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126 Firmage, Edwin B.Law of presidential impeachmentThis Article will focus upon four influences that together determine the law of presidential impeachment: English law; the Constitutional Convention and state ratifying conventions; American impeachment experience; and public policy considerations. It is the public policy considerations upon which ...Wrongdoing; Executive branch1973
127 Firmage, Edwin B.Vladivostok and beyond: SALT I and the propects for SALT IIThe tortuously constricted boundaries within which the Vladivostok agreement can be considered as an advance toward the goal of arms reduction and stability remind us once again that technology unconstrained by law inexorably limits that arena within which we enjoy the capacity to control our own f...Arms control; SALT I; SALT II; Atomic negotiations1975
128 Firmage, Edwin B.Knowledge and Politics by Roberto Mangabeira Unger (book review)Unger's Knowledge and Politics is a rare philosophical endeavor: it is an expression of hope articulated as a theory of human nature and politics. The hope expressed in Unger's work is that the empiricism of Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, and Hume, and the corollary thesis of the subjectivity of values an...Book review; Philosophy1972
129 Firmage, Edwin B.Book review: Luard, The International Regulation of Frontier DisputesThe international system, like its municipal counterparts, has developed procedures and techniques for dispute resolution. These include traditional political or diplomatic procedures such as inquiry or fact-finding, conciliation, negotiation, and mediation. Other procedures are of a juridical natur...Territorial conflicts; European boundaries; Political and diplomatic resolutions1972-09
130 Flynn, John J.Federalism and viable state government: the history of Utah's ConstitutionThe decade of the 1960's has witnessed, thus far, a sharp upswing of interest in the state of the states. Financial crisis, political paralysis, reapportionment, and the continued trend of federal intervention in heretofore "local" affairs have forced believers in the federal idea to reexamine the s...Constitution, Law; History1966
131 Flynn, John J.District of Columbia juvenile delinquency proceddings; apprehension to dispositionWhile all agencies connected with the dentention and treatment of juveniles in the District of Columbia issue annual reports which are available to the public, indications are that a widespread unawareness exists in both bar and judiciary as to the nature, purpose and efffectiveness of the socio-leg...District of Columbia; Juvenile detention (U.S)1960
132 Firmage, Edwin B.Allegiance and stewardship: holy war, just war, and the Mormon tradition in the nuclear ageThe present escalation in nuclear weapons technology between the United States and the Soviet Union has progressed beyond the point where any increase in such weaponry necessarily results in increased national security. It has become, in fact, the ultimate act of idolatry, a reliance upon technology...Nuclear weapons; Salvation; Peacemakers1983
133 Firmage, Edwin B.War powers and the political question doctrineA fundamental and potentially healthy tension exists between democratic government, under which the majority ordinarily prevails, and judicial review, by which the judiciary may check unconstitutional actions of the political branches. A balance must be struck between the two concepts, or one could ...Democratic; Federalism; Judicial1977
134 Flynn, John J.Function and dysfunction of per se rules in vertical market restraintsIn 1963, the Supreme Court held it did not know enough about the "economic and business stuff" out of which nonprice vertical market restraints "emerge" to determine whether they should be measured by a "rule of reason" test or one of "per se illegality.'" Seventeen years later, after one flip2 and ...1980
135 Firmage, Edwin B.Inner-outer speaks outDuring 1965 and 1966, I worked as an assistant to Vice President Hubert Humphrey and, in addition, participated in a program that permitted 15 young men to enjoy informal suppers and extended off-the-record chats with the President in the White House, attend frequent sessions with the Vice Preside...White House Fellows; Hubert Humphrey; Vietnam1967
136 Firmage, Edwin B.Utah Supreme Court and the rule of law: Phillips and the Bill of Rights in UtahThe Utah Supreme Court in State v. Phillips denied the applicability of the freedom of speech provisions of the fist amendment (and by dicta any other provision of the Bill of Rights) as a protection of individual rights against state governments by way of the due process clause of the fourteenth am...Utah Law; Utah Supreme Court; Free speech1975
137 Firmage, Edwin B.Speech and campaign reform: congress, the courts and communityInvestigation following Watergate revealed the integrity of our political system to be threatened by corporate and other special interest money to a degree unmatched since the turn of the century, when the exploits of political boss Mark Hanna and the financial power of the corporations gave birt...Public financing; Contributions; Corporate1980
138 Flynn, John J.Legal reasoning, antitrust policy and the social "science" of economicsThere is an area some eight to ten miles off Astoria, Oregon, called "The Bar," where the fresh water of the Columbia River meets the salt water of the Pacific Ocean. It is a place of turbulent, shifting currents and choppy waters where moving sand bars trap even the most experienced sailors. Like ...1988
139 Flynn, John J.Orphan Drug Act: an unconstitutional exercise of the patent powerIn 1983, Congress adopted the Orphan Drug Act (the "Act") pursuant to its power to regulate interstate and foreign commerce to stimulate research and development of drugs useful in treating relatively rare diseases.1 The cost of drug research and complying with the complex requirements for securing ...Health Care; Drugs; Medicine; Medical treatment1992
140 Flynn, John J.Monopolization under the Sherman Act: the third wave and beyondLike Gaul, monopolization litigation under section 2 of the Sherman Act has been divided into three parts: A first part beginning with the Northern Securities case of 1904(1) and ending with the U.S. Steel case in 1920;(2) a second part, the Thurmond Arnold era, beginning in the late 30's with the f...1981
141 Francis, LeslieElderly immigrants: what should they expect of the social safety net?The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA) terminated federal benefits to many immigrants. The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA) only partially restored these benefits to select immigrants who lawfully resided in the United States before August 22, 1996. Pr...1997
142 Firmage, Edwin B.J. Reuben Clark, Jr., law and international orderPresident J. Reuben Clark, Jr., spent his professional career, spanning some twenty-seven years, as an international lawyer.1 From the time of his graduation from the Columbia Law School in 1906 and his appointment as assistant Solicitor (an assistant legal adviser in the Department of State) in the...Arbitration; Settlement; Resolution1973
143 Flynn, John J.Trends in federal antitrust doctrine suggesting future directions for state antitrust enforcementState antitrust policy, in the form of constitutional provisions, statutes, and common law decisions, has been with us for decades.1 Originally hamstrung by restrictive court decisions fencing off state jurisdiction from commerce that was "interstate,"2 state antitrust enforcement enjoyed many years...Antitrust enforcement1979
144 Firmage, Edwin B.War power of Congress and revision of the war powers resolutionThe United States Congress enacted the War Powers Resolution to restore its constitutionally mandated control over the war- making process. By forcing the President to seek congressional approval for military activity in volatile situations, Congress hoped to avoid the abuse of the war power by the ...Control; Delegation; Self-defense1991
145 Francis, LeslieConsumer expectations and access to health careAmericans-some of them at least-enjoy a remarkable range of expectations about their health care. They have come to rely on free choice of physicians, on autonomy and the doctrine of informed consent to care, on the belief that they can get the best care money can buy, on the assumption that resourc...Consumer expectations1992
146 Flynn, John J.Legal reasoning and the jurisprudence of vertical restraints: the limitations of neoclassical economic analysis in the resolution of antitrust disputesThe question of how antitrust policy "ought" to treat vertical distribution restraints in the 1980s under section 1 of the Sherman Act(1) embodies the difficulties entailed when any field of law becomes captive to a single paradigm. (2) Inherently political assumptions concerning the proper scope ...1987
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