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101 Fellows, W. D.Application of the Thermal DeNOx Process to Glass Melting Furnaces1989
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106 Hu, Shengteng; Zeng, Dong; Sarv, HamidApplying laser-induced incandescence (LII) technique to soot volume fraction measurements for pyrolyzing pulverized coal2009Staged combustion and gasification of coal are conducive to soot formation. Presence of soot in combustion systems can affect heat transfer, pollutant formation, and unburned carbon levels.Development of an accurate soot production model requires high-quality experimental data. For this purpose, the...
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117 Smith, Scot; Pettys, BenBasis for Emission Calculation from Flare Systems2012-09-05
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119 Biomass Coal Cofiring for Reduced CO2 Emissions from Coal Fired Utility Boilers1998
120 Savolainen, Kati; Dernjatin, Pauli; Maki-Mantila, Erkki; Jaakelainen, KariBoiler Simulation in Practical Engineering - Three Case Studies1998
121 Muhasilovic, M.; Duhovnik, J.; Deville, M. O.; Ciahotny, K.; Koza, V.Both LES and k-e turbulence-treatment in CFD-approaches for creation of the database on flare-stacks flame-behaviour2009There is an emerging importance to understand and to "map" the reacting complex-flows of the (larges-cale) flare-fires. In this study, the influence of the atmospheric events onto the flame-behaviour, has a start-up in investigation, by watching the development of the temperature-, velocity- and irr...
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