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126 A descriptive evaluation of the expanded-role nurse in high risk newborn care.1974-06ir_etdText
127 Attitudes of nurses toward parents who abuse their children1974-06ir_etdText
128 Attendance at preparation for childbirth classes, prenatal anxiety levels, tension, labor, and delivery of primigravida women.1974-06ir_etdText
129 Cranial transillumination in neurologically intact full-term infants.1974-06ir_etdText
130 Fluctuations in maturational behaviors of neonates1974-06ir_etdText
131 Study of lactose in human colostrum transitional and mature milk1974-06ir_etdText
132 Diabetes mellitus in the Ute Indian tribe1974-06ir_etdText
133 Critique of vitamin C values for human milk1974-06ir_etdText
134 Method used to isolate secretory component from secretory immunoglobulin A1974-06ir_etdText
135 An analysis of well child care interview content1974-06ir_etdText
136 Response of premature infants to the sound of heartbeats1974-06ir_etdText
137 Description of a community mental health center's clientele 55 years of age or older1974-06ir_etdText
138 Doll play aggression in diabetic and non-diabetic children1974-08ir_etdText
139 Alterations in arterial oxygen tension associated with age, weight, and smoking1974-12ir_etdText
140 Study of acquisition of content knowledge during a listening-and-responding-skills workshop for nurses1974-12ir_etdText
141 Paternal attitudes toward breast feeding: the development of a tool1974-12ir_etdText
142 Isolation of the secretory component of immunoglobulin A and production of a specific antiserum1975-03ir_etdText
143 Effect of aging on dextrostix readings1975-04ir_etdText
144 Effect of play therapy on preschool children who are receiving injections1975-05ir_etdText
145 Effect of rooming-in on pre-schoolers prior to tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy1975-05ir_etdText
146 Depression Levels, Life Satisfaction Levels, and Some Psychosocial Characteristics Among Aged Persons in an Institution for the Chronically Ill1975-06ir_etdText
147 Life change units, internal-external locus of control, and ego strengths and weaknesses of patients participating in a comprehensive mental health center.1975-06ir_etdText
148 Attitudes and behaviors of husbands making the transition to fatherhood1975-06ir_etdText
149 Values of reducing substances in the stools of premature infants.1975-06ir_etdText
150 Maternal attitudes: relationship to selective postpartum variables.1975-06ir_etdText
126 - 150 of 810