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101 The Role of Introns Within Alpha Conotoxin Genes in Cone Snailsir_htoaText
102 Modulating Intestinal Liver X Receptor Activity to Alter the Development of Atherosclerosis in Zebrafishir_htoaText
103 Social-Emotional Problems in Toddlers: Relationship with Language Development and Autism Riskir_htoaText
104 Characterization of a New Ribosome Associated Quality Control Pathwayir_htoaText
105 Impacts of Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Outlier Body Mass Indices on Pediatric Asthma Outcomesir_htoaText
106 The Dilemma of Global Justice: Assessing Why the United States Has Not Joined the International Criminal Courtir_htoaText
107 International Comparisons in Education: the Finnish Modelir_htoaText
108 Utah's Pathways to Higher Education: a Critical, Quantitative Analysisir_htoaText
109 A Less Obvious Connection: the Relationship Between Religious Coping and the Development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder in a Military Sampleir_htoaText
110 Oh the Humanities! Using the Clemente Program to Educate Underserved Students in Art Historyir_htoaText
111 Axl Inhibitors for Pancreatic Cancer Treatmentir_htoaText
112 Signaling Role of the Hamp Domain in the Escherichia Coli Serine Chemoreceptorir_htoaText
113 Impact of population density of left atrial remodeling in patients with atrial fibrillationir_htoaText
114 "A torrent of words": colonial printers and the public, 1765-1775ir_htoaText
115 The role of perception in eating disordersir_htoaText
116 The physical effects of solvent in molecule-based magnetsir_htoaText
117 The effect of technology use on distraction and safety in high school student pedestriansir_htoaText
118 The economic effects of legalizing marijuanair_htoaText
119 Welfare in the United States: its current State and future directionsir_htoaText
120 Electing representative representatives: a case for modified single transferable voting in American legislative electionsir_htoaText
121 Weighing iconography of love in classical and early hellenistic art: considering allusions and metraphor in images of aphrodite balancing EROSir_htoaText
122 From nanoscience to astrophysics: using high-resolution microscopy and spectroscopy of carbonaceous chondrites to understand planet formationir_htoaText
123 US venture capital and the effects of diversificationir_htoaText
124 Thermal modulation of the semicircular canal afferent response in the oyster toadfish, opsanus tauir_htoaText
125 Searching for extragalactic stars among candidate halo moving clustersir_htoaText
101 - 125 of 21,725