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126 Regehr, JohnInterface contracts for TinyOSTinyOS applications are built with software components that communicate through narrow interfaces. Since components enable fine-grained code reuse, this approach has been successful in creating applications that make very efficient use of the limited code and data memory on sensor network nodes. How...2007-01-01
127 Regehr, JohnVertically integrated analysis and transformation for embedded softwareProgram analyses and transformations that are more aggressive and more domain-specific than those traditionally performed by compilers are one possible route to achieving the rapid creation of reliable and efficient embedded software. We are creating a new framework for Vertically Integrated Program...2003-01-01
128 Regehr, JohnThread verification vs. interrupt verificationInterrupts are superficially similar to threads, but there are subtle semantic differences between the two abstractions. This paper compares and contrasts threads and interrupts from the point of view of verifying the absence of race conditions. We identify a small set of extensions that permit thre...2006-01-01
129 Regehr, JohnOffline compression for on-chip RAMWe present offline RAM compression, an automated source-to-source transformation that reduces a program's data size. Statically allocated scalars, pointers, structures, and arrays are encoded and packed based on the results of a whole-program analysis in the value set and pointer set domains. We tar...2007-01-01
130 Regehr, JohnDeriving abstract transfer functions for analyzing embedded softwareThis paper addresses the problem of creating abstract transfer functions supporting dataflow analyses. Writing these functions by hand is problematic: transfer functions are difficult to understand, difficult to make precise, and difficult to debug. Bugs in transfer functions are particularly seriou...2006-01-01
131 Regehr, JohnSome guidelines for proportional share CPU scheduling in general-purpose operating systemsOur premise is that since there already exists a large, mature body of literature on real-time scheduling in general-purpose operating systems, it is time to spend more effort deciding which of these algorithms should be used and when, and less effort on generating new algorithms. In this paper we f...2001-01-01
132 Regehr, JohnSafe and structured use of interrupts in real-time and embedded softwareWhile developing embedded and real-time systems, it is usually necessary to write code that handles interrupts, or code the interacts with interrupt handlers. Interrupts are indispensable because they use hardware support to reduce both the latency and overhead of event detection, when compared to p...2007-01-01
133 Regehr, JohnProofs as a substrate for tool integration supporting high-confidence embedded softwareAs the size and complexity of software in safety-critical embedded systems increases, the ability of programmers to deliver these systems in a timely fashion decreases. Specific difficulties are that embedded software must interact with the physical world in real time and that it must make efficient...2005-01-01
134 Balasubramonian, RajeevMessage from the general chairI am very pleased to welcome all attendees to the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS) in New Brunswick, New Jersey on April 1-3, 2012. The conference represents the hard work of several organizing committee members and contributing authors. We a...2012-01-01
135 Regehr, JohnAn isotach implementation for myrinetAn isotach network provides strong guarantees about message delivery order. We show that an isotach network can be implemented efficiently entirely in software, using commercial o-the-shelf hardware. This report describes that effort. Parts of this implementation could be performed much more efficie...1997-01-01
136 Regehr, JohnIssues in using commodity operating systems for time-dependent tasks: experiences from a study of windows NTThis paper presents a snapshot of early results from a study of Windows NT aimed at understanding and improving its limitations when used for time-dependent tasks, such as those that arise for audio and video processing. Clearly there are time scales for which it can achieve effectively perfect reli...1998-01-01
137 Regehr, JohnHierarchical schedulers, performance guarantees, and resource managementAn attractive approach to scheduling applications with diverse CPU scheduling requirements is to use different schedulers for different applications. For example: real-time schedulers allow applications to perform computations before deadlines, time-sharing schedulers provide high throughput for com...1999-01-01
138 Regehr, JohnThe problems you're having may not be the problems you think you're having: results from a latency study of windows NTThis paper is intended to catalyze discussions on two intertwined systems topics. First, it presents early results from a latency study of Windows NT that identifies some specific causes of long thread scheduling latencies, many of which delay the dispatching of runnable threads for tens of millisec...1999-01-01
139 Regehr, JohnPredictable scheduling for digital audioThis paper presents results from applying the Rialto/ NT scheduler to some real Windows 2000 application scenarios. We report on two aspects of this work. First, we studied the reliability of an audio player application and the middleware and kernel components running beneath it in order to assess i...2000-01-01
140 Regehr, JohnThe case for hierarchical schedulers with performance guarantees2000-01-01
141 Regehr, JohnOperating system support for multimedia: the programming model mattersMultimedia is an increasingly important part of the mix of applications that users run on personal computers and workstations. The requirements placed on a multimedia operating system are demanding and often conflicting: untrusted, independently written soft real-time applications must be able to co...2000-01-01
142 Johnson, Christopher R.Biomedical visual computing: case studies and challengesAdvances in computational geometric modeling, imaging, and simulation let researchers build and test models of increasing complexity, generating unprecedented amounts of data. As recent research in biomedical applications illustrates, visualization will be critical in making this vast amount of data...2012-01-01
143 Balasubramonian, RajeevLOT-ECC: LOcalized and tiered reliability mechanisms for commodity memory systemsMemory system reliability is a serious and growing concern in modern servers. Existing chipkill-level mem- ory protection mechanisms suffer from several draw- backs. They activate a large number of chips on ev- ery memory access - this increases energy consump- tion, and reduces performance due to t...2012-01-01
144 Henderson, Thomas C.Target-directed navigation using wireless sensor networks and implicit surface interpolationAbstract-This paper extends the novel research for event localization and target-directed navigation using a deployed wireless sensor network (WSN) [4]. The goal is to have an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) navigate to a target-location by: (i) producing an artificial magnitude distribution within th...2012-01-01
145 Pascucci, ValerioComputing morse-smale complexes with accurate geometryTopological techniques have proven highly successful in analyzing and visualizing scientific data. As a result, significant efforts have been made to compute structures like the Morse-Smale complex as robustly and efficiently as possible. However, the resulting algorithms, while topologically consis...2012-01-01
146 Pascucci, ValerioThe parallel computation of morse-smale complexesTopology-based techniques are useful for multi-scale exploration of the feature space of scalar-valued functions, such as those derived from the output of large-scale simulations. The Morse-Smale (MS) complex, in particular, allows robust identification of gradient-based features, and therefore is s...2012-01-01
147 Kirby, Robert Michael IIElVis: A system for the accurate and interactive visualization of high-order finite element solutionsThis paper presents the Element Visualizer (ElVis), a new, open-source scientific visualization system for use with high order finite element solutions to PDEs in three dimensions. This system is designed to minimize visualization errors of these types of fields by querying the underlying finite ele...2012-01-01
148 Kirby, Robert MichaelKirby research group2012
149 Kirby, Robert MichaelStochastic collocation for optimal control problems with stochastic pde constraintsWe discuss the use of stochastic collocation for the solution of optimal control problems which are constrained by stochastic partial differential equations (SPDE). Thereby the constraining SPDE depends on data which is not deterministic but random. Assuming a deterministic control, randomness withi...2012-01-01
150 Pascucci, ValerioMultivariate volume visualization through dynamic projectionsWe propose a multivariate volume visualization framework that tightly couples dynamic projections with a high-dimensional transfer function design for interactive volume visualization. We assume that the complex, high-dimensional data in the attribute space can be well-represented through a collecti...2014-01-01
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