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101 How to Get Rid of Warts; A Crushed Toad1905-04-28uum_uhrfText
102 Hub of Americanism1905-04-29uum_uhrfText
103 Hunting stories, a collection of student papers (1946)1905-04-29uum_uhrfText
104 Hyrum R. Spencer1905-04-29uum_uhrfText
105 Index to a systematic division of the Swedish Folklore Archives1905-04-17uum_uhrfText
106 Indian White relations: interview with Edward Gibbs1945-07-01uum_uhrfText
107 Indian White relations: inverview with Mrs. Charles W. Hill; Reminiscences relating to her father-in-law1945-07-30uum_uhrfText
108 Indian-White relations1945-07-01uum_uhrfText
109 Indian-White relations: Interview with Mrs. Phoebe Zundel Ward1945-07-31; 1945-08-01uum_uhrfText
110 Interview with Bishop Arthur W. Moulton1946-02-19uum_uhrfText
111 Interview with Dave Zundel: Reminiscences of relations with the Indians, the Shoshones and Washakie Ward in early Utah and Idaho history1945-07-31uum_uhrfText
112 Interview with George M. Ward (including the reading of the Journal of his father Moroni Ward): Relations with the Shoshones and Washakie Ward1945-08-01uum_uhrfText
113 Interview with members of Salt Lake Theatre's Home Dramatic Company, January 14, 1946, at the home of Minnie Margetts, 71 N. 1st West, Salt Lake City1946-01-14uum_uhrfText
114 Interview with Mr. A. F. C. Green at the Holy Cross Hospital, April 19, 19461946-04-19uum_uhrfText
115 Interview with Mr. Beauregard Kenner, Manti, Utah (past 80) regarding legend of the Humbug Mine1905-04-28uum_uhrfText
116 Interview with N. P. Peterson, Ephraim, Utah, Dec. 7, 19451945-12-07uum_uhrfText
117 Interview with Robert Nish: Reminiscences of relations with the Indians, the Shoshones, and Washakie Ward in early Utah and Idaho history1945-07-01uum_uhrfText
118 Interviews with Provo pioneers1910-11-16uum_uhrfText
119 Introduction to 'Blue Mountain'1905-04-30uum_uhrfText
120 Irrigation in Utah1946-02-28uum_uhrfText
121 Jackrabbits: A tall tale1947-01-01uum_uhrfText
122 Janet M. Johnson Smith1944; 1945; 1946; 1947; 1948; 1949; 1950uum_uhrfText
123 John E. Johnson Writes of Early Days in Utah1937-08-26uum_uhrfText
124 John H. Koyle and the dream mine1905-04-28uum_uhrfText
125 The Jordan River1946-02-27uum_uhrfText
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