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126 On the mechanism of action of interstitial cell-stimulating hormone1961-09Textir_etd
127 PAS Kinase: Roles in the Regulation of Hepatic Lipid Metabolism2015-08Textir_etd
128 PER-ARNT-SIM kinase regulates nutrient utilization and growth2011-12Textir_etd
129 Phosphorylation of cardiac troponin by guanosine 3':5'-monophosphate-dependent protein kinase.1978-01-25Textir_uspace
130 Photoreceptor cGMP phosphodiesterase delta subunit (PDEdelta) functions as a prenyl-binding protein2004Textir_uspace
131 Potency and Pharmacokinetic Enhancement of D-Peptide HIV-1 Entry Inhibitors2012-12Textir_etd
132 Prenyltransferase. Kinetic studies of the 1'-4 coupling reaction with avian liver enzyme.1979-10-10Textir_uspace
133 Preparation and properties of leucine aminopeptidase1954-06Textir_etd
134 Probing the topoisomerase II mechanism using mutants and inhibitors2000-12Textir_etd
135 Progestational hormone in human placenta1952Textir_etd
136 Properties of beef pancreas ribosomes.1962-06Textir_etd
137 Prostaglandin regulation of cyclic nucleotides and carbohydrate metabolism in isolated cells from rat liver1978-06Textir_etd
138 Protection of cytoplasmic double-stranded RNA from adenosine deaminases that act on RNA in Xenopus laevis1998-08Textir_etd
139 Purification and characterization of an expressed peptide representing the regulatory domain of the gamma subunit of phosphorylase kinase.1997-03Textir_etd
140 Purification and cloning of the Xenopus laevis double-stranded RNA adenosine deaminase1997-08Textir_etd
141 Purification and properties of DPN-linked isocitric dehydrogenases of bovine heart1963-08Textir_etd
142 Purification and properties of riboflavin synthetase from yeast1964-06Textir_etd
143 Purification and some properties of adenosine triphosphate: nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferace from pig liver1973-08Textir_etd
144 Purification of inosine monophosphate by thin layer chromatography and detection of inosine monophosphate within cellular messenger RNA1999-08Textir_etd
145 Pushing the envelope: enhancing the potency of D-peptide HIV entry inhibitors by membrane localization2012-12Textir_etd
146 Quantum yield and inhibition studies of the dye-sensitized photodynamic inactivation of trypsin1964-06Textir_etd
147 Rabbit skeletal muscle myosin light chain kinase. The calmodulin binding domain as a potential active site-directed inhibitory domain.1987-09-05Textir_uspace
148 Radioimmunoassay of aldosterone.1972-06Textir_etd
149 Reactions of carbon fourteen-benzyl-penicillin and carbon fourteen-benzyl-penicilloic acid with human red blood cell ghosts1978-12Textir_etd
150 Recognition of ubiquitin-conjugates by the 26S protease1995-12Textir_etd
126 - 150 of 215