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126 Mallon, RonaldInnateness as closed process invarianceAlthough we are enthusiastic about a Darwinian approach to culture, we argue that the overview presented in the target article does not sufficiently emphasize the crucial explanatory role that psychology plays in the study of culture. We use a number of examples to illustrate the variety of ways by...2006
127 Millgram, ElijahPrivate persons and minimal personsIt's a commonplace that privacy can now be abridged and abdicated in ways that weren't routinely possible until very recently. I want here to draw attention to an alternative configuration of the mind that these techniques make available, which I will call the minimal person. My explication of minim...2014-01-01
128 Andrus, JenniferCritical discourse analysis and rhetoric and compositionOver the past two decades, critical discourse analysis has emerged as a major new multidisciplinary approach to the study of texts and contexts in the public sphere. Developed in Europe, CDA has lately become increasingly popular in North America, where it is proving especially congenial to new dire...2012-01-01
129 Thalos, Mariam G.Truth deserves to be believedScience seems generally to aim at truth. And governmental support of science is often premised on the instrumental value of truth in service of advancing our practical objectives, both as individuals and as communities, large and small. While there is some political expediency to this view, it is no...2013-01-01
130 Thalos, Mariam G.Capitalization in the St. Petersburg Game: why statistical distributions matterIn spite of its infinite expectation value, the St. Petersburg game is not only a gamble without supply in the real world, but also one without demand at apparently very reasonable asking prices. We offer a rationalizing explanation of why the St. Petersburg bargain is unattractive on both sides (to...2013-01-01
131 Duncan, Alexander ColinAristophanes: Acharnians, Knights, and Peace, Translated, and with theatrical commentaryA thenian "Old Comedy," despite its traditional title, has become accustomed to frequent renewal. Michael Ewans, an experienced scholar and director of ancient drama, offers the latest renovation with his able verse A translations of Aristophanes' Acharnians, Knights, and Peace that are complemente...2012-01-01
132 Miklavcic, Jimmy; McDermott, Colin Hull; Bross, Joshua Lee; Miklavcic, Elizabeth AnnCinematic display for telematic performancesThe InterPlay is a live telematic performance that occurs simultaneously in multiple sites across the globe, streamed over the internet through the Access Grid videoconference system, then processed, mixed and projected before an audience.Trapeze Interactive Poster2010-01-13
133 Downes, Stephen M.Ontogeny of information: developmental systems and evolution (Book Review)A review of the book "Ontogeny of information: developmental systems and evolution" by Susan Oyama.Information theory, biology; Books; Developmental systems; Evolution2001-06-23
134 Gehl, Robert W.YouTube as archive: who will curate this digital wunderkammer?At first glance, the ease with which individuals can access and contribute to YouTube sets it in direct opposition to large corporate media outlets with their top-down mode of dissemination. However, in this paper, I argue that despite these seemingly democratic features, YouTube is better understoo...2009
135 Goldberg, Robert A.Hooded empire: the Ku Klux Klan in ColoradoThe decade of the 1920s conjures up a unique cluster of images. A few broad, organizing conceptions dominate as people and events are filtered through a screen of memories, books, and films. This was the era of "normalcy," prohibition, "flaming youth," and the "golden glow." George Babbitt, Al Capon...1981
136 Battin, Margaret P.What are the potential cost savings from legalizing physician-assisted suicide?IN the Washington v. Glucksberg and Vacco v. Quill decisions rejecting a constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Supreme Court allowed each state to decide whether to legalize the intervention.1 In state legislatures rather than courtrooms, factual claims about the probable extent ...1998
137 Francis, LeslieA wrongful case for parental tort liabilityMalek and Daar [M&D] argue that parents have a duty to employ prenatal genetic diagnosis (PGD) if they undergo IVF knowing they are at risk of transmitting a serious genetic condition. Although M&D limit their analysis to parents already undergoing PGD, in which they say the parental obligation is s...2012-01-01
138 Downes, Stephen M.Disunity of science (book review)Review of the book `The Disunity of Science: Boundaries, Contexts, and Power,' edited by Peter Galison and David J. StumpBooks; Science; Disunity2001-09-24
