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101 Simulation of the BERL 300 kW Natural Gas Flame Using FLUENT/UNSuu_afrcText
102 Spectral Radiation from Flamesuu_afrcText
103 Treatment of Waste by the Molten Salt Oxidation Process at the Oak Ridge National Laboratoryuu_afrcText
104 Gas Cofiring for Performance Improvement and Emissions Reduction in Stoker Boilersuu_afrcText
105 Development of Oxygen COG Combustion System for Steel Reheatinguu_afrcText
106 CGRI Scrap Metal Preheater Developmentuu_afrcText
107 Review of EPA's Combustion Research Program for FY 98uu_afrcText
108 Multivariate Testing for Mechanistic Insight in a Model Industrial Natural Gas Fired Burneruu_afrcText
109 Non-Volatile Metals Ni and Cruu_afrcText
110 Development of EFSOP and the Application of Post Combustion in Electric Arc Furnacesuu_afrcText
111 Laser Velocimetry in Semi-Industrial NaturalGas, Oil and Coal Flames by Means of a Water-Cooled LDV Probeuu_afrcText
112 New Combustion Technology for Low Nitric Oxides Emission Using Highly Preheated Airuu_afrcText
113 Scaling the Low Swirl Burner from 15 kW to 600 kWuu_afrcText
114 Combustion in the 21st Centuryuu_afrcText
115 Fuel-Lean Gas Reburn (FLGR) Technology for Achieving NOx Emissions Compliance Application to a Tangentially-Fired Boileruu_afrcText
116 Flare Pilot Designuu_afrcText
117 The Fueling of US Industry Into the 21st Centuryuu_afrcText
118 An Investigation of Aromatic Derivatives Removal by Regenerative Combustionuu_afrcText
119 Key Issues in the Formation of Polychlorinated Unsaturated Hydrocarbons in Combustion Systemsuu_afrcText
120 An Overview of the Low Emission Boiler System LEBS Projectuu_afrcText
121 Results of a Model for Premixed Combustion Oscillationsuu_afrcText
122 Effect of Soot on NOx Emissions in an Oil Fired Industrial Glass Melting Furnaceuu_afrcText
123 Oxidation of NO to NO2 by Hydrogen Peroxide and Its Mixtures with Methanol in Natural Gas and Coal Combustion Gasesuu_afrcText
124 Numerical Simulations on the Effect of Operating Parameters on NOx Production in an Industrial Flat Glass Furnaceuu_afrcText
125 Low Emission Burner Techniquesuu_afrcText
101 - 125 of 890