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126 The son of Shin-au-av Pa-vits loves the wife of Kwi-atsuaida_mainImage/StillImage
127 Superintendency #599uaida_mainImage/StillImage
128 Shearing Sheep [1]uaida_mainImage/StillImage
129 Letter from M. J. Shelton to J. E. Tourtellotte dated January 15, 1870uaida_mainImage/StillImage
130 Voucher from Abraham Conover dated 26 January 18561856-01-26uaida_mainImage/StillImage
131 Superintendency dated June 28, 18591859-06-28uaida_mainImage/StillImage
132 Letter from Commissioner of Indian Affairs E.S. Parker to Superintendent Tourtillotte dated October 31, 18701870-10-31uaida_mainImage/StillImage
133 S P Hoyt Bill/voucheruaida_mainImage/StillImage
134 Letter from Nate Stein to Col. J.E. Tourtellotte dated October 24, 18701870-10-24uaida_mainImage/StillImage
135 Superintendency #463uaida_mainImage/StillImage
136 Letter from Indian Agent Hatch to Superintendent Doty dated January 6, 18621862-01-06uaida_mainImage/StillImage
137 Utah Superintendency #3051868-10-07uaida_mainImage/StillImage
138 Letter to John E. Tourtellotte, Superintendent Indian Affairs, Utah from Ely S. Parker, Commissioner Indian Affairs dated 30 September 18691869-10-19uaida_mainImage/StillImage
139 Pa-o-hauaida_mainImage/StillImage
140 Voucher from Forney to Hockaday Burr dated Sept. 30, 18591859-09-30uaida_mainImage/StillImage
141 Excerpt from the Notes of James G. Bleak dated December 6, 18691869-12-06uaida_mainImage/StillImage
142 Superintendency property list dated Oct. 13, 18591859-10-13uaida_mainImage/StillImage
143 Superintendency #551uaida_mainImage/StillImage
144 Superintendency #539uaida_mainImage/StillImage
145 Letter from Lee William to Tourtellotte dated Mar. 12, 18701870-03-12uaida_mainImage/StillImage
146 Superintendency #627uaida_mainImage/StillImage
147 Superintendency #472uaida_mainImage/StillImage
148 Letter from Indian Agent Luther Mann Jr. to Utah Superintendent J.H. Head dated January 26, 18691869-01-26uaida_mainImage/StillImage
149 Letter from Peter Robinson to Bolton dated September 22, 18591859-09-22uaida_mainImage/StillImage
150 Letter from Mr. Forney to Robert Hereford dated Aug. 1, 18591859-08-01uaida_mainImage/StillImage
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