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126 Development and the Environment in China: A Multilevel Analysis 2004-2013This dissertation is to theoretically and empirically explore how development impacts the environment in the largest developing country in the world from the perspective of sociology of development, and environmental and urban sociology. This dissertation focuses on the context of China, reviews the...Sociology; Environmental health; Aeronomy; Asian studies2018
127 Development banks in economic development: two Latin American experiences: (nacional financiera and the banco nacional de desenvolvimento economico E social)This dissertation aims to investigate the role of development banks in financing economic growth in Latin America throughout the 20th century. Two study cases are examined: Nacional Financiera (NAFINSA) in Mexico and the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES) in Brazil. We use...Bndes; Development banks; Latin America; Money; NAFINSA2013-08
128 Development of a flash flood potential index using physiographic data sets within a geographic information systemA Flash Flood Potential Index (FFPI) grid representing hydrologic response characteristics to heavy rainfall was developed for use in the flash flood warning decision-making process. Physical and empirical relationships exist between rainfall infiltration into the soil and the physiographic properti...Flash flood; Storm runoff2010
129 The development of a lab-based paradigm to explore principles of adherence engineering in the context of hand hygieneHand hygiene frequency in hospitals is unacceptably low. To date, this problem has been approached from a technical standpoint, with intervention designs that lack a theoretical foundation in human behavior. Almost all interventions have failed to significantly increase hand hygiene frequency. The ...Adherence Engineering; Decision Making; Hand Hygiene2017
130 Diet and disease at Clyde's Cavern, Utah : as revealed Via PaleoscatologyTwenty coprolites recovered from the excavation of Clyde's Cavern, Utah, were examined for dietary components, dietary change through time, and evidence of parasites. The samples are representative of possibly three prehistoric cultures of Utah; Late Archaic (ca. 1120 B.C.-ca. A.D. 1, Levels 1 and 2...1972
131 Direct and Indirect Minority Stress Experiences of Parents with Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual ChildrenThe present study investigated how parental experiences of direct and indirect minority stress are linked to mental health outcomes of the parent and LGB child, parenting styles, and other parental behaviors. A total of 223 parents with at least one LGB child participated in the study. Results showe...Sexuality; Social psychology2017
132 Directors' and participants' perceptions of a program promoting the economic self-sufficiency of women with refugee statusThe present study examined perceptions of those involved in a local program designed to increase economic self-sufficiency among women with refugee status. The study was a qualitative investigation of both directors? and participants? perceptions of the program, its goals, and the challenges and suc...Community based research; Economic; Program development; Refugee resettlement; Self-sufficiency; Women2011-08
133 Disaggregating the Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder on Academic Performance in a Veteran SampleNearly 1,230,000 student veterans received Department of Veteran Affairs college benefits within the United States in 2014, many of them struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While PTSD has been linked to lower academic performance, the mechanism behind the relationship remains uncle...Psychology; University students; Veterans; Academic achievement; Post traumatic stress disorder2018
134 Disentangling diffusion: an analysis of municipal tax rate patternsThe geographic diffusion of policy is a well-documented phenomenon, but the mechanisms underlying diffusion are more obscure. This study describes and explains municipal property and sales tax rates. It examines the influence of diffusion in this rate-setting process. Existing literature describe...Diffusion; Game theory; Local government finance; Tax policy; Yardstick competition2015
135 Dispositional mindfulness and stress resilience: self-regulatory capacity, affective stability, and presleep arousal in daily lifeMindfulness training appears to promote healthy and adaptive functioning by enhancing self-regulatory capacity and stress resilience. Less is known about whether dispositional mindfulness (DM) is similarly associated with self-regulatory capacity and stress resilience. Fifty-six healthy adults com...ecological validity; emotion; mindfulness; positive psychology; sleep; stress2016
136 The Diwaniyya: guestroom sociability and bureaucratic brokerage in KuwaitThis dissertation is about men's guestrooms (sing. diwaniyya; pl. diwaniyyat or dawawin) in Kuwait and their place in the nation's unique welfare compact with its citizens. The central question guiding this research is unambiguous: Why do Kuwaiti men visit the dawawin? The answer, it is argued, lies...Cultural anthropology; Middle Eastern Studies; Near Eastern Studies2014-08
137 Do different types of negative events lead to distinct adaptive functioning threats?The different negative events that people experience may threaten distinct forms of adaptive functioning. A growing literature on the narrative study of self and well-being suggests that one way people may resolve adaptive functioning threats is through narrative meaning-making. However, past resear...Meaning Making; Narrative; Negative Events; Personality; Transgression; Well-being; Personality psychology2015
