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101 BRAF gene mutational analysis of the thyroid and correlation with clinicopathologic findingsir_etdText
102 Benchmarking assessment of therapeutic drug monitoring in small community hospitalsir_etdText
103 Design, construction, and testing of a pilot scale bottom burning combustion oil shale retortir_etdText
104 Actions of carbon dioxide and sodium salicylate on the respiration of the catir_etdText
105 Reactions of xanthydrol with the amino acids and cytochrome Cir_etdText
106 The specific chemical synthesis and characterization of ribonucleoside-O'-benzyl ethersir_etdText
107 Role of self-association and intramolecular catalysis in the chemical stability of human insulin at low pHir_etdText
108 Characterization of heme oxygenase expression by interleukin-1[alpha] and tumor necrosis factor[alpha] in human endothelial cellsir_etdText
109 Mechanisms of neural crest motilityir_etdText
110 Genome sequences: experimental determination and evolutionary interpretationir_etdText
111 Specific cell-mediated immune recognition of penicillin conjugated to autologous albumin through amino or sulfhydryl moietiesir_etdText
112 Changes in basal body temperature and the onset of laborir_etdText
113 Relation of pyrogenic and emetic properties of enterobacteriaceal endotoxin and of staphylococcal enterotoxinir_etdText
114 Body temperature, perineal healing, involution, and breast engorgement among postpartum mothersir_etdText
115 Chemical and biological analysis of novel thiazolidine prodrugs of L-cysteineir_etdText
116 Effect of manual fetal scalp stimulation on fetal heart rate during laborir_etdText
117 Hippocampal activation as measured with magnetoencephalography in a running recognition paradigmir_etdText
118 Opinions and practices of public health nurses concerning assessment of preschool child developmentir_etdText
119 Relationship between nurses role conflict and authoritarianismir_etdText
120 Exploring triterpene cyclization mechanism : binding sites mapping and mutagenesisir_etdText
121 Comparative chemical study of several ATP-creatine transphosphorylasesir_etdText
122 Labor at the beginning of the 20th century: the Carbon County, Utah coal fieldsir_etdText
123 Neuromodulation of membrane ionic currents in turtle retinal ganglion cellsir_etdText
124 Growth factor expanded-glial restricted precursor cells: support of neurons by derived astrocytesir_etdText
125 Assessment of intensive care unit nurses' knowledge of electrical safety: nursing implicationsir_etdText
101 - 125 of 21,717