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126 Warner, Homer R.Estimating Frequency of Disease Findings from Combined Hospital Databases: A UMLS ProjectBiomedical Informatics1991
127 Mitchell, Joyce A.Evaluating the informatics for integrating biology and the bedside system for clinical researchBackground: Selecting patient cohorts is a critical, iterative, and often time-consuming aspect of studies involving human subjects; informatics tools for helping streamline the process have been identified as important infrastructure components for enabling clinical and translational research. We d...2009-01-01
128 Warner, Homer R.Evaluation of a Computer Program for Diagnosis of Congenital Heart DiseaseBiomedical Informatics1963
129 Mitchell, Joyce A.Evidence-based retrieval in evidence-based medicineObjective: Clinical decisions based on a meta-analysis that is based on an ineffective retrieval strategy may have serious negative consequences for patients. The study objective was to investigate the extent to which meta-analyses report proof of their retrieval strategies' effectiveness. Methods: ...2004-01-01
130 Warner, Homer R.Evolving a Computer FacilityBiomedical Informatics1967
131 Warner, Homer R.Experience with Baye's Theorem for Computer Diagnosis of Congenital Heart DiseaseBiomedical Informatics1964
132 Warner, Homer R.Experiences with Computer-Based Patient MonitoringBiomedical Informatics1968
133 Warner, Homer R.Exploring a New Best Information Algorithm for ILIADBiomedical Informatics1991
134 Warner, Homer R.Expolring a New Best Information Algorithm for ILIADBiomedical Informatics1991
135 Gardner, Reed M.Federal Medical Device Regulation: What Are the Implications for Respiratory Care?Biomedical Informatics1988
136 Warner, Homer R.First the Electrocardiogram - Then What?Biomedical Informatics1978
137 Gardner, Reed M.Frequency of Technical Problems Encountered in the Measurement of Pulmonary Artery Wedge PressureBiomedical Informatics1984
138 Warner, Homer R.The Frequency-Dependent Nature of Blood Pressure Regulation by the Carotid Sinus Studied with an Electric AnalogBiomedical Informatics1958
139 Mitchell, Joyce A.From phenotype to genotype: issues in navigating the available information resourcesObjectives-As part of an investigation of connecting health professionals and the lay public to both disease and genomic information, we assessed the availability and nature of the data from the Human Genome Project relating to human genetic diseases. Methods-We focused on a set of single gene disea...2003-01-01
140 Mitchell, Joyce A.Fuzzy measures on the Gene Ontology for gene product similarityOne of the most important objects in bioinformatics is a gene product (protein or RNA). For many gene products, functional information is summarized in a set of Gene Ontology (GO) annotations. For these genes, it is reasonable to include similarity measures based on the terms found in the GO or othe...2006-01-01
141 Blumenthal, Donald K.Gamma-subunit of skeletal muscle phosphorylase kinase contains two noncontiguous domains that act in concert to bind calmodulin.Phosphorylase kinase is a Ca2+-regulated, multisubunit enzyme that contains calmodulin as an integral subunit (termed the delta-subunit). Ca2+-dependent activity of the enzyme is thought to be regulated by direct interaction of the delta-subunit with the catalytic subunit (the gamma-subunit) in the ...Pharmacology; Metabolism; Enzymology1989-10-15
142 Warner, Homer R.Generation and Maintenance of ILIAD Medical Knowledge in a Hypercard EnvironmentBiomedical Informatics1988
143 Mitchell, Joyce A.Getting around in a large nomenclature file: browsing SNOMED internationalWe have developed a means whereby we can easily browse a very large (s 30 MB) file of a nomenclature vocabulary. "SNOMED International - A Vocabulary of Human and Veterinary Medicine" is such a file and has been proposed to serve as the basis for controlled vocabularies. The College of American Path...1994-01-01
144 Warner, Homer R.Graduate Program in Medical Informatics at the University of UtahBiomedical Informatics1994
145 Warner, Homer R.Graduate Program in Medical Informatics at the University of UtahBiomedical Informatics1994
146 Warner, Homer R.Health Evaluation Through Logical Processing - HELPBiomedical Informatics1973
147 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Computer System for Medical Decision MakingBiomedical Informatics1975
148 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Hospital-Wide System for Computer-Based Support of Decision-MakingBiomedical Informatics1981
149 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Medical Information System Which Combines Automated Medical Decision-Making With Clinical Data Review and Administrative SupportBiomedical Informatics1985
150 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Program for Medical Decision-MakingBiomedical Informatics1972
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