139 Battin, Margaret P.What are the potential cost savings from legalizing physician-assisted suicide?Quill decisions rejecting a constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Supreme Court allowed each state to decide whether to legalize the intervention. In state legislatures rather than courtrooms, factual claims about the probable extent and implications of permitting physician-assi...Managed Care Programs; Cost of Illness; Home Care Services1998
140 Crowe, Benjamin D.Reasons for worship: a response to Bayne and NagasawaWorship is a topic that is rarely considered by philosophers of religion. In a recent paper, Tim Bayne and Yujin Nagasawa challenge this trend by offering an analysis of worship and by considering some difficulties attendant on the claim that worship is obligatory. I argue that their case for there...Tim Bayne; Yujin Nagasawa; Obligatory worship; Divine command2007-12
141 Tuttle, Howard N.Some questions in R. G. Collingwood's theory of historical understandingIn this essay I would like to examine some problems that are suggested to me by R. G. Collingwood's Philosophy; of historical understanding. My method of examination will be as follows: (1) to show that Collingwood's struggle to maintain his thesis that "history is the re-thinking of past thoughts"...History; Philosophy;; Collingwood, R. G. (Robin George), 1889-19431977
142 Gehl, Robert W.The politics of cultural programming in public spacesIn our digital media saturated lives, where we spend increasing amounts of time in "virtual worlds" such as Second Life or online on blogs and video sites, it can be easy to forget about public spaces. Unlike much content in virtual worlds, cultural programs in public spaces are events that are live...2007
143 Landesman, Bruce M.EgalitarianismDespite the popularity of equality as a political value, egalitarianism as a political theory has never, I think, been fully or successfully defended. I aim in this paper to begin the defense of such a view. The egalitarianism I have in mind has as its ideal a condition of equal wellbeing for all p...Equality; Equal; Theory1983
144 Francis, LeslieVirtue and the American family: abortion and divorce in Western law by Mary Ann GlendonAbortion and Divorce in Western Law is seductive and dangerous. It is seductive because it is half right; it is dangerous because it is half wrong on many levels: the data assembled about abortion law, the comparative law methodology employed, and the conclusions drawn for American public policy abo...Abortion and divorce in American law; Book review; Glendon, Mary Ann1988
145 Battin, Margaret P.On the relationship between suicide-prevention and suicide-advocacy groupsLargely in response to contemporary medicine's advancing technological capacities to extend the process of dying to extraordinary lengths, recent years have seen the emergence of numerous advocacy groups concerned with what is often called "death with dignity." For instance, the New York-based group...Suicide prevention; Suicide advocacy; Death with dignity; Suicidology1982
146 White, Nicholas P.Forms and sensibles: Phaedo 74B-CIn Phaedo 74b6-c6 Plato offers an important argument for the proposition that such things as "the equal itself," i.e. such things as are often called "Forms," are distinct from sensible objects. The argument is especially important because it is one of a very small number of explicit arguments-perha...Plato; Forms; Sensibles1987
147 White, Nicholas P.Review of R. W. Sharples, 'Alexander of Aphrodisias on fate'This is a book review of an English translation of Alexander of Aphrodisias' On Fate, written about 200 A.D.Fate; Book review1985
148 Battin, Margaret P.Nicole: suicide and terminal illnessThe terminally ill person who plans suicide poses a clinical dilemma in suicidology. Issues of rational suicide are complicated. Although experts (Battin, 1991; Hoff, 1989; Motto, 1972; Pretzel, 1984; Saunders & Valente, 1988) recognize rational suicide, the prevailing paradigm of suicide preventio...Terminal illness; Suicidology1993
149 Goldberg, Robert A.Don't know much about historyMost of us have heard of the "Greatest Generation," those who weathered the storms of the Great Depression and World War II. Many of us are Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1965. Other are part of the cynical and worldly Generation X-arriving between the mid '60s and the early '80s-raised in the ...2003
150 Thalos, Mariam G.Common need for classical epistemological foundations: against a feminist alternativeThe difficulties of justifying a recipe for scientific inquiry that calls for sensory experience and logic as sole ingredients can hardly be overestimated. Resolving the riddles of induction, steadily mounting against empiricism since Hume, has come to seem like an exercise in making bricks without...Epistomology; Feminism; Sensory experience; Logic; Inductive inference1994
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