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101 Lecons sur les fonctions motrices du cerveau, reactions volontaires et organiques, et sur l'epilepsie cerebrale by Francois-Franck -- AnnotationsEffects of stimulation of the corona radiata and internal capsule.Card Catalog Index Cards
102 Lists Used to Form Journal AbbreviationsOutlines lists used in formation of Dr. Loewenfeld's system of journal abbreviations.Verification and Organization
103 Lists Used to Verify PapersOutlines lists used in verifying papers which were unavailable to Dr. Loewenfeld as originals.Verification and Organization
104 Lists Used to Verify PapersOutlines lists used in verifying papers which were unavailable to Dr. Loewenfeld as originals.Verification and Organization
105 Loewenfeld Table 9-3: Work on the relations between iris structure and pupillary movementsTable 9-3, 'Work on the relation between iris structure and pupillary movements,' in "The Pupil" by Irene E. Loewenfeld. Includes Year, Author, and Species used in experimentation.Print References
106 Mechanical Responses of the Pigeon Iris Muscle Fibers by Pilar and Vaughan -- AnnotationsStudy of the responses of the iris muscle fibers.Card Catalog Index Cards
107 Meeting Group on Migraine and Headache by World Federation of Neurology -- AnnotationsDefinition of terms for migraine variants.Card Catalog Index Cards
108 Migraine Variants by Whitty -- AnnotationsHistory of migraine variants, saw 2000 patients, Horner's with cluster headache, and ophthalmoplegic migraine.Card Catalog Index Cards
109 Migraine by Bell and McCormick -- AnnotationsStudy of migraines and increased intracranial pressure in children.Card Catalog Index Cards
110 Migraine by Riley -- AnnotationsHistorical description and treatment of the migraine-- pupils only marginal.Card Catalog Index Cards
111 Migrainoid Headaches and their Ocular Manifestations by Donahue -- AnnotationsStudy of migrainoid headaches and the ocular manifestations, and histaminic headache (Horton's syndrome).Card Catalog Index Cards
112 Migrainous Neuralgia by Eadie and Sutherland -- AnnotationsStudy of migrainous neuralgia.Card Catalog Index Cards
113 Migrainous Neuralgia by Honabrook -- AnnotationsStudy of migrainous neuralgia.Card Catalog Index Cards
114 Morphine Eye-drops Reduce Homatropine Induced Mydriasis in Man by Fanciullacci et al-- AnnotationsA pupillometric study to evaluate the mydriatic response to tyramine.Card Catalog Index Cards
115 Morphogenese als Grundlage der Erbbiologischen Beurteilung von Farbe und Struktur der Menschlichen Iris by Purtscher -- AnnotationsMorphogenesis as a basis for the genetic evaluation of color and structure of the human iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
116 Morphologische und Funktionelle Studien am Iriskreslauf der Ratte Vitalmikroskopische Beobachtungen by Castenholz -- AnnotationsMorphological and functional studies on the iris, "vital microscopic observations."Card Catalog Index Cards
117 Myoepithelium of the Human Iris: a Stereoscopic Scanning Electron Microscopic Study by Lowe and Carroll -- AnnotationsThe dilator pupillae of postmortem human eyes was examined by light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.Card Catalog Index Cards
118 Myofilaments of the Pupillary Muscles of the Iris Fixed in Situ by Kelly and Arnold -- AnnotationsStudy of the sphincter muscle of the iris by perfusion fixation in the constricted and dilated state.Card Catalog Index Cards
119 Neuritis and Neuralgia by Harris -- AnnotationsStudy of ptosis and miosis in cluster headaches (migrainous neuralgia).Card Catalog Index Cards
120 Nitroglycerin as a Provocative Agent in Cluster Headache by Ekbom -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
121 Observation on the Physiology of the Cerebral Cortex of the Anthropoid -- AnnotationsMotor cortex for face, hand; electrical stimuli; eye movements/reactions.Card Catalog Index Cards
122 Observations on Vascular Headache of the Migraine Type by Friedman et al -- AnnotationsStudy of vascular headaches, migraine.Card Catalog Index Cards
123 Ocular Sympathetic Palsy in Periodic Migrainous Neuralgia by Nieman and Hurwitz -- AnnotationsStudy of the clinical features of 50 cases of ocular sympathetic palsy in periodic migrainous neuralgia.Card Catalog Index Cards
124 Oculo-Sympathetic Paresis Associated with Cluster Headaches by Riley and Moyer -- AnnotationsStudy of oculo-sympathetic paresis associated with cluster headaches, typically sudden, may persist 30 min up to an hour, then stops.Card Catalog Index Cards
125 Of the visual area of the cerebral cortex and its relation to eye movements by Munk -- AnnotationsEye and head movements upon cortical stimulation (pupil dilation); cortical localization, pupils mentioned in passing.Card Catalog Index Cards
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