, Hartmann's syndrome (Friedrich Hartmann), Schmincke tumor-unilateral cranial paralysis syndrome...] (Presentation Video)Valérie Biousse, MD Departments of Ophthalmology and Neurology, Emory University School of MedicineA 37-year old male with multiple right-side cranial nerve palsies. Previous history significant for hypertension and sleep apnea. Family history remarkable for diabetes, glaucoma and thyroid disease.
148 Tics and Fleas (Presentation Video)Nancy J. Newman, MD, Emory Eye CenterA 61-year old female with tic douloureux and diplopia. Previous history significant for squamous cell skin cancer below right eye, surgically resected. Dx atypical trigeminal neuralgia after neurological consult following administration of local anesthetic for basal cell carcinoma resection.
149 What's In a Name? (Presentation Video)Nicholas J Volpe, MD, Northwestern University76-year old male; five year history of muscle pain and arthralgia; four year history of PMR symptoms; gastrointestinal illness.
150 Combing the Globe for Terrorism (Presentation Video)Norah S. Lincoff MD, University at BuffaloAn 83-year old male; hypertension; atrial fibrillation; type II diabetes mellitus; squamous cell carcinoma of the face; prostate cancer (treated).
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