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126 Translational Research Translating Evidence into Everyday PracticeBeck, Susan2011
127 Things that Start with P: Musings from the Postdoc ExperienceTowsley, Gail2011
128 How to Teach ConceptuallyHardin, Pam2011
129 Prophylaxis Rx for Academic ProblemsColeman, Darrell2011
130 Seeds of Remembrance, 20112011
131 CCNE Accreditation: What Is It All About?Johnson, Julie2011
132 Ideas for Implementing IOM Competencies in Nursing Education at the University of Utah College of NursingKirchhoff, Karin2010
133 Research Program Overview: Knowledge Acquisition for Decision SupportPoynton, Mollie2010
134 Occupational and Family Hazards of Living Off the LandReed, Deborah2010
135 Developing Hybrid Courses Balancing Fact to Face and Online LearningDoig, Alexa2010
136 Breaking with Tradition: Lessons Learned from Research Simulation and Alternative Clinical Training in MexicoCohen, Susanna2010
137 Physical Assessment Delivery Innovative Ways of Meeting the Needs of Your AudienceBurton, Shannon; Chase-Cantarini, Sue; Scheese, Carolyn2010
138 Biomeasures and People with DisabilitiesClark, Lauren; Pett, Marge; Cardell, Beth; Eldredge, Alison; Wilcox, Barry2010
139 Active Learning Considering Why and What to Choose to Increase Concept LearningColeman, Darrell2010
140 Individualized Comparative Effectiveness Research: What Makes Health HappenDonaldson, Gary2010
141 Concept-Based Curriculum and Conceptual TeachingGiddens, Jean2010
142 A Program of Research in Cancer CommunicationsClayton, Margaret2010
143 Clinical Research in Pediatric Critical CareGrant, Mary Jo2010
144 Faith Community Nursing Evolving SpecialtyHollister, Lynn2010
145 Improving Mental Health Services in a County Mental Health System: Bridging the GapMabey, Linda J.2010
146 Women Midlife Assessment ProgramWheeler, Catherine; Deneris, Ann2010
147 REDCap Research Electronic Data CaptureWong, Bob2010
148 VA Nursing Academy: UpdateJensen, Lisa2010
149 Doing Research: Research Career Trajectory, 1978Morse, Jan2010
150 TechnologyZsohar, Helen2010
126 - 150 of 159