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126 Not too scared to think carefully: optimism fosters processing of self-relevant threatening persuasive messages2010-08Textir_etd
127 Sexual Behavior, stress responsivity, and arousability: a life history approach2018Textir_etd
128 Emergence of dynamic form through phase relations in dynamic systems2005-10-24Textir_uspace
129 Perceiving action-Scaled affordances for others: the role of actors' kinematics and observers' action capabilities2019Textir_etd
130 Perspectives for viewing intellectual development throughout the life course1992Textir_uspace
131 Type of clinical intervention shows differential effects on the dynamical recovery process of motivation from a suicidal state for u.s. military personnel2017Textir_etd
132 What every body is saying: the link between physiological arousal and the use of embodied language in the narration of angry memories2017Textir_etd
133 Your support touches my heart: testing a mediational model of receiving social support, culture, and ambulatory blood pressure2015Textir_etd
134 Does language guide behavior in children with autism?2013Textir_etd
135 The effects of money, anticipation, and competition : upon judging scores and self-reports of motivational arousal1972Textir_etd
136 Confirming the dissociative subtype of posttraumatic stress disorder in a sample of traumatized justice-involved youth2016Textir_etd
137 Minority stress, self-regulation, and executive function: an experimental investigation of gay and lesbian adults2016Textir_etd
138 Stereotype threat and affirmation: the interactive effect of domain and gender identification, and different types of affirmation on women's math performance2011-12Textir_etd
139 Measuring attention towards advertisement using the peripheral detection response task2016Textir_etd
140 Development and evaluation of a high-fidelity simulator training program for snowplow operators2004Textir_uspace
141 Commentary: lessons from a life-span perspective to adolescent decision making2005Textir_uspace
142 Hostile personality traits and coronary artery calcification in middle-aged and older married couples: different effects for self-reports versus spouse ratings2007Textir_uspace
143 Developmental approach to psychosocial risk factors and successful aging2007Textir_uspace
144 Interpersonal Correlates of Dispositional Mindfulness and Nonattachment2018Textir_etd
145 Intimate same-sex relationshps of sexual minorities2006Textir_uspace
146 Intellectual development in adulthood2000Textir_uspace
147 Logic of logic and the logic of dreams.2006-02Textir_uspace
148 Analysis of Advanced Methodology for the Study of relationship conflict in naturalistic settings2019Textir_etd
149 Affect dysregulation after adversity: psychopysiological correlates of emotional under- and overmodulation in adolescents exposed to trauma2019Textir_etd
150 Coping processes in National Guard/Reserve service members and their partners2009-06-15Textir_etd
126 - 150 of 251