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101 Snowbird skier in powderP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_22
102 Snowbird ski instructors. Left to Right: Doug Howard, Eric Jones, Jay Shortsleeve, Bruce Raile, Steve Bills, Randy McDonald, Brian Killion, Jackie Devin, Mike PentillaP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_23
103 Group of skiers at Snowbird, 1983P0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_24
104 Two skiers at Snowbird, 1984P0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_25
105 Two skiers (one child) on chairliftP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_26
106 Ski racer at SnowbirdP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_27
107 Skier looking at Snowbird tram.P0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_28
108 Snowbird skier jumpingP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_29
109 Eddie MorrisP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_30
110 Corky FowlerP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_32
111 Race from Hidden Peak to Snowbird Center, Gad Valley.P0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_33
112 Freestyle race at SnowbirdP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_34
113 Don GallagherP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_36
114 Free guided ski tours - Hosts and hostesses will acquaint first-time Snowbird skiers with the trail and lift layout daily at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. They will suggest runs best suited to abilities and all that is needed is a lift ticket. To assist travelers and guests, they also greet skiers at the airport and the resort.P0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_37
115 Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort's 1979-80 NASTAR (National Standard Race) Program will be featured every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. This season, skiers will have the opportunity to test their racing skills on Snowbird's newly groomed race course and training hill located on lower Wilbere Ridge.P0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_38
116 Snowbird Ski SchoolP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_39
117 Susie Kay. Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort is located in the Wasatch Mountain Range of Utah, averaging 500" of snow annually for skiers to delight in. Snowbird enjoys an extended ski season opening in mid-November and remaining open into early May...with Summer Skiing (snow conditions permitting...) continuing on into late June.P0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_06_40
118 Snowbird in summerP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_07_01
119 Couple dancing, SnowbirdP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_07_02
120 Summer event at SnowbirdP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_07_03
121 The Lodge Club at SnowbirdP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_07_04
122 Easter Sunrise, Hidden PeakP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_07_05
123 Eagle's Nest Lounge, SnowbirdP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_07_08
124 Group of hikers, SnowbirdP0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_07_09
125 Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort features indoor and outdoor tennis facilities. Three indoor courts are provided for guests in the winter, and the outdoor courts are flooded for ice skating. During the summer, two outdoor courts and the indoor courts are available to visitors of Snowbird Village. All courts are located adjacent to Iron Blosam Lodge. Rental equipment is available for tennis and ice skating.P0385 Snowbird Photograph Collectionp0385n1_07_10
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