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101 Evaluation of Low-NOx, High Efficiency Oil and Gas Burners for Retrofit to Utility Boilers1989uu_afrcText
102 Modeling the Combustion of Low Value Solid and Waste Fuels in Grate Fired Systems to Estimate Flame Temperatures and Products of Combustion1989uu_afrcText
103 Refinery Heater Simulation by the Hottel Zoning Method1989uu_afrcText
104 Pulse Firing Applied to Heat Treating1989uu_afrcText
105 The Fate of Heavy Metals in EPA's Mobile Incineration System1989uu_afrcText
106 Velocity Measurements on Isothermal Sudden Expanding Swirling Flow in an Industrial Burner With Bluff-Body1989uu_afrcText
107 Practical Full Size Utilisation of Physical Modelling at Reduced Scale1989uu_afrcText
108 Experimental Evaluation of a High Efficiency Surface Combustor-Heater Concept With Low Pollutant Emissions1989uu_afrcText
109 Physical and Heat Transfer Modelling of a 200MW Thermal Corner Fired Boiler1989uu_afrcText
110 Demonstration of Radian's Patented Hybrid Low NOx Process1990uu_afrcText
111 Premixed Radiant Burners: Improved Process Performance with Ultra-Low NOx Emissions1990uu_afrcText
112 The Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the NOxOUT Process for Reducing NOx Emissions from Stationary Combustion Sources1990uu_afrcText
113 Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides Emissions by Combustion Process Modification in Natural Gas Flames: Fundamentals of Low-NOx Burner Design1990uu_afrcText
114 The Performance of Low NOx Gas Burner Configurations1990uu_afrcText
115 The Influence of Mixing on NOx Reduction by Coal Fuel Staging1990uu_afrcText
116 NOx Control with Lime-Urea Hydrate on Coal-Fired Boilers1990uu_afrcText
117 Performance Characteristics of a Hot-Wall Furnace Fired With Coal Water Slurry (CWS) Using Gas/Air Atomization1983uu_afrcText
118 Evaluating Slagging and Fouling Parameters1983uu_afrcText
119 The Combustion, Heat Transfer, Pollutant Emission and Ash Deposition Characteristics of Concentrated Coal Water Slurries1983uu_afrcText
120 Particle Sizing in Coal-Water Slurry Sprays Using the Visibility Technique1983uu_afrcText
121 NOx Control Technology for Industrial Combustion System1983uu_afrcText
122 The Effect of Pulverised Coal Type and Burner Parameters When Staging Air Combustion for NOx Reduction1983uu_afrcText
123 State-of-the-Art Ultra Low NOx Burner1992uu_afrcText
124 Development of a High Performance Versatile Low NOx Burner1996uu_afrcText
125 Combustion Measurements in an Industrial Gas Fired Aluminum Recycling Furnace1998uu_afrcText
101 - 125 of 890