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126 A symbolic partial order reduction algorithm for rule based transition systemsPartial order reductions are a class of methods that attempt to reduce the state space that must be explored to verify systems by explicit state enumeration. Partial order reduction algorithms have been successfully incorporated into tools such as Spin and VFSM-valid. However, current partial ord...Partial order reductions; Partial order reduction algorithms; SAT solver; Rule based transition systems2003-12-01
127 A system for measuring bubble voidage and frequency around tubes immersed in a fluidized bed of particlesGas-solid fluidized beds are common in chemical processing and energy production industries. These types of reactors frequently have banks of tubes immersed within the bed to provide heating or cooling, and it is important that the fluid dynamics within these bundles is efficient and uniform. This p...2010
128 A systolic array implementation of discrete relaxation algorithmDiscrete Relaxation techniques have proven useful in solving a wide range of problems in digital signal processing, artificial intelligence, machine vision, and VLSI engineering, etc. A conventional hardware design for an 8-label 8-object Discrete Relaxation Algorithm (DRA) requires three 4K memory...Discrete Relaxation algorithm; Systolic array1986
129 A three-layer-mesh bridging domain for coupled atomistic-continuum simulations at finite temperature: formulation and testingAlthough concurrent multiscale methods have been well developed for zero-temperature simulations, improvements are needed to meet challenges pertaining to finite-temperature simulations. Bridging domain method (BDM) is one of the most efficient and widely-used multiscale atomistic-continuum techniqu...2014-01-01
130 A three-semester interdisciplinary educational program in microsystems engineeringMotivated by an NSF IGERT grant in the general area of microfluidics, a sequence of three interdisciplinary technical courses has been developed in the emerging area of microsystems engineering. Designed to be taken in series, these courses take students, both graduate and upper-level undergraduates...2004
131 A tour of the wormOn the evening of November 2, 1988, a self-replicating program was released upon the Internet 1. This program (a worm) invaded VAX and Sun-3 computers running versions of Berkeley UNIX, and used their sources to attack still more computers2. Within the space of hours this program had spread aacross ...Computer worm1989
132 A transformational approach to asynchronous high-level synthesisAsynchronous high-level synthesis is aimed at transforming high level descriptions of algorithms into efficient asynchronous circuit implementations. This approach is attractive from the point of view of the flexibility it affords in performing high level program transformations on users' initial d...High level synthesis tool; SHILPA1993
133 A triangulation-invariant method for anisotropic geodesic map computation on surface meshesThis paper addresses the problem of computing the geodesic distance map from a given set of source vertices to all other vertices on a surface mesh using an anisotropic distance metric. Formulating this problem as an equivalent control theoretic problem with Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman partial different...2012-01-01
134 A tutorial on Stochastic FDTDThe Stochastic FDTD (S-FDTD) method provides a way to determine the mean and variance of the electric and magnetic fields in a model where the electrical properties (conductivity and permittivity) vary stochastically, from a single S-FDTD simulation. This method is a realistic and more efficient alt...2014-01-01
135 A unified approach to nonparametric spectrum estimation algorithmsAbstract-Different approaches to spectrum estimation can be broadly classified as parametric and nonparametric methods. In the parametric techniques, an underlying model is assumed in the formulation of the spectrum estimation problem and one estimates the parameters of the model. For nonparametric...1987
136 A unified approach to the various formulations of the one-dimensional-turbulence modelThe One-Dimensional Turbulence (ODT) model has been successfully applied as a stand-alone model for predicting turbulence statistics in both nonreacting and reacting flows. There are several formulations of the model in the literature, and most of the variable-density formulations do not clearly dis...2010
137 A unifying framework for tolerance analysis in sensing, design, and manufacturingIn this work we address the problem of tolerance representation and analysis across the domains of industrial inspection using sensed data, CAD design, and manufacturing. Instead of using geometric primitives in CAD models to define and represent tolerances, we propose the use of stronger methods t...Tolerance representation; Tolerance analysis; Industrial inspection; Sensed data; CAD design1994