138 Does choice moderate the effects of received social support on cardiovascular reactivity?Social support is a reliable predictor of physical health. However, most studies examine this link with measures of perceived social support that are only modestly correlated with actual support received. Importantly, laboratory studies which manipulate received support often find that it results in...Blood pressure; Cardiovascular reactivity; Choice; Induced compliance; Social support; Stress2013-12
139 Does language guide behavior in children with autism?It is unknown if children with high-functioning autism (HFA) employ self-directed speech to guide motor sequencing and motor control, or if they can benefit from using self-directed speech when prompted to do so. Participants performed a three-movement sequence across three conditions: Natural Learn...autism; motor control; motor sequence learning; self-directed speech2013
140 Domestic labor and wellbeing: the Evlatlık institution in turkeyThis dissertation examines the wellbeing implications of the evlatlık institution in Turkey. Evlatlık is an understudied form of unpaid domestic labor performed by a live-in young girl in the household of a family to whom she bears no biological relationship, and the person who performs this d...Capabilities Approach; Care Work; Domestic Labor; Feminist Economics; Poverty; Wellbeing2016
141 Dominicans, decompression, and doping: three essays on the economics of sportsChapter 3 uses panel data of performance statistics, salary and birth place from 1990 - 2008 to assess the return to team investment in undrafted Major League Baseball players. The study finds that over the first 3 years and over the first 6 years, undrafted players produce larger returns to investm...Baseball player labor market; Competitive balance; Game theory; Marginal revenue product estimation; Performance enhancing drugs; Sports economics2011-08
142 Drill baby drill: an analysis of how energy development displaced ranching's dominance over the BLM'S subgovernment policymaking environmentAcademic literature analyzing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land-use subgovernment stops at the Taylor Grazing Act and concludes that the historical development of administering grazing on public lands led to the capture of the BLM by ranching interests. Using a two-pronged methodological app...Conflict; Energy; Energy Development; Dominance; Land; Balance of Power; Historical Development; Policy Making; Legislative Bodies2010
143 Dyadic examination of posttraumatic stress symptoms, relationship satisfaction, and potential mediators in military couplesThe current study investigated the mechanisms through which posttraumatic stress (PTS) symptoms are associated with relationship functioning in a sample of 219 National Guard veterans and their partners. Veterans completed questionnaires regarding PTS symptoms, physical and verbal aggression, levels...Couples; Military; PTSD; Behavioral psychology2014-08
144 Dynamical systems analysis of gender-related interest development in online courseworkIn this research, I examined change in interest over the span of a semester-long online computer science course. Students enrolled in two semester-long online computer science courses were asked to provide demographic information about themselves, then complete a variety of survey measures as they w...Psychology; Education; Social psychology; Educational technology; Higher education2017
145 Economic and Political forces shaping the smoot-hawley tariff act of 1930In the United States, tariffs have received more legislative attention than any other economic issue. From the passage of the first tariff in 1798 until the Smoot-Hawley Act in 1930, a new tariff was enacted on an average of every seven years. The Smoot-Hawley tariff has generated considerable acade...1972
146 The Economic Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence Over the Life CycleThis dissertation explores the long-run economic consequences of intimate partner violence (IPV) over the life cycle, using a capabilities approach framework and taking a gender-aware perspective. First, the capabilities approach is adapted to provide a framework for conceptualizing the full extent ...2018
147 Economic development with unlimited supplies of energy: causes and consequences of industrial revolutionsThis dissertation contains two related chapters and an introduction. The common themes they explore are the unresolved questions surrounding the English Industrial Revolution (EIR). The questions include what happened, why did "it" happen first in England, why did it happen then in history, and what...Energy and development; English industrial revolution; Industrial capitalism; Sung Chinese industrial revolution; Economic history2015
148 The Effect of food deprivation on the behavior of group-housed deermice and its implications for crowding researchEfforts to investigate crowding phenomena using a population density paradigm, which space or number of organisms or both are varied, have often produced confusing, irregular, or inconsistent results. In addition the experimental manipulations dictated by a density paradigm may be irredeemably confo...1975
149 The effect of home country characteristics on female immigrants in the U.S.Considering immigration processes and home country characteristics together from a gendered perspective, this dissertation examines the effect of home country characteristics on the labor market success of migrants and the decision to migrate to the U.S., focusing on female immigrants. In order to ...Cultural and institutional effect; Earning capacity; GEM; GDI; Gender inequality; Labor market success of immigrants; Self-selection of immigrants2011-08
150 Effect of stress on empathic accuracy in romantic couplesTheoretical models of romantic relationships consider empathy, or the ability to understand and feel the thoughts and feelings of another, to be an essential ingredient of successful romantic relationships. Empathy is thought to promote optimal relationship functioning by enhancing intimacy, increas...Social psychology; Clinical psychology2016
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