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101 Considerations When Specifying Multipoint Ground Flares2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
102 Continuous Online Monitoring of Fireside Tube Skin Temperature in a Depropanizer Reboiler2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
103 Application of CFD to model Air-assisted Industrial Flares under Low-Btu Low-flow Rate conditions2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
104 Adventures in Flaring2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
105 A Discussion of Concerns if Proposed Refinery Flare Rules are Applied to the Chemical Industry2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
106 4 Rules of Fired Heater Operation2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
107 A Validation Uncertainty Quantification Analysis of a 1.5 MW Oxy-Coal Fired Furnace2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
108 A Study of Flameless Combustion Behavior of Pulverized Coal Preheated by Circulating Fluidized Bed2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
109 Effects of Coal Blends on Formation Mechanisms of Ash Aerosol and Ash Deposits during Air and Oxy-Combustion2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
110 Emissions Testing of Sonic Velocity Flares Validates High Destruction and Removal Efficiency2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
111 Development of a Sub-Surface Burner Technology for In-Situ Heating2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
112 Opportunities for the next generation of optical boiler diagnostics2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
113 Physical Testing of a Multipoint Ground Flare Burner Utilizing Low BTU Flare Gas2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
114 Pilot-scale Investigation of Heat Flux and Radiation from an Oxy-coal Flame2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
115 Radiation Effects on Surrounding Structures from Multi-Point Ground Flares2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
116 Ultra Low NOx Conventional and Regenerative Burner Retrofits2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
117 New Firing Patterns in Heaters Provide Uniform Heat Transfer2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
118 Validation and Prediction of Ultra-Low NOx Burner Performance using Computational Fluid Dynamics2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
119 Performance of Low and Ultra-Low NOx Burners Firing Hydrogen-Enriched Syngas in a Refractory Lined Furnace2015-09-11uu_afrcEvent
120 Opportunities for Optical Flame Diagnostics in Commercial and Industrial Furnaces2016-09-12uu_afrcEvent
121 A Validation/uncertainty Quantification Analysis for a 1.5 MW Oxy-coal Fired L1500 Furnace using a Swirling Boundary Condition2016-09-12uu_afrcEvent
122 Numerical Analysis of NO and CO in a Flameless Burner2016-09-12uu_afrcEvent
123 Refinery Sector Rule Focus on Flare Combustion Control Parameters2016-09-13uu_afrcEvent
124 Noise Testing and Prediction Methods for Multi-Point Ground Flares2016-09-14uu_afrcEvent
125 Pilot-Scale Investigation of Heat Flux and Radiation from an Oxy-coal Flame Part 1: Development of Instrument Models2016-09-13uu_afrcEvent
101 - 125 of 171