138 A very high density floating electrode flexible sensor array for high-resolution measurements of contact forcesWe present the development, fabrication and testing results of a new high-density flexible sensor array (HDFA) suitable of recording three-axis stresses with high spatial resolution. The new HDFA consists of 676 (26×26) sensing cells fabricated on top of a high-density flex circuit substrate. Each ...2013-01-01
139 A wrapper generation tool for the creation of scriptable scientific applicationsIn recent years, there has been considerable interest in the use of scripting languages as a mechanism for controlling and developing scientific software. Scripting languages allow scientific applications to be encapsulated in an interpreted environment similar to that found in commercial scientific...1998
140 AC solar cells: An embedded "all in one" PV power systemPower converters constructed from discrete components are difficult to mass produce, and the installation involves a significant labor cost to have the proper interconnection among the panel, inverter and the grid. These facts indicate that the present PV technology may not be able to address the ch...2012-01-01
141 ACT: A DFT tool for self-timed circuitsThis paper presents a Design for Testability (DFT) tool called ACT (Asynchronous Circuit Testing) which uses a partial scan technique to make macro-module based selftimed circuits testable. The ACT tool is the first oFits kind for testing macro-module based self-timed circuits. ACT modifies design...1997
142 ADA to silicon transformations: the outline of a methodThis report explores the contention that a high-order language specification of a machine (such as an Ada program) can be methodically transformed into a hardware representation of that machine. One series of well-defined steps through which such transformations can take place is presented in this i...ADA program; High-order language specification1982
143 ADE-FDTD scattered-field formulation for dispersive materialsThis letter presents a scattered-field formulation for modeling dispersive media using the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. Specifically, the auxiliary differential equation method is applied to Drude and Lorentz media for a scattered field FDTD model. The present technique can also be a...2008-01-01
144 ARCAID: The ARChitects computer graphics AIDARCAID?The ARChitect's Computer Graphics AID?is one part of a two-part research program at the University of Utah under the direction of David C. Evans. ARCAID is a specification for the organization of computer processes including data and procedures for the use of architects, engineers, and other...ARCAID1970
145 ARMor: fully verified software fault isolationWe have designed and implemented ARMor, a system that uses software fault isolation (SFI) to sandbox application code running on small embedded processors. Sandboxing can be used to protect components such as the RTOS and critical control loops from other, less-trusted components. ARMor guarantees m...2011-01-01
146 AS-COMA: An adaptive hybrid shared memory ArchitectureScalable shared memory multiprocessors traditionally use either a cache coherent nonuniform memory access (CC-NUMA) or simple cache-only memory architecture (S-COMA) memory architecture. Recently, hybrid architectures that combine aspects of both CC-NUMA and S-COMA have emerged. In this paper, we pr...AS-COMA; Hybrid shared memory1998
147 ASSASSIN : a CAD system for self-timed control-unit designMany software systems exist for automatically implementing synchronous state machines . Presented is this paper is a software system -- ASSASSIN -- for the design and automatic layout of self-timed (or speed- independent) control units as integrated circuit modules.ASSASSIN; Self-timed control units1982
148 Abstract interpretation and indeterminacyWe present a semantic theory that allows us to discuss the semantics of indeterminate operators in a dataflow network. The assumption is made that the language in which the indeterminate operators are written has a construct that allows for the testing of availability of data on input lines. We then...Semantics; Indeterminate operators1984
149 Abstract semantics for functional constraint programmingA denotational semantics is given for a lazy functional language with monotonic side-effects arising from the unification of singly-bound logical variables. The semantics is based on a Scott-style information system, which elegantly captures the notion of "constraint additin" inherent in unificati...Abstract semantics1989
150 Accelerated 4-year bachelors/masters degree program in biomedical engineeringIn response to the need for providing advanced engineering education in a shorter time period than is currently possible by traditional curricula, we have created an Accelerated Dual Degree program in biomedical engineering. The purpose of this pilot program is to attract the brightest students, g...Accelerated dual-degree program2002